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Monday, 26 March 2012


The British press reveals that Abu Qatada is at last happy that his "family" has been upgraded to a larger tax-payer funded house.  Are there not thousands of Council House tenants in Britain who would also love to be "upgraded" ? 

Let us not forget that a judge described Qatada as being "Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe" !!!   At present Bin Laden no longer exists but Britain is stuck with Qatada, because the European Court of Human Rights decreed that Britain had no right to deport him !!!

There is something very seriously wrong !!!  First of all Qatada entered Britain on a false Arab passport.  He later claimed asylum !!!  He then became a fanatical hate preacher in Britain which culminated in the restrictions on his movements in Britain !!!

One simple question this Blog would like to ask is why Chris Tappin was extradited from Britain to the USA without any right of an appeal or explanation !!!  If Chris Tappin had been an MP would he have been protected ?
Why is Qatada protected ?

What is the income of the Qatada household ? He, aged 51, apparