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Friday, 3 February 2012


A leading Candidate for the French Presidency has deposed an appeal to the highest Constitutional Court in France, requesting a review of the legality of the publication of the names of sponsors of a Candidate !!! 

The appeal has been accepted and the Court will render its verdict (exceptionally in double quick time) before the 22nd February 2012, the eve before official forms are sent out to candidates on which to report who has sponsored their candidature.

The leading Candidate refered to above is Marine Le Pen (already covered in articles in this blog dated  25/12/2011 and  Jan 6/ 2012).  She is the Leader and President  of the National Front Party and in a recent Indepentant Opinion Poll  obtained 60% of the votes saying that she should be a candidate in the Presidentials.

Other parties would be delighted if she cannot gather the 500 "sponsor votes", but trying to prevent her candidacy on technical grounds is inacceptable !!!  I have confidence that the Constitutional Court will accede to her request.   If this is not the case, problems await us in France !!!