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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


From press reports it appears that in 2003 Great Britain and the United States signed  an Extradition Treaty with the object of accelerating the pursuit of suspects abroad.  

Dominique Grieve Q C, the Attorney General, commenting on the extradition of Mr Tappin said that perhaps things were rushed in 2003 when the treaty was signed !!!   An honest but remarkable comment.

The Press reports that Chris Tappin, a British subject I believe, was extradited from Britain to the USA following a request from the USA.  He did not have a right to a hearing in Britain to prevent the extradition !!!  

Is there not something seriously wrong ? Does he not have the right to expect a certain degree of protection in his own country ? Should the law in this case not be that, to obtain an extradition from Britain, the USA must first make an application to a court in Britain and prove a Prima Facie case for the extradition ?

If Chris Tappin is a USA citizen, that could change everything.  What must be changed, and quickly, is the Law.  The Socialists obviously did not have time, but Britain now has a Justice Minister, Kenneth Clark who can call on numerous budding lawyers !!!  

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


François Bayrou, the candidate of the Democratic Party, said on the French television that if he was elected President of France he would reduce the number of MP's from 577 to 400. Of the 400, 100 would be elected on a proportional basis.

This is a clever proposition on his part to reduce costs, but also to correct an injustice.  His party polled 10% of the votes in 2007 but only obtained 3 seats.  In the same way this would also favour the National Front of Marine Le Pen.  On the other hand the two major parties would never dare to make such a proposition for obvious reasons !!!

François Bayrou, of course, limited his proposition to the French Parliament in this Presidential election.  What I and many other people really think is that there are too many politicians and not enough taxpayers to bear the costs !!!   This is true in many countries other than just in France.  

It is true too in numerous international organisations (The United Nations Organisation, the EU and soon the Eurozone, the World Health Organisation, The Human Rights Organisation, etc. etc.) which are there for the benefit of taxpayers, but sometimes I wonder whether these organisations are as efficient as private industries or companies, which can only continue to exist if they make a profit !!!


Top diplomats everywhere, in EU countries or in the UN, seem not to have the slightest idea how to stop Syria slaughtering its inhabitants.  Added to this, it also seems that the "Freedom Fighters" who are opposing the Government of Bashar Assad, are Islamists who have connections with Al Quaeda and who want to introduce sharia laws.

Russia and China, two of the 5 members of the UN Security Council who have a Veto,  used their Veto to prevent action by the UN in Syria !!! One must ask why !!!  

Press reports state that Russia has a fleet of boats in a port on the Syrian Coast and other reports state that China supplies "weapons" !!!  In this context Qatar also has interests in Syria.  It would seem that the use of vetoes in this case is unacceptable. To fulfill its role the UN must continue to pursue even more rigorously its aim to limit the use of vetoes. 

Nontheless, the EU Leaders could usefully consider blocking entry of all Chinese exports into the EU if it continues to sell to Syria !!!  This would lead to more production in the EU but also require a better customs control at EU frontiers, one of the big weak points of the EU !!! 


Monday, 27 February 2012


Early in January there were more than 40 people who had indicated they would enter the Election for the Presidency of France.  As expected then, only about 10 candidates will take part in the first round of voting if they have the 500 sponsors needed and they have been accepted by the Constitutional Council.

The official Short List will be published on March 22.  Of course this does not mean that campaigning has not already begun.  It is in full swing and nerves are getting frayed !!!  Opinion Polls of about 950 people via the Internet or the Telephone are frequently made public. For the presidential elections 2002, there were 293 opinion polls...   

The 12 potential candidates are:

                                                                 POLLS  %

     SARKOZY (President's Party)                  27 %
     HOLLANDE (Socialist)                             28
     BAYROU  (Democrat)                              11
     JOLY  (Greens)                                        3
    CHEMINADE  (Solidarity)                under  1 %
    ARTHAUD  (Workers)                        "       1
   * DUPONT-AIGNON (Republican)        "       1
    *POUTOU (Anticapitaliste)                 "       1

   *LE PEN  (National Front)                        18 %
     MELENCHON  (Left Front)                       8
   *LEPAGE  (Greens center party)    under 1
   *de VILLEPIN  (Republican)                "     1

* = Have not yet announced that they have 500 sponsors.

Before the 22th of March, some of these " small candidates"  may retire from the competition and ask their potential electors to vote for one of the leading candidates.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


The debates in France, in the framework ot the coming Presidential election, brought to the fore the simmering problem of the ritual slaughter of farm animals. In particular the pain suffered by the animals and the lack of information supplied to the public who buy meat was vehemently discussed.

Brigitte Bardot, the now retired film actress, has for many years denounced the "daily slaughter of animals whose throats are cut while they are still conscious" because they have not been stunned beforehand !!! 

A television report in April 2011 revealed that 30% of large cattle and 70% of smaller animals (sheep, fowls) were slaughtered without being stunned beforehand.  This is in spite of a decree in 1964 which made the stunning of animals obligatory before slaughter in order to reduce their suffering.

However, an exception was made for animals slaughtered ritually, but purchasers of meat are never informed on how the animal was slaughtered !!!  The election candidate President Sarkozy was questioned on this during a visit to the Paris Wholesale Market at Rungis and in reply asked "Is it worth making an issue of this ?"

This issue has been vigorously brought to the fore by Marine LE PEN who has refused to be fobbed off.  Not in vain either, because the Butchers' Federation in Paris has now asked the French Government and the European Parliament to make it obligatory to label meat which has come from animals that have been ritually slaughtered !!!

P.S.  If you want to see for yourself how animals suffer when they are ritually slaughtered, you should look at the video  published by Georges-Pierre Tonnelier, WWW.WAT.TV. 


Friday, 24 February 2012


En affirmant que le consommateur mange de la viande Hallal sans le savoir, Marine LE PEN, a ravivé le débat sur l'abattage rituel des animaux, ce qui concerne d'une part la souffrance animale et d'autre part l'information des consommateurs.

Depuis des années déjà, Brigitte Bardot dénonce "le massacre quotidien des animaux égorgés conscients", car non étourdis au préalable.

Le 4 avril 2011, c'était le journal télévisé de France 3, le 19-20, qui rendant compte de cette situation intolérable assurait que "30% des gros bovins et jusqu'à 60% des ovins caprins étaient abattus sans étourdissement préalable". 

Cet étourdissement a été pourtant imposé par décret en 1964 pour atténuer les souffrances de l'animal.

Cependant l'abattage rituel a obtenu une dérogation à l'obligation d'étourdir l'animal, mais le consommateur lui, ignore complètement si la viande achetée provient d'animaux abattus rituellement ou non. "Est ce que cela vaut le coup de faire une polémique pour ça?" a déclaré Nicolas Sarkozy en visite à Rungis...

L'intervention de Marine Le Pen n'aura pas été inutile puisque les artisans bouchers d'Ile de France viennent de demander tant au Gouvernement qu'au Parlement Européen la mise en place d'un étiquetage obligatoire pour mentionner l'abattage hallal des animaux.

P.S. Pour prendre la mesure de la souffrance de l'animal lors de l'abattage rituel, consulter la vidéo" diffusée par Georges-Pierre Tonnelier,


Making the punishment fit the crime is only one aspect of the problem.  Another aspect is that the punishment should make the criminal think twice before reoffending !!!  The victms of crime must also be reassured that the law is there to protect them. 

Generally judges have sufficient experience to know whether an offender can safely be given a second chance, or not.   Guidelines, written or not, curtailing judges sentencing powers, are not the ideal method for achieving "Crime reduction".  If there is not enough prison space available to house criminals, then more prisons must be built.

Stiffer sentences are not always the answer either, but doubling the sentence each time for reoffenders, would in my mind make criminals think twice, including petty offenders.  This would free-up prison space.

David Cameron senses that laws must be passed to attain sane objectives.  Politicians should not flinch nor be frightened !!!  The electorate has already had enough of the effect of soft justice.  Political "do gooders" who advocate soft justice are the ones who will lose votes !!!             


In principle, politicians in the EU are regularly obliged to stand for re-election.  Logically some lose their seats and are replaced.  This is normal. Nicolas Sarkozy the French President will know for certain on the 6 of  May whether he has retained the right to another 5 years in office as President..

If he is not elected there will be another President in his place. This could refresh the European Council debates particularly as Sarkozy is from the right wing and his likely successor is a Socialist, François Hollande.  This is absolutely normal and permits new thinking and ideas to be expressed.

