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Monday, 30 May 2011


In accordance with the rules of the Banana Republic of FIFA, the re-election of the current President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, must take place as planned on Wednesday June 1, 2011 !!!   This takes into account the result of the hearing of the ETHICS COMMITTEE as a result of which Bin Hamamm, the only other candidate standing against Sepp Blatter was disqualified .

Within much less than 48 hours the Ethics Committee had heard all the evidence required to condemn Bin Hamamm, others as well, from all football activities, but Sepp Blatter got away Scot free !!! 

So the FIFA Presidential election must take place as planned. This was explained by  Jerôme Valcke, the French born FIFA general secretary.

If the Banana Republic of FIFA really does apply its law does that mean all votes cast will be counted ?  After all, there will be votes for the sole candidate, but will there not also be votes against him ?  These votes must be counted, and the result of all votes cast (there are 206 members of FIFA) should be announced !!!  The simple visual mass show of hands to judge the winner must be avoided. However, the names of all who voted and how, should be made available.  This will make clear the feelings of all the delegates.

Whatever may happen in the voting, there is also another verity which will reveal itself during the weeks to come !!!  Refugees flee intolerant administrations  !!!  Would some countries not opt for such a solution to restore some common sense in football ?  Will there not be a breakaway movement ?

Finally, is there a legal system in Switzerland, besides that which FIFA applies ?  Does FIFA have auditors ? 

This Blog would love to scrutinise the Auditors Report and the Acoounts !!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011


This is going to be the next non-event in the FIFA saga.

The backdrop of the case is very simple. When Sepp Blatter got back from his last long trip to outposts of FIFA last Tuesday, he heard that there were accusations of bribery against members of the FIFA executive.

Blatter immediately examined the accusations and within 24 hours declared that there had not been any fraud !!!  The next step in the saga led to Bin Hammam, Blatter's sole opponent in the forthcoming FIFA Presidential election, being accused of "ethical wrongdoings" by Sepp Blatter.  Not to be outdone, Bin Hammam promptly accused Sepp Blatter also of "wrongdoings".

The Ethics Committee was immediately seized to judge the matter !!!  

The whole situation is a complete farce !!!  Firstly, how on earth could Sepp Blatter, in the space of 24 hours examine and conclude that there had been no infringements of FIFA's rules or ethics ? Did he consult all the relevant whitnesses ?

Secondly, now that the Ethics Committee has been told to judge the matter, Blatter was to be heard yesterday, Saturday, May 27, and Bin Hammam will be heard today, Sunday 28 !!!  Does this tight timetable really reflect the practical reality that all relevant whitnesses must be called and heard ?  Is the object of this manoever not to ensure a quick result, to avert the possibility that the Election of the FIFA President on June 1st is not delayed ?

Thirdly, the accusations by both parties imply that there was something fraudulent somewhere.  Lord Triesman set the ball rolling recently in the House of Commons !!!  Fraud is a criminal matter, not something for the Ethics Committee !!!

This Blog has already clearly said that to sort out this mess, a Legal Administrator should be appointed immediately and that the Election of the Next FIFA President should be temporally cancelled.

This whole problem smells !!!  In fact in good legal English, one says it "stinks" !!!  

Friday, 27 May 2011


When the only two candidates standing for election, to become the next President of FIFA, accuse each other of improper conduct, not to say anything more serious like corrupt conduct, the election next week lacks the fundamental condition that any candidate must be above suspicion of any kind !!!

These circumstances mean that no real result from the Ethics Commitee Court on Sunday, having judged Bin Hammam, Jack Warner and, to be quite clear, Sepp Blatter, can have any real effect on the future outcome of the "Presidential" election.  How can an "election" have any meaning if only one candidate remains !!!


The mutual accusations by Bin Hammam and Sepp Blatter against each other are very serious.  They should not be judged just by a FIFA Ethics Committee, but by an independent court of criminal law !!!

