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Saturday, 4 February 2012


Whenever Argentine politicians have internal economic or political problems they raise the question of the "Malvinas",  the Falkland Islands !!!  They got a bloody nose 30 years ago, when they aroused the wrath of Margaret Thatcher and now seem to be looking for another  !!!

Now the President of the Argentines, Christine Kirchner is attacking British companies in Argentina.  Is this right ?  David Cameron in fact, has all the munitions he needs to counter the sword rattling Argentines. 

Argentina must sell its beef to Europe !!!  French farmers and farmers in  other countries in the EU, would be only too happy to curb such imports !!! Could his be seen as a restriction of free trade ?   Never !!!  

Lady Ashton could perhaps come to the rescue of the EU if not Great Britain !!!  She is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs in the EU !!!