It is a pity, however, that all the Members of the European Parliament (MEP's) are elected every 5 years all on the same date.  This is irrespective of whether there has been a General Election in their country. If there is a swing in National Elections, this will never be felt immediately in the EU. The European Parliament can stoically continue as before and remain aloof to the tide of change !!!

This is just another anachronism in the EU treaty, which in my opinion should be changed.  European Council members should be able to work in tandem with their European MEP's who should be elected at the same time as their local national MP's.


Thursday, 23 February 2012


The European Council is composed of the political Heads of State of all the member countries of the EUROPEAN UNION. The permanent President is Herman Van Rumpuy.  The object of the Council is to guide the policies of the EUROPEAN UNION.

Nicholas Sarkozy, the President of France has been very active during the last two years concerning the "Greek Euro" problem.  One cannot say that the decisions proposed by him and Angela Merkel have convinced everyone.

If Sarkozy is not re-elected it could mean that François Hollande, a Socialist, who is to-day the leader in opinion polls, could become the next President of France and would replace Sarkozy as the representative of France in the EU Council !!!  It is not at all sure that he would adopt the same policy as Sarkozy on the "Greek Euro" problem !!! 

Whenever any EU leader is not re-elected, changes must be anticipated and expected, but which ones ?     

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Yesterday, February 21, the Constitutional Court declared that the publishing of the names of Mayors who sponsor a candidate  is in line with the Constitution.  The request by Marine Le Pen (and two other Candidates, Corinne Lepage and Christine Boutin) that the names of sponsors  should not be published, was therefore refused.

The article in this Blog dated 25 December 2011 "French Presidentials: "The race for 500 Sponsors"  details the background to this problem.

There are at present 7 candidates who apparently already have the 500 sponsors, but there are 6 candidates who only have between 490 and 275 sponsors.

Marine Le Pen, who needs another 80 or 90 sponsors to be safe,  decries the situation as being undemocratic.  The two favourites to top the poll are haunted by the thought that she could perhaps beat either one or the other !!!  Although they could help her, neither will dare to do so.

Marine Le Pen, the President of the National Front Party, who in Opinion Polls is in third place with 17% to 20%, has managed to scrape together only 430 sponsors.

Candidates must file the names of their Sponsors on March 16.  They will then be checked and the list of valid candidates to take part in the first round of voting will be made known on  March 20.   The first round of voting will be on April 22.   



Sarkozy and Merkel, without any hesitation will say "YES",  the Bail - Out  problem has been solved !!!  A closer look at the problem leads one to a different conclusion  -  "Yes  in the short term" of three to six months "Not really in the long term".

On the basis of erroneous accounts, which were not properly examined by the EU, Greece was allowed to adopt the EURO as its national currency.  Early 2010, Greece was virtually bankrupt and sought help from the EU to repay financial loans.

Early May 2010 110 Billion Euros loan was made available.  This was like a life jacket, until a year later when the money had been spent and the same problem reappeared.

Early today a new loan was agreed, this time for 130 Billion Euros, but with stringent conditions which act like a straitjacket !!!  EUROZONE experts will closely monitor the usage to which this new loan will be put, to avoid any possibility of an attack on the EURO on International Financial markets !!!

There has been a lot of pain in Greece where unemployment is rife, salaries and pensions have been reduced and lenders have been obliged to write-off loans by 50 %.  There have been protests, riots, strikes and insecurity in the streets.  The end of the turmoil is not really in sight !!!  Political agitators will bring Greece to its knees. 

 What a pity Greece was not allowed to leave the EURO in 2010 and then adopt the new Drachma !!! 



Sunday, 19 February 2012


On peut légitimement s'interroger après la mésaventure qu'un de nos proches a vécu le mercredi 15 février dernier  (pour mémoire jour de l'annonce de la candidature de Nicolas Sarkozy):

Notre ami,76 ans, diabétique, présente vers 18h30 des signes d'accident ischémique transitoire (AIT). Son épouse déjà sensibilisée par un précédent AIT compose le 15, numéro des urgences. Les urgences envoient les pompiers qui décident d'amener le patient à l'hôpital Bichat, hôpital parisien, à19h15.