Every day brings new evidence that not everything is perfect in the World of  FIFA.   If the 206 members of FIFA do not know what to do at or before the 61st FIFA Congress, they must insist on the nomination of an Administrator !!!  The proposed election of the President Is Flawed !!!

In the short term the NOMINATION OF AN INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATOR  will become the only way out of the current conflicts within FIFA !!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011


In this unending interlude before the next step is taken by the prosecution in its case against DSK, and before defence lawyers reply, speculation is rife on the final outcome of the case !!!

Speculation even concerns the future of the chief USA Procecutor, Cyrus Vance Jr.,  if he does not come out of this case unscathed !!!  All this has nothing to do with the case against DSK !!!

The socialists in France seem to have come to a firm opinion that DSK could never again become an honourable candidate in the French Presidential Election in 2012 !!!  This general conclusion suits everone.  It means all the main candidates can pursue their private ambitions, but must be selected to be the official candidate !!!  If not selected, some may nonetheless want to become independent candidates !!!.

This possibility is even still open to DSK, if he comes out of his current problems like an angel, unscathed and clean as a pin !!!  His lawyers have not yet revealed their hands. 

Something which is reprehensible is all the speculation in the press everwhere, concerning the guilt or not of DSK, of his past and of his future.  There are many rules in many countries but it is unlikely that the press anywhere will be punished for intervening in a case which is still  "sub judicae", i.e. before the court !!!  This is typically the type of case which sells, in the press, on TV and in the media in general !!!    


Wednesday, 25 May 2011


How often do we see our new Princess Kate smile stunningly, and into the eyes of her beholder ?  Almost every time there is a picture of her in the Press !!! 

Her Prince charming has much to learn !!!  William smiles a lot more now than before capturing his Princess, but he always looks down when he smiles !!!  He should have the same smile but look up !!!

Is there someone in Buckingham Palace who could take him in hand ?  William could slay many more admirers.     

Monday, 23 May 2011


What are the debts that the E U has taken on in bailing out Greece, Ireland, Portugal and possibly Spain ?  The IMF also seems to have subscribed to these "Bailouts" !!!  What in fact is the possible loss the IMF could suffer if any "Bailout" country goes to the wall ? 

To put it more bluntly, how much by EU country, would the cost be if Greece declared itself "Bankrupt" and wanted to readopt the drachma as its new currency to replace the EURO? 

If the EU or the IMF makes "Finance" available and in spite this a country cannot pay its debts, Greece for example, who or which countries, will suffer the loss of the "Finance" provided to Greece, if in spite of the "temporary" finance, Greece does become bankrupt ?   

The "Rescue Fund" which the EU has set up, is in fact composed of loans by participating countries.  If Greece has obtained a part of these loans, and if Greece then defaults, the loss will then be borne by the participating countries !!! 

For electors who are not Financial Wizzards, all these questions are a complete mystery.  The national press and politicians should explain the risks invoved and their effect on future national policies.  Taxpayers  have a right to know !!!


The election of the President of FIFA, or even his re-election, is now only one week away !!!  Neither candidate, Sepp Blatter who is now seeking a fourth term as President, nor Bin Hammam, who has obtained the hosting of the 2022 World Cup for Qatar, have met publicly to explain in more detail their intentions over the next four years if elected !!!

This fact is inadmissible of an organsation which is supposed to have the interests of more than a Billion people at its heart !!!  This blog has repeatedly said that FIFA needs a fundamental reform.

Sepp Blatter has recently promised that he will not seek a re-election in 2015 !!! Can this be believed if by then he has not finished all he starts to modernise FIFA !!!  Like now he will then plead for more time again !!!

When leaders do not want to stand down, not seek re-election, not modernise procedures, not take into account the wishes of their electorate, revolutions suddenly take place.  This we have repeatedly seen in arab countries and elsewhere, in recent years.

Could this not happen in the world of FIFA ?  If a petition is signed by all 200+ members of FIFA demanding an Extraordinary Meeting to adopt a draft revision of the Statutes of FIFA within three months, would nothing happen ?

