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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Sixty years ago Human Rights were hardly ever discussed. In developed countries the laws of the land were upheld and criminals had the right to defend themselves.

Later the notion of Human Rights became an important issue in underdeveloped countries and in countries where dictators crushed all opposition with imprisonment but without trials.

I am fully in favour of Human Rights, but what really irks me is what is called "being politically correct". It seems to me that not only Politicians but other Notable People bend over backwards not only to ensure that Human Rights are preserved but also to ensure that they themselves are seen and heard !!! Alas usually the rights of criminals are preserved but the lost rights of the victims are brushed over.

My feeling is that certain criminals, by the nature of their doings, have forfeited their Human Rights and that all they deserve is the Death Penalty. I refer in particular to the following types of criminals:

- Terrorists and surviving Suicide Bombers who have haphazardly
killed innocent civilians.

- Preachers of hate who are guilty of sedition. They incite and then aid
and abet others to commit crimes.

- Murderers who have killed a second time.

Is there not a Human Right that says criminals should be punished ? The biblic principle was "An eye for an eye" ! I say bring back Capital Punishment. A public referendum on the subject would quickly reveal the true feelings of electors in the United Kingdom on this subject.

Friday, 24 July 2009


It is my opinion that the legal system in Great Britain has ground to a halt, after being severely neglected during the last decade. This is simply due to the fact that there are not enough appropriate jails to house the various categories of prisoners.
The consequences are numerous:

- Criminals are not punished as they should be.

- Criminals are released early from jail to ease the overcrowding.

- Punishment is no longer a deterrent and criminals reoffend too often.

- Where possible prosecutions are not undertaken and the criminal is let off to avert overcrowding.

The end result is that there has been a gradual escalation of crime and the attitude of offenders has changed. They are prepared to take a chance and know that even if they are caught they could get off scot-free.

I hasten to add that I do not believe any of the official figures and statistics relating to crime. It is impossible to verify what any figures include or have omitted.

Almost every day the public in Britain is staggered when newspapers reveal and report on the lenient punishment meted out to a criminal who has ruined the life of a law abiding citizen.

Criminals never respect the human rights of their victims, but claim their own human rights in their plea for mitigation against a tough sentence. Alas we know why they get away with such a plea.

Modern prisons must be built to replace the prisons of the Victorian era which are unsuitable for housing prisoners of this modern age. New prisons away from city centres are required and a pledge to this effect should be included in manifestoes for the next General Election. 

Could David Cameron take note of the above ?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Why Politic Politics ?

I am John, an English Chartered Accountant and I have lived in Paris for more than 45 years. During this time there has been a revolution in the European political world, both inside the member countries and inside the European Union (E.U.) itself.

Many times I have felt that local laws and E.U. directives have been forced on us when they are not really necessary or in our interests. Our elected or unelected representatives have not defended our interests either at home or in Europe.

In this Blog I would like to highlight such occasions with the hope that our representatives will have the courage to defend us all better.