Aux urgences de Bichat, notre ami reste plus de deux heures seul sur un brancard sans être ni examiné ni même interrogé...
L'AIT étant par définition transitoire, notre ami , très imprudemment il faut en convenir, se lève vers 22h , sort de l' hôpital et rentre chez lui en taxi.
Or les risques de faire un AVC sont importants dans les heures qui suivent un AIT ...
L'épouse appelle les urgences de l'hôpital pour s'étonner de ce départ.
Réponse:"L'hôpital n'est pas un lieu fermé, nous avons 200 personnes en attente et on ne peut pas "s'occuper de tout le monde".
Chacun tirera ses propres conclusions sur ce qui reste à faire ...


This week when Nicolas Sarkozy announced his candidature for a second term of 5 years  as President of France, he said "there is a central idea in my project", which is "to return to the electorate its voice by using referendums".    

In the last Presidential Elections in 2007, he was clearly against Referendums, because as he said, "the President is elected on a complete program and must shoulder his responsibilities"

Three months ago, it was under the pressure of Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel that  Papandreou withdrew the Referendum he had proposed to the Greeks, i.e. to ratify or not the decisions taken by the EU leaders on the Greek bail out. 

In these circumstances, can one really believe that the electors voices will be heard in Referendums if he is re-elected for a further five years? 


Friday, 17 February 2012


Presidential Elections will definitely take place in France on Aril 22 and May 6.  Nicolas Sarkozy has at last announced that he will stand for re-election !!!  The long wait for his declation that he would stand had become a "Punch & Judy"  type of secret !!!   Shortly afterwards a General Election of all the Members of Parliament must also take place.  

With Sarkozy and the Greek EUROZONE problems,  everyone in France awaits with bated breath how he will explain to his electors what will happen in the Near Future, i.e. before the next President is elected !!!   Will Greece default on its debts ?   Was this eventuality not foreseeable when the first loan was made ?  What are the risk factors connected with loans made to other countries ?  How much will this cost French electors and taxpayers ? 

Other candidates will want to profit if the replies to questions are not convincing, but these hopeful candidates must have a convincing argument to win over the electorate.

Finally,  the proposed EUROZONE Treaty will soon be available.  Candidates will want to ask questions on that as well.  The Lisbon Treaty was rushed through without EU electors having a chance to scrutinze it.  With the ongoing problems in the EUROZONE electors have become wiser and will demand the right to vote.  


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I have followed QPR since 1946 !!!  Everyone has the right to express their opinions and I would be one of the first to condemn any attempt to curtail the "Freedom of Speech" !!!

However,  writing or talking could lead to "unimaginable" consequences, which the culprit  would certainly sincerely regret immediately afterwards !!!

Make your football do the talking !!!  The less you say, particularly on the pitch, the better !!!  Ask the QPR management to put you in contact with a lawyer before you destroy the rest of your career. 

Monday, 13 February 2012


As expected, whatever the result of the vote in the Greek Parliament, there were thousands of people in the streets in Greece at midnight yesterday. The protests were massive, not by politicians, but by the people who expect to suffer !!!

The politicians in Greece voted and accepted the EU conditions for a further "Bail out Loan" of 130 billion Euros !!!   Have electors in Greece really understood the effect, on their personal lives, of the conditions voted by their Parliament, or which their local Member of Parliament supported, even if only passively ? 

Greek Politicians want to save their "personal acquired rights" !!!  Said simply, this is their retirement pension !!!  These acquired rights are a problem !!!

The next General Elections will take place in Greece in April 2012.   Up to now Greek politicians have, in my humble opinion "saved their bacon", for just a few  weeks !!!  EU electors and taxpayers have been "hung out to dry" !!!

Sarkozy wants to save the EURO with the money of French taxpayers.  He faces elections imminently,  i. e. April /May  2012 !!!  Merkel, likewise, faces elections but in 2013, but is prepared to "support him" with her presence, etc etc !!!

Can the EURO survive, I have never really had any doubts !!!   But if Italy or Spain really needs to be saved, I hope the EUROZONE will hesitate before "jumping in" to the rescue !!! 

With all the re-elections on the horizon, some of the current politicians will be glad to retire if they are beaten !!! 


Friday, 10 February 2012


Why is there a problem about cyclists in Britain ?  The Times Newspaper wants more Freedom for Cyclists.  The idea is not wrong, but one has to take into account many factors.