If nothing happens, what would FIFA do then if all the members refused to pay any new monies due to FIFA until changes are made to its organisation ?  


Saturday, 21 May 2011


 From the point of view of DSK it is sad that he was arrested just ten minutes before take-off on an Air France flight bound for Paris.  Ten minutes later he would have been as free as a bird on wing !!!  

There is also another poignant fact.  As the Director of the IMF he did not have Diplomatic Immunity. This meant that like a normal citizen in the United States he had to observe the laws of the USA and could be arrested !!! 

Diplomatic immunity means that the person who is accredited, cannot be arrested, whatever the case against him may be !!!  This basic rule in general applies to all accredited persons who are in the diplomatic service of any country.

Had DSK got back to France he would have remained a free man. With advice he would have evaded all the problems he is at present facing.  Why ?    Because in France, and in another way in Britain, any accusations would have been considered as harassement of a public and well known figure !!!  

The immediate reaction would be to sweep any affair "under the carpet" to protect Public Figures and to prevent accusations in a court of law to embarrass them.  One could say this is an extension of Diplomatic Immunity.

Discussions on television this week have revealed that journalists have files on many such cases which they cannot make public for fear of reprisals !!!

In Britain, alas, there is a similar situation !!!  There is now only one place where one can say what one feels without being subject to legal proceedings. The place is the House of Commons (Parliament).

However, Judges have recently, with increasing frequency, acceeded to requests to order "gagging" orders. This means the press and the public is prevented from learning of delicate facts, often of a sexual nature, to protect the reputation of a well known person !!!  Speculation abounds in Britain that the people concerned are well known Footballers or Sportsmen, or even high level Directors who have had relations with female employees.

Judges are well known for their discretion but the Government should certainly impose limits to the discretion Judges can use !!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


The problems DSK has created and must now face, following his alleged sexual attack of a chambermaid in the Sofitel Hotel in New York, are more than just food for thought !!!  They are perceived the world over in many different ways !!!

1)  The IMF
          Everyone there realizes that DSK cannot in present circumstances fulfill his role. Someone must replace him at all important meetings.  The question is for how long ?  In fact the Real Question has become whether he can honourably come back and honourably represent the IMF afterwards ?

2)  Who can replace DSK ?
         The next leader of the IMF must be a non American, i.e. not a USA subject. However, the leader of the World Bank is always an American. There is already a list of the leading contenders on which one finds the name of a very capable French woman, the current French Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde.  She could become a creditable contender in the coming months.

3)  The French Socialists are shocked
          Socialists in France have been shattered by what has happened this week.  Everyone knew that DSK was virtually the best Socialist candidate to win the Presidential election next year.  There are, however, several candidates who now slowly realize that the major player has ruined his chances and that their own chances have perhaps increased as a result !!!  The in-fighting in the Party will begin shortly, very shortly !!! 

4)  Legal systems vary the world over !!!
          What the events of this week have highlighted is that the legal system in France is not the same as that of the United States !!!  A French subject in the USA cannot expect to be judged by French standards.
          This goes even further; other countries have other standards, for example Arabian or musulman countries !!!  When one is abroad one must respect the laws of that country !!!  Even this goes a lot further.  Foreigners on the soil of any country anywhere must behave and show respect.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Today is Tuesday, May 17, 2011.  To say Socialists are stunned is putting it mildly !!!  Everyone claims to be a friend of DSK, and everyone refuses to criticise him in the current circumstances.  Everyone is frightened, scared stiff in fact, that DSK could come back from the dead !!!

DSK is at present securely locked up in a prison in New York.  He will have to fight hard to clear his name. Saturday he will finally be formally accused of specific wrongdoings in the rape case against him. When the trial will ultimately take place is not yet known !!!

Can anyone today logically foresee that DSK could in future seriously become a candidate for the Presidential election ?  Would he still enschrine all the qualities one looks for in a President of France ? 

