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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


When you are jilted it hurts a long time !!!  It means that your advances and hopes were spurned !!!

The worst spurned lovers can do is to spill the beans, particularly a long time afterwards !!!  But it does the reputation of neither party any good.

Fabio Capello pipped Jose Mourinho to the job as manager of the English national football team.  Professionally he, Fabulous Capello, has done a magnificent job since his appointment.

One could say that now Jose Mourinho is suffering from sour grapes, or perhaps also from a big head !!!

Saturday, 26 March 2011


The right to strike is universally recognised and Trade Unions jealously protect the right they have to call strikes.  However, when strikes are called or organized, stewards are required to ensure that processions and demonstrations are orderly.

When orderly Strikes turn into Riots, like today in London, because they have been infiltrated by extreemists who have only one objective, i.e. to smash property, shops or factory premises, even the very the tools of employed workers, the police and the law must intervene.

Alas, it is not only in Britain where hooded rioters have wraught havoc much to the consternation of right thinking citizens.

Brazen rioters who wear hoods should be punished with severe prison sentences. In principle hoods should not be allowed in processions.  Protective headgear against unfavourable weather should exclude hoods which prevent the identification of the wearer.

The issue here is not protecting the Human Rights of Rioters !!!  The issue here is to protect and ensure the right of workers or even electors to voice their opinions. The Human Rights of a Rioter can  be judged in a Court of Law.

This is an issue where Trade Union representatives should have a meeting with representatives of the Government and the Police (and perhaps other people) to hammer out an agreed policy so that strikes serve a purpose and that Rioters with hoods do not provoke havoc. 

Should David Cameron not urge Kenneth Clark, the Lord Chancellor, to pursue this matter and head up a commission ?


Another country bites the dust, - PORTUGAL !!!  It was announced months ago, just like SPAIN which is a betting cert to be the next.

The real question is what did the E U do before the crisis surfaced and what has it done since to control matters ? What did all the high-flying E U politicians do to audit, control and help these countries ?  Anything serious ?

What did Mr Barroso, the Portuguese president of the European Commission for the last 7 years, do to avert the Bankruptcy of his native country ?  He must have been aware of the developments in his own country !!!  Anything serious ?

There is a basic rule that expenditure in the E U budgets of countries in the E U should not increase by more than about 3%. per year !!!  Who is the top E U official responsible for these controls ? Does he not receive reports ?  What does he do with them ? Anything serious ?

Current indications are that current E U contributions to cover costs will increase by much more than than 3% in the foreseeable years !!!   Why ?  Has the E U with respect to its overheads no serious controls ?

In fact, is the impression the E U gives to European taxpayers true, that the E U is all talk, that it never controls anything and only takes action when it is too late, or when it is forced to ?

Is that not serious ?   

Friday, 25 March 2011


Again a small minority group, the anti-monarchy Republicans, which wants to grab the headlines, has in fact attained this objective, by demanding that the BBC dumb down its normal reporting of royal events !!! 

What is even more astonishing is that the BBC hierarchy seems to have acquiesced to certain demands.  Does the hierachy not realise that the BBC has a major duty to the majority of their viewers and licence payers ?

The world will be watching the Royal weddings.  Not only the licence payers in Great Britain but also billions in Europe and in the Commonwealth and elsewhere.

This is not the time to spoil the pleasure of the majority.  Minority groups have General Elections to make themselves heard !!!       

Thursday, 24 March 2011


A masterful George Osborne presented the Conservatives' Budget for change, aimed at facilitating the way forward to encourage self-starters and businessmen.  

Ed Miliband, the new Leader of New Labour, failed miserably with his old platitudes when critcising the Budget, George Osborne and the Tories.  He proposed nothing, no alternative strategies, but above all seemed to regret that the Liberal Democrats had sided with the Tories, thus condemning the Socialists to the scrapheap after 15 years of  government.

Ed Miliband's intervention was a good demonstration of the proverbial "Sour Grapes" !!!  Sobeit, the next Congress of the Socialist Party may put him out of his misery !!!  Should NEW LABOUR not adopt NEW IDEAS ?

The stage is now set for the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to come on stage and to reveal the cost of Socialist misdeeds which have been discovered since the election even if there are others yet to be found !!!

David Cameron must do this to attract the floating voters who in the end did not vote for the Conservatives at the last election.  

There is also a big Question Mark hanging over the Government at present.  Will there be a vote over Britain's membership of the European Union ?  Will there be a referendum ?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Bad rules and imprecise laws will always be flouted !!!  If judgements are also imprecise, it is even easier for an astute lawyer to advise the "guilty" culprit how to avoid the full impact of his punishment.

