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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


From press reports it appears that in 2003 Great Britain and the United States signed  an Extradition Treaty with the object of accelerating the pursuit of suspects abroad.  

Dominique Grieve Q C, the Attorney General, commenting on the extradition of Mr Tappin said that perhaps things were rushed in 2003 when the treaty was signed !!!   An honest but remarkable comment.

The Press reports that Chris Tappin, a British subject I believe, was extradited from Britain to the USA following a request from the USA.  He did not have a right to a hearing in Britain to prevent the extradition !!!  

Is there not something seriously wrong ? Does he not have the right to expect a certain degree of protection in his own country ? Should the law in this case not be that, to obtain an extradition from Britain, the USA must first make an application to a court in Britain and prove a Prima Facie case for the extradition ?

If Chris Tappin is a USA citizen, that could change everything.  What must be changed, and quickly, is the Law.  The Socialists obviously did not have time, but Britain now has a Justice Minister, Kenneth Clark who can call on numerous budding lawyers !!!