Socialist candidates of all shades for the Presidential Election are not lacking !!!  Everyone, even those who have no real hope of becoming President, want to make their name, even if only for their own posterity !!!

The present cat and mouse stand-off is amusing !!!  Bewoe he who commits a howler, because other candidates will capitalise and not forgive him !!!     


What is this "Bailout Debt" which Chancellor George Osborne has agreed to take on for Britain so as to underpin the EURO and the Portuguese economy ?  Is he simply "complying" with EU wishes without calculating the cost to Britain and British taxpayers, if and when the EURO finally goes bust ?

The first thing he must do is to seriously ask himself "What would the EU do if suddenly the pound sterling needed help" ?

The second question to be answered is , "How does he imagine that Britain, a creditor country could recover its "Bailout Debts" from the E U ?"

George Osborne and David Cameron must explain this to the British Electorate and to British taxpayers !!!  The Socialists gave Billions of Pounds to the EU for nothing, but they kept the Pound Sterling !!!

The ultimate question is whether Britain should stay in the EU and continue to be milked for all it still has !!!


There comes a time in all on-going problems when one has to stand back and identify, not only the causes of the problems, but also the real solutions available, to provoke a change or solution.

David Cameron has also reached a point in his career, when he  must  decide whether he wants to remain just the leader of the Conservative Party, or whether he wants to become a European Statesman !!! The E U really needs one.  There is no one else in Britain at present who has the guts and experience to undertake such a task.

There are many problems in the E U, but also many politicians who have many different aims at heart, which, alas, are aimed at protecting their national interests rather than acceptable E U objectives. To put it another way, there is no real cohesion in E U policies !!!  Everyone tries to get what he can !!!

The perfect example is the problem of illegal immigration into the EU. As long as there is no watertight control of E U borders, illegal immigrants, with the help of the Human Rights Charter, will infiltrate the E U and oblige European countries to pay for their survival costs.

Neither Britain nor the E U can maintain their current living standards if nothing is done.  Denmark has led the way by refusing to accept illegal immigrants.  Britain should do the same !!!. 

Non E U countries can choose what policies they want. Many countries have the death penalty, particularly for terrorists. Others do not accept immigrants !!!  Something must change !!!

Finally, should the Pound Sterling be used to support the EURO ? Would the EU ever move to protect the Pound Sterling if it was attacked on the foreign exchange markets ? 

David Cameron and Britain still have a get-out clause in their hands to coerce the E U to change, or to accept a change of the current conditions.        

Monday, 16 May 2011


David contre Goliath,
Le faible contre le puissant,
Le pauvre contre le riche,

La femme de chambre contre le directeur du FMI...

La gauche française ne devrait elle pas se rejouir qu'outre Atlantique, les personnes sont jugées en fonction de leurs actes et non de la puissance politique ou artistique qu'elles représentent ?

Enfin, au nom de toutes les femmes victimes d'harcèlement, ouvert ou déguisé, nous adressons une pensée à la femme de chambre du Sofitel...


Politicians above all, but also commentators in the press, on the radio and TV, have lamented the fact that the reputation of France has been sullied by the sexual scandal surrounding DSK, the French socialist who is the current Director of the INERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF). Is this right ?

DSK is not FRANCE, and the reputation of FRANCE cannot be sullied by the actions of just one citizen, however renowned he may be !!!  The reputation of FRANCE is tarnished more often by its Politicians and their friends who look for excuses when one of them gets tangled up in political problems or criminal procedures abroad which are stricter and more expeditive than those in France !!!  

In spite of what is written above, the aspirations of DSK in the 2012 Presidential Elections seem to have been killed off  !!!  The other hopeful candidates, from the Left, Centre or Right, will not let him get back in !!!  Of course he has the right to stand, but every candidate wants to win.   

Whether Strauss Kahn now has the best credentials, or whether another candidate has the right credentials remains to be seen !!!  In the end it far from clear who the two best candidates could be, after the first round !!!

Will it be President Sarkozy, but against which Socialist, or will it be against the Leader of the National Front ?   This election now promises to become a very palpitant affair !!!  