The Football Association fined Sir Alex, the coach of Manchester United, 30 000 pounds sterling and gave him a five match touchline ban, for comments he made to the referee Martin Atkinson after his club had lost against Chelsea.

If the intent of the touchline ban was to inconvenience Sir Alex, this was not evident.  In the first game of his ban he was seen by television viewers watching the game from a seat in the stands near the trainer's bench. On a direct telephone line he gave instructions to an assistent on the bench.

This blog applauds Sir Alex for benignly sidestepping the effect of this punishment.  The F A must get its act together if the intention really was to punish Sir Alex !!!  

Saturday, 19 March 2011


There have been scandals about the personal expenses of MEPs elected to serve in the European Parliament and also the non-elected servants, some having been parachuted into the EU organisation as a reward for services rendered to their country.

The EU pays the cost of its servants, MEPs or others, directly. Would it not be more correct if elected MEPs and unelected, parachuted, servants were paid and their expenses reimbursed directly by the country they represent ?

Would this not make MEPs and others more conscious of their responsibilities ?  Is their job in the EU not to represent their country, to defend the interests of their country ?  Their country should therefore, have the right to scrutinize their costs !!!

This Blog has already suggested that a countrys' MEPs should also be re-elected each time there is a National Election (read the article entitled "National and EU election dates", Feb 11, 2011).

Only measures similar to those proposed here will make the EU representatives realize the importance of their duties to their electorate !!!  

Friday, 18 March 2011


"Les français à force d'immigration incontrôlée ont parfois le sentiment de ne plus être chez eux".

Est ce pour avoir énoncé ce sentiment partagé par de nombreux français que Monsieur Guéant, Ministre de l'Interieur du gouvernement français, est fustigé par les "politiciens politiquement corrects" ?  Pas seulement !  C'est aussi pour avoir repris un thème de la droite nationaliste représentée par le Front National...

Mais, si Marine Le Pen constate que "le soleil brille", ses adversaires doivent ils pour autant prétendre "qu'il pleut" ?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Politicians are running around like headless chickens !!!  They seem to be more interested in their Political Ideals than in the realities of everyday life.

Just because nature has provoked a serious problem in Japan with respect to Nuclear Reactors, which provide an increasing quantity of electricity in this modern world, should the world abandon Nuclear Reactors ?   Should everyone go back to wood and coal fires ?  The political idealists and "Greens" of this world must have a rethink !!!

A problem has surfaced in Japan, it was an accident !!!  No reasonable person would cover-up such a problem if he knew or understood the implications !!!  There have been many "accidents" in the course of scientific history, which afterwards led to important discoveries which are now cherished and admired.

Probes into space are littered with "mistakes" which finally permitted scientists to understand and correct faults !!!   The same will be true with respect to what scientists will identify as errors when analising the catastrophy in Japan.

Several countries, like France, the USA, Germany and Russia will closely follow events !!!  These countries will all want to learn and to prevent the possibility of a similar castastrophy arising in their countries.    

When the first airplane was being developed, and after it crashed, did the pioneers give up ? 


Politicians in this modern World, born after 1945, have a lot to learn !!!  Germany and Japan lost the second World War !!!  Both countries had been completely destroyed, one by bombs, the other by Hiroschima !!! 

Now the world is faced with a similar situation.  Japan is being severely tested by the effects of nature and the resultant knock-on effect with respect to their nuclear installations.

After the end of the World War in 1945 Germany and Japan both rebuilt their countries with tears and hard work.  Both countries became leaders in the modern world through their hard work !!!

Japan is a very proud and unified country.  It expects people living there to respect its traditions !!! 

This is the backbone of the stability which means that every man and woman will give their all to put their country, Japan, back on an even keel.  All able Japanese will all work all the hours they can.  They know that in the end their country will surmount current difficulties !!! They know that their country will re-establish its' former stature in international markets !!!

It is sad to say that the spineless, out-of-work scroungers in Britain, who suck the Social System dry for all they can get, are not punished harder when they are caught swindling !!!  These scroungers would not do what Japanese nationals will now do to get their country moving again !!!     

Monday, 14 March 2011


When one reads in the press that 83% Government owned ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND (RBS), made a loss of more than one billion pounds in 2010 but will pay bonuses to 300 top or key staff of more than one million pounds each, it makes the blood of ordinary taxpayers simply boil !!!

Who controls what ?  Does the Government not have a voting majority anywhere in the RBS Group to knock some sense into the heads of the greedy Boardroom Executives ?  Who, on behalf of the Government signed off, accepted, the proposed bonus contracts?  How much remuneration did the Government representative receive for performing his functions ? 