The age of the cyclist, where any cyclist is allowed to cycle and where not, which roads are barred or not, the answers to these questions will often vary due to the size of the "town".

To avoid legal complications special road signs for cyclists must be installed and, this is vital, every cyclist over a certain age must be insured !!!  This would make cyclists aware of their rights but also of their obligations !!!

The way Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, re-acts to the forgoing will vary widely with those of the Mayor of a small town !!!   

Thursday, 9 February 2012


The aims of GREECE in negotiations with the EUROZONE are now much clearer.  The same can be said of those "Partners" who are behind the EUROZONE team !!!

Greek politicians can no longer prevent Social Upheavels, not to say Bloody Riots and Strikes, by proposing more austerity plans to appease EUROZONE creditors !!!   Greece has urgent Creditors to "pay-off" in the very near future but can no longer accept a solution that means they take-on more EUROZONE debt.

The EUROZONE, its BANKS, and the IMF want more guarantees for the money they lend.  Their basic problem is that they have overlent already and Greece is in a worse financial and economic condition now than two years ago !!!

Sarkozy and Merkel at the outset wanted to prevent an attack on the EURO  by making loans to Greece, but evidently did not understand the real reasons for the financial urgency in Greece.  With hindsight one can question whether a default by Greece two years ago by abandoning the EUROZONE would have had a significant effect on the EURO !!!  

The weight of the EURO is much bigger than the consequences of a default by GREECE.  In fact they would be better off now with a New Drachma, a devaluation and then a new Budget to enable lower paid citizens to survive.

The EU and the EUROZONE must rewrite and write their constitutions, but this will take a lot of time, a lot more time than Greece has at present !!!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Bashar Al Assad in Syria is orchestrating the butchering of thousands of "REBELS", with the benign benediction of the United Nations and the approval of Russia, which imposed its veto to stop any interference by other countries !!! 

The force used to kill residents in HOMS and which the world saw on television yesterday, seems to have had no effect on politicians or high ranking diplomats !!!

How is it that Russia can use its Veto in the UN to prevent anyone from stopping the GENOCIDE by ASSAD in Syria ?  Why must the genocide go on ?  Is it because Russia has a key Naval Base there, or is it because Russia sells armaments and missiles to Syria ?

What will happen next ?  ASSAD and his wife ASMA, born, bred and educated in Britain finally manage to flee SYRIA with their lives and then settle in RUSSIA ? Or they ask Russia for help and troops are sent in to "occupy" the country ?

What will the UNITED NATIONS diplomats then decide ?  Or will it be too late ?

Monday, 6 February 2012


For almost two years Greece has been buoyed (prevented from drowning) by EU and Eurozone countries to prevent it from declaring itself bankrupt.  Greece has been lent much more than 150 Billion Euros almost against its will !!!

Why ?  Because EU leaders wanted to avoid an attack on the EURO in international money markets !!!  In the meantime Greeks have suffered from budget restrictions imposed by the "EUROZONE" and have not been able to impose deflationary measures on internal costs. 

Greece is now not any better off than it was two years ago !!!  EUROZONE Banks, and even EU banks have lent money to Greece on Government "orders" or "encouragement" and in the end will have lost at least 50% of the money lent !!!  To be quite blunt, taxpayers in the "EUROZONE" will suffer for the losses from a Greek devaluation !!!

It is to be hoped that Politicians have finally understood the basic principle of bankers laws, "You should not lend money to a bankrupt" !!!  There are other EU countries which have financial difficulties at this very moment.  They are watching the Greek situation !!!  And so are Financial Undertakers , i.e. Liquidators !!!  


Politicians carry the woes of their electors on their shoulders, particularly when elections are on the horizon.  Politicians do not then really want to talk about how to find money by taxing the rich to enrich the poor.

The best ways are to permit increases in turnover tax, road tolls, train fares, electricity costs and other such service costs, in fact hidden costs which are often not the direct responsibility of any government, whether the government is on the left or on the right.

If politicians looked into their own backyard,  increased controls to detect fraud, like in Britain, would they not find economies ?

