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Monday, 30 August 2010


Fundamentally David Cameron and the Tories have been landed with two main problems;

- those which arise from the uncontrolled policies introduced by the Socialists during their 13 years in power;

- those which result from the surrender by the Socialists to the E.U. of Britains' rights to determine its own fundamental policies.

Correcting uncontrolled policies has started and revealed the extent taxpayers' money has been wasted.

What cannot be reversed are the ever increasing powers of the E.U. and its Directives !!! The only way out would seem to be a unilateral withdrawal from the E.U.. The referendum promised by the Conservatives could come into play.

However, if Britain clearly states that in order to continue to stay in the E.U. it would want to renegotiate a certain number of obligations and conditions, this could have a sympathetic ripple effect throughout the E.U.. There are a great number of people in Europe who feel uncomfortable at the present moment about how certain decisions are arrived at and imposed.

Monday, 9 August 2010


Every day one reads in the press details of the latest discoveries, and the costs, of overpayments to scroungers of the social benefits system. The last Socialist Government, during 13 years, paid without ever querying, Billions of pounds which were not justified. Withdrawing such benefits would have been extremely unpopular !!! This policy avoided a landslide Conservative Majority at the last election !!!

The same Socialist Frontbench Politicians are now fighting each other to step into the shoes of Gordon Brown !!!

Let us not be duped for the second time. The new socialist leader, when he is elected, will not accept to be responsible for the failings of the Blair/Brown years. It will never be NEW LABOUR reinvigorated !!! It will be another Labour in new sheep's clothing !!!

They will never defend the past. They will always attack the new Coalition of Cameron/Clegg for what they can get without proposing constructive new policicies. They will only ever want to embarass.

It is therefore time that David Cameron should consider a speech in the mould of a "Statement to the Nation" when when Parliament resumes after the summer break.

What is required is a Financial Statement which highlights the cost of the scocialist neglect of non-control of "Public Funds".

Press leaks is one thing; Responsible reporting to the Electorate is another.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Gordon Brown, the saviour of the Western World during the recent Banking crisis, left an uncontrolled mess in Britain when he was ousted from power at the recent elections. David Cameron now finds himself in the unenviable situation of having to clear up this mess !!!

This Blog clearly said early this year (February, 4,10, and 28), that any Government must legislate to control the activities of Banks.

Diplomatic words and promises by Politicians or Bankers to each other will achieve nothing !!! What is required are new, fundamental constraints which oblige Banks and Bankers to change their ways. Without laws and sanctions nothing will change.

Bankers, and above all International Bankers, have a duty to enrich their shareholders. They have no legal responsibility to do what a Government would find agreeable if it does not enrich the Bank's shareholders.

President Obama clearly said that Banks are too big !!! He is absolutely right !!! No one country can pass laws which could bring multi-national, multi-continental Banks to heel. Some of the big Banks are even bigger than the countries in which they operate.

Only two alternatives are available to legislaters to control the situation;
- agreement on a world-wide basis to control Multinational banks. This would necessarily become a long term project.
- local legislation to favour "National Local Banks" which are independent of foreign control.

If Multinational Banks are deprived of local cheap "Tap" money, this would favour local banks who could then lend the money to industry and local clients at reasonable interest rates. This would enable a government to introduce policies to help those in most need. The interest rates which the Big Banks want to impose cripple anything a Government has in mind.

Everyone knows that Banks were bailed-out after they made losses not from investments but speculative "bets" on financial markets. Had they stuck to the well tried principles of yesteryear the current tensions and suspicions surrounding the financial market today would not exist.

Who talks about usurious interest rates or exhorbitant bank or credit card charges ? Only the consumer !!! There are too many similar examples to mention for an article like this !!!

David Cameron must lead the way in Britain, legislate and introduce sanctions. He must coerse the Banks to fall into line !!! The E.U. will not help, only talk, talk, and talk. There is no majority in the E.U. Parliament !!!