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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


From reports it seems that the Prime Minister of HUNGARY, Viktor Orban, is seeking a Standby Loan from the EU of 20 Billion EUROS.  The Hungarian local currency is the FLORINT and it has been sinking against the EURO on international markets.

The EU, or the "EUROZONE" jumped to the rescue of Greece, but now, quite rightly, seems to have got cold feet about bailing out Greece with a further "loan" of 130 Billion Euros.  Everyone learns from mistakes, whatever level one has attained !!!

This Blog warned Readers in its article of  27 December 2011,  that HUNGARY was flouting the rights of its inhabitants with a Constitution which cannot be accepted in the EU.  Now HUNGARY and their leader Viktor Orban is going to retire "early" 274 judges !!!  Two or three judges would not cause a ripple, but 274 is more like getting rid of an opposition of some sort.  Simply said, it is "Diktatorship".

The reputation of Cohn-Bendit, a leader of the Student Uprisings in Paris in 1968,  is renowned.  Now an elected member of the EU Parliament, it was a pleasure recently to see him put Viktor Orban in his place by criticising the Hungarian Constitution !!!  He can now destroy any hopes Viktor Orban may have of "temporary finance" to cure the misdeeds of the Hungarian politicians in recent years !!!

The EU, or "EUROZONE" is not a cow which should be milked until it dies !!!