If  EU politicians, elected or not, did the same, would they not find cost savings on a large scale ?  They never talk about any savings due to fraud that have been found.  However, EU politicians, elected or not, never raise the question of whether the EU costs paid by each and every country could be reduced !!!
Do they ever talk about budgetary controls ?
Is this not suspicious ?  Is this acceptable ?  There are more than 50 000 employees in the EU !!!  EU politicians, like many in most EU countries have inflation proof remuneration packages !!!  Their electors do not realize this !!! They are never told !!!

EU Polititions could find many solutions if they looked in their back-yards and talked about possible economies !!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Whenever Argentine politicians have internal economic or political problems they raise the question of the "Malvinas",  the Falkland Islands !!!  They got a bloody nose 30 years ago, when they aroused the wrath of Margaret Thatcher and now seem to be looking for another  !!!

Now the President of the Argentines, Christine Kirchner is attacking British companies in Argentina.  Is this right ?  David Cameron in fact, has all the munitions he needs to counter the sword rattling Argentines. 

Argentina must sell its beef to Europe !!!  French farmers and farmers in  other countries in the EU, would be only too happy to curb such imports !!! Could his be seen as a restriction of free trade ?   Never !!!  

Lady Ashton could perhaps come to the rescue of the EU if not Great Britain !!!  She is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs in the EU !!!

Friday, 3 February 2012


Improving the rights of cyclists in GREAT BRITAIN, as  the TIMES NEWSPAPER aspires to promote, needs to be very carefully studied.  I am fully aware that leading cyclists in Britain, the Real International Champions of whom Britain is so proud, want to improve the lot of cyclists in cities and towns.

The mayor in Paris has done exactly what I think THE TIMES and others may have in mind !!!  One-way roads for cars have been turned into two-way roads for cyclists.  Cyclists have been liberated and now ride down pavements, across pedestrian crossings and ignore red traffic lights.  That is what residents in Paris suffer every day !!!  Alas there are no official accident statistics available !!!

As for motorcycles, they are parked on pavements everywhere with impunity.  The problems concerning cyclists and motorcyclists is that they are never brought to book !!!  This is a serious problem in Paris. 

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London would be well advised to contact and visit his opposite number in Paris, Bertrand Delanoë !!! 


A leading Candidate for the French Presidency has deposed an appeal to the highest Constitutional Court in France, requesting a review of the legality of the publication of the names of sponsors of a Candidate !!! 

The appeal has been accepted and the Court will render its verdict (exceptionally in double quick time) before the 22nd February 2012, the eve before official forms are sent out to candidates on which to report who has sponsored their candidature.

The leading Candidate refered to above is Marine Le Pen (already covered in articles in this blog dated  25/12/2011 and  Jan 6/ 2012).  She is the Leader and President  of the National Front Party and in a recent Indepentant Opinion Poll  obtained 60% of the votes saying that she should be a candidate in the Presidentials.

Other parties would be delighted if she cannot gather the 500 "sponsor votes", but trying to prevent her candidacy on technical grounds is inacceptable !!!  I have confidence that the Constitutional Court will accede to her request.   If this is not the case, problems await us in France !!!    


Wednesday, 1 February 2012


John Terry played in a game of football on 23 October 2011.  As a result of an incident he has been accused of  "a racially aggravated public order offence". 

After a hearing in the Magistrates Court to-day,  February 1, 2012, the hearing of the case was scheduled to take place on July 9, 2012 !!!  The maximum penalty, if John Terry is found guilty is a fine of  2500 pounds sterling !!!  

If  "death" could be the maximum penalty, I would understand that Kier Starmer, the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) would want to give time to everyone involved in the case !!!   In the circumstances swift justice for a small offense does not appear to be the habit of the CPS.   This is ridiculous !!!   


Fred the Shred, as he became known after he was knighted for services to banking in 2004 on the recommendation of Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister, has been stripped of his knighthood.  

His claim to fame as a banker came when he reorganized the Royal Bank of Scotland. Afterwards, RBS  made losses of more than 21 Billion pounds sterling. This obliged the Government to invest 45,5 Billion pounds for a 83% stake to save the Bank !!! 

The decision to strip Fred Goodwin of his Knighthood is based on common sense !!!  When anyone is honoured by the Queen for meritorious achievements, they are in fact elevated to a rank where they become examples to others to be copied !!!  They should inspire others to surpass themselves.

Accepting an Honour implies also accepting Obligations !!!