The foregoing remarks concern the RBS group.  The same remarks could concern other banks which were bailed out after the banking crisis which was not due only to the "world" crisis, but also due to the fact that banks and traders were caught out when "betting" on fluctuations in stock exchange share indexes.

Voters in the UK and in many other countries want to see legislation which severely curbs the powers of banks to fleece customers with  high, even usurious, interest rates while proposing miserly interest for deposits.  

David Cameron and George Osborne should take heed !!! 

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Almost every day one sees articles in the press about Judges who are crying out loud for help when faced with louts, layabouts and small time criminals who cannot be punished because there is no room in prisons !!!

These small time criminals will become big time criminals if they are not stopped in their tracks with a sentence that makes them sit-up !!!

The conservatives and David Cameron could win millions of votes right across the whole electorate if security becomes a major objective of this Government. For this to happen more prisons are required as well as tougher laws to help judges. Recidivists must be targeted and social benefits must be withdrawn in any new legislation. Only in this way will these petty criminals realize that crime does not pay if they are caught !!!

If this infringes "human rights" then the E U Human Rights lobby must explain who has lost his rights: the criminal or his victim ? British MEP's must fight the E U over this issue and others. Were they not elected to protect British interests ?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


There seems to be a strong resemblance between Nixon, when he was faced with the "Watergate" scandal, with Berlusconi, who now has several pending legal cases including those which one could describe as "Girligate" situations !!!

Berlusconi, like Nixon, has vehemiently denied any wrongdoing. That may be the case. What seems very evident is that he, like Nixon did, spends a lot of time defending himself against all these problems and accusations.

What is also clear is that many people in Italy, and in particular Italian women, are up in arms against this man who is not at all the typical example of the leader that they want for their children to admire !!!

If he needs so much time to defend himself personally it deflects his concentration from national duties and international problems, like the invasion of the shores of Italy by arab refugees from North Africa.

E U leaders are closely watching him for a solution !!! Is Berlusconi conscious of his responsibilities in this area ?

Saturday, 5 March 2011


The basic FIFA rule has always been that the referee is always right. This has led to many problems in the past and many followers of the game of football would like to see the current rules modernised .

Referees have been regularly pilloried by spectators, players and managers when a contentious decision is not appreciated or when the referee has not seen something.

Sepp Blatter has bluntly refused on many occasions, not just recently but for years, to modernise the rules and to accelerate the introduction of visual aids to help referees. His criticism of the English F A over the Rooney affair confuses everything.

Mr Blatter, by doing nothing you cannot attain perfection !!! Even the use of visual aids as in rugby or tennis is not 100% perfect !!! It does , however, provide satisfactory help in 98% of the cases where it is used !!! That is a lot better than nothing as is the case in Football.

He who hesitates for so long, is lost. Perhaps the time has come when Sepp Blatter should no longer present himself for re-election !!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011


The time has come !!! It is now, and not any later, that David Cameron must assert himself and make clear that he is the Leader of the "Coalition", that he is the sole Prime Minister.

He must send a clear message to not only the Electors but to all members of this Coalition. In particular, he must make clear to Nick Clegg that, when he makes speeches in Brussels or simply in the E U, he is not the representative of the majority of voters in the United Kingdom !!! He is only the leader of the Liberals !!!

David Cameron must listen to the people, to his electors. All the politicians around him aim only to protect their futures !!! Their second objective is to promote and secure their personal standing !!!

The politicians in the E U are the same !!! If they are elected (MEP's) one hardly ever hears them. If they are not elected they run few risks but influence many decisions !!! All E U politicians are, however, well paid.

Not any one of the 27 countries in the E U can dominate policies !!! No Leader or Prime Minister alone can call a halt to anything the E U wants to undertake !!! This is why Britain must make a stand !!!

Britain must opt - out of the E U !!! Such a move would probably be followed by a few other countries which have similar anxieties and reservations about the fact that no one country alone can counter E U decisions. Perhaps then the E U will permit a serious discussion and revision of rules and regulations that are currently blindly applied !!! The circumstances which led to the bending of rules to get the LISBON TREATY adopted is an example of what must be rendered impossible in the future.

More than 50 years ago, the E U was a small club of 6 nations. The cost of running the "club" was modest. The aims were reasonable and each country had a real voice. The E U is now overloaded with political bureaucrats (or should one say EUROCRATS ?).

The duties of the leaders of E U country members have been reduced to supervising the application of E U Laws and Directives !!! They are not expected to question the laws. The E U imposes fines on countries which do not toe the line.

The next referendum in Britain must be a vote which permits Britons to voice their opinions on whether Britain should stay in the E U . After such a vote David Cameron will clearly understand what needs to be done !!! Nick Clegg will also know more clearly what is expected of him and where he stands.