And there are still 12 months to go !!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


A moment of folly in the life of the favourite to win the 2012 French Presidential election, may in fact have destroyed all the hopes he had of becoming the next President !!!

Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK), the President of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, has been the dark horse for some time in the French Presidential elections due to take place in 2012; in fact he became the favourite in the Opinion Polls, which greatly irked other candidates both on the right and left !!!

A few hours ago, he had the misfortune to be removed from a plane to Paris, ten minutes before take-off.  He was taken to police cells in Washington and then charged with sexually violating a young woman housekeeper in his hotel suite.

It goes without saying that other politicians, right or left, whether they are already candidates or not yet, have not been tender with their comments !!!  They are absolutely delighted to be able to get rid of him as a credible candidate !!!

This is a complete misfortune, or in fact disaster, for DSK, to be taken off the plane ten minutes before take-off.  Had he reached France safely any disclosure of this incident could have probably been stifled.  

Unlike the USA, France has a more relaxed view of such matters.  Or should one say politicians and other well heeled people in France know people who can ensure that such affairs are covered up.  There must be many a politician sniggering privately at the discomfort of DSK !!! 

In other countries, there have also been cover-ups of the same nature !!!  One should not not pretend to be naïve.

The story I like the most concerns a well known political Minister of the Crown in England in the 1880's, called Dilke. When leaving the house of his misstress very early one morning, he had the misfortune to kick the bottle of milk which had been delivered on the doorstep.  The noise awoke more than one neighbour, and the culprid was quickly identified. In straightlaced Victorian London the headlines in the papers became "DILKE SPILLT THE MILK" !!!  He always wanted to become Prime Minister, but after this he never made it !!!  



Saturday, 14 May 2011


Sir Alex Ferguson has been charged by the English FA under regulations that forbid managers from making comments on referees before games. Sir Alex apparently infringed the "respect campaign" rules.  This Blog does not want to enter into the merits of this accusation !!!

However, when recently Sir Alex was banned from the touchline bench, the dug-out in fact, for five matches, he simply moved 10 yards into the stands with a land-line telephone which kept him in contact with the dug-out !!!  Was this really a punishment,  or a beating with a feather duster ?

This Blog congratulated Sir Alex because nothing prevented him legally from doing what he did !!!  He was not a prisoner !!!  It is the English FA which is at fault because they seem to lack the know-how to pass a judgement with a punishment which bites !!!  

A real punishment would oblige Sir Alex or anyone else to report to a police station, or somewhere else, and also ban the "condemned criminal" from any football ground at the same time !!!  Likewise the use of telephones and viewing television sets should be forbidden !!!  The FA must seek and enforce respect !!!

The FA should realise that every football fan will be watching the outcome of the accusations which have been made against Sir Alex !!!  If the FA do not know what to do, they should consult a legal expert !!!

Friday, 13 May 2011


There are only two candidates running for the Presidency of FIFA, whereas there are at least a billion people who are interested in football. The current President, Sepp Blatter, refuses to take part in a TV debate after having been in office for 12 years !!! 

Has Sepp Blatter got something to hide of which he is not proud, or perhaps, does he regret what he has not achieved ?

The other candidate for the Presidency is Bin Hammam, the President of the Asian FA, who was born in Qatar, the country which has obtained the right to host the 2022 World Cup !!!

The fact that there are only two candidates is curious in view of the fact that there are so many pending problems which have been neglected in recent years. (Read the article in this blog dated April 23, 2011).

This blog has clearly suggested a TV debate is necessary to enhance the dowdy, closed shop and opaque atmosphere of FIFA perceived by football fans around the world.

A debate conducted by a professional sports journalist could, but also must, ensure that all issues are frankly debated. For example, "Why was the 2022 World Cup venue decided 4 years earlier than usual ?" 

Another problem, which Sepp Blatter wants to supervise personally is the question of corruption inside FIFA !!!  Lord Triesman has certainly found out a lot recently in this area.

There are also many other problems which would interest football followers.

The practical problem is, what can one do if one of the candidates refuses a discussion or debate on TV, of what he intends to do during the coming 4 years if he is elected !!!   Such a refusal would be desastrous for both the candidate and the image of FIFA.

If this is the case, the best solution would then surely be to cancel the election !!!  The reason:  there are no sufficiently interested candidates !!!

The next step would then have to be to set up a Supervisory Committee to conduct affairs for the next 4 years.  Neither Blatter nor Bin Hammam could then be deemed to be suitable to serve on such a committee !!!

There must be someone in the FIFA Organisation who could provoke an amiable solution ?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


The next Presidential election in France is due to be held in May 2012,  i.e. next year, but already today there is a great deal of manoeuvering.

Without in any way wishing to take sides, it is interesting to highlight why there is such a squirmish at this very early stage.  Normally, things would intensify in the autumn, after the annual holidays, but this time for varying reasons, possible candidates do not want to be ignored !!!

First of all, it must be noted that President Sarkozy has slumped in the opinion polls.  It is clear that he has not pleased the majority of voters with what he has done so far.  This has convinced him that he must embark on the re-election trail early to harness doubting voters, particularly those in the centre who could vote either left or right !!!   This should also deter any other possible candidates on the right of his party to stand against him.

Secondly, and not least, it is quite clear there are several possible candidates for whom the election next year will be their last chance to become President of France !!!

Thirdly, there are possible candidates who know they will not win this year, but who would become better known even if they lost !!!

Serious candidates know, that if they do not have the private means to support the costs of running in an election, they must be the official candidate of a, or their party, even if it is small. 

The Socialists as a Party,  have an internal election to decide who will be sponsored to represent them in the election for the Presidency.  This is no small matter.  One quickly sees the true colours of each candidate. This year there are numerous candidates, but also some who will not want to be rejected as official candidates !  They will want to run even if they are not official candidates !!!

The conundrum in this election is Strauss Kahn, who has high poll ratings, but who is not yet available because he is the current President of the World Bank until end 2012 !!!  If he becomes a candidate after the official candidate has been chosen by the Socialist Party, the cat will be among the pidgeons !!!

However, there are several other Socialists who dearly want to stand for the election to become President; not to name them all, there is Segolene Royal who lost against President Sarkozy last time, Martine Aubry, the secretary of the Socialist Party and François Hollande the previous secretary.

The big surprise could come from the extreme Right, the Front National. Their leader, Marine Lepen, has had high poll ratings and they disturb all the other candidates.    

  Read the article in this blog dated 10/10/2011: "Socialist Primaries: 2 Big Surprises"


From newspaper reports it is clear that FIFA has completely lost control of anything it wants to undertake !!!

FIFA executive members have tried to obtain favours for their votes during the bidding for future World Cup venues !!!  Sepp Blatter, the outgoing President, must have been aware of what was going on.

What is also more than surprising, is that at the last congress FIFA voted for not only the hosts of the 2018 World Cup, but also for the hosts of the 2022 World Cup !!!  This is surprising because the 2022 World Cup venue should have been the next President's duty.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, a country which is a footballing non-entity.  Qatar is ranked at about N° 100 !!!  
There are two candidates for the post of President of FIFA.  They are Sepp Blatter, aged 75 and who has already served 12 years as President, and Bin Hammam, aged 62, born in Qatar !!!

Is it not strange that these two men are fighting for the Presidency of FIFA ?  Is it a sheer coincidence that Qatar has already been voted to be the hosts for the 2022 World Cup ?

Sepp Blatter wants to oversee the promised reorganisation of FIFA, which of course he did not have time to do during the last 12 years. In previous articles (see this blog dated May 1) it was suggested that a real debate between these two candidates should take place on television and that both candidates should clearly state what they wanted to achieve as President.

This simple and practical idea was not taken up.  One can only infer that during the coming years nothing important will change;  things will simply go on as before !!!  


