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Monday, 6 February 2012


Politicians carry the woes of their electors on their shoulders, particularly when elections are on the horizon.  Politicians do not then really want to talk about how to find money by taxing the rich to enrich the poor.

The best ways are to permit increases in turnover tax, road tolls, train fares, electricity costs and other such service costs, in fact hidden costs which are often not the direct responsibility of any government, whether the government is on the left or on the right.

If politicians looked into their own backyard,  increased controls to detect fraud, like in Britain, would they not find economies ?

If  EU politicians, elected or not, did the same, would they not find cost savings on a large scale ?  They never talk about any savings due to fraud that have been found.  However, EU politicians, elected or not, never raise the question of whether the EU costs paid by each and every country could be reduced !!!
Do they ever talk about budgetary controls ?
Is this not suspicious ?  Is this acceptable ?  There are more than 50 000 employees in the EU !!!  EU politicians, like many in most EU countries have inflation proof remuneration packages !!!  Their electors do not realize this !!! They are never told !!!

EU Polititions could find many solutions if they looked in their back-yards and talked about possible economies !!!