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Friday, 17 February 2012


Presidential Elections will definitely take place in France on Aril 22 and May 6.  Nicolas Sarkozy has at last announced that he will stand for re-election !!!  The long wait for his declation that he would stand had become a "Punch & Judy"  type of secret !!!   Shortly afterwards a General Election of all the Members of Parliament must also take place.  

With Sarkozy and the Greek EUROZONE problems,  everyone in France awaits with bated breath how he will explain to his electors what will happen in the Near Future, i.e. before the next President is elected !!!   Will Greece default on its debts ?   Was this eventuality not foreseeable when the first loan was made ?  What are the risk factors connected with loans made to other countries ?  How much will this cost French electors and taxpayers ? 

Other candidates will want to profit if the replies to questions are not convincing, but these hopeful candidates must have a convincing argument to win over the electorate.

Finally,  the proposed EUROZONE Treaty will soon be available.  Candidates will want to ask questions on that as well.  The Lisbon Treaty was rushed through without EU electors having a chance to scrutinze it.  With the ongoing problems in the EUROZONE electors have become wiser and will demand the right to vote.