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Now that Bin Laden is dead, the least said the better it is.  He died like a coward in his hide-away where he had been for six years !!!  He was always jubilant when his atrocities killed thousands !!!

However, there are still cells of terrorists all around the world.  If anyone is caught the terrorist will immediately plead; "I have human rights" !!!

Human Rights Acts have abolished executions. This means that guilty terrorists can only be imprisoned.  The costs of imprisonment are bourne by taxpayers, even if they are members of a family berieved by an act of terrorism.

Is it not now that the UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION, (UNO) should impose its authority ?  Should it not fast-track a law which punishes acts of terrorism with the death penalty ?  Terrorists and accomplices, aiding and abetting before or after an act must be deterred !!!

There are many competent lawyers who could draft a law and define "terrorists" as opposed to "revolutionaries".  The real question and problem is how fast can UNO move ?         



Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Hardly a day goes by in the hard working political world of the E U, when its citizens do not discover something totally new and unforseen.  The latest surprise concerns the intention to create a new "REGION", to be called ARC MANCHE !!! 

This new region would be formed by the southern counties of England and the northern regions of France !!!  Each of the counties and regions has beeches and ports on the Channel or Manche. 

Studies have been going on for at least six or seven years to sound out possibilities to develope business and trade in the REGION.   Logically the day will come when concrete propositions will be proposed and adopted.  Where ?  By the European Parliament of course, which will vote to create a new REGION, with the name "ARC MANCHE".

This region will be "trans-national", therefore neither British nor French entirely !!!

The E U has the intention to pursue similar studies for the possible creation of at least another ten such regions in Europe.

The mind boggles at the thought that both Britain and France would lose the political control of lands bordering on the Channel !!! Neither Britain nor France or any other country has a Veto in the E U to stop the creation of "trans-national" Regions !!!

What is even worse is to drive the logic of the situation to the bitter end !!!  The EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT will become a reality and replace all the present EUROPEAN PARLIAMENTS ?  It would, ultimately like to become the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.

Would the POUND STERLING and other non Euro currencies not be abandoned ? Would the final result not be that the EURO is saved and ALL E U taxpayers would bear the cost of the current disasters ?

This Blog wishes to alert and demonstrate that utopian politicians are at work; it would be wise to infiltrate their organisations at an early stage to avert later being faced by a fait accompli !!!
The Socialists in Great Britain, i.e. the Labour Party, chose either not to address these problems or were happy with the eventual or expected outcome. They never admitted anything but anyway got out in time when they lost the election last year.

David Cameron however, cannot ignore the problem or avoid taking action. He will have to explain matters to the country. The obvious way out would be to withdraw from the E U .  Alternatively, the other solution would be to demand a renegotiation of the terms of Britain's continued membership of the E U. 

If Britain demands a renegotiation of its terms to stay in the E U , it would probably be followed by other countries !!!  This could lead to a healthy discussion and a new definition of all the current and future objectives of the E U.

The President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, is in the same boat as David Cameron !!!  He too must express himself on the same questions. 

Sunday, 1 May 2011


The outgoing FIFA President, now aged 75, has suddenly sprung back into life and promised a program of reforms if he is the one who is re-elected again, for the third time, as President of FIFA on June, 1, 2011.  

Several of the critical observations contained in the article in this Blog on April 23, 2011 entitled "FIFA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION" have been retained by Sepp Blatter in his latest promises of wide ranging reforms.  

Bin Hamamm, the other candidate, aged 61, has disappointed Blatter by standing against him.  He was an old friend who voted for Blatter in previous years !!! 

What this Blog would really appreciate, like many, many people who are passionate followers of the WORLD OF FOOTBALL, is to see a broadcast debate between these two candidates on television !!!

What holds the candidates back ?  What holds FIFA back ?  Is there not one television organisation or chain willing to organise such a debate ?  It is not too late !!!  There are plenty of capable and experienced journalists available !!!

Such a debate could set a precedent and open a new era in the world of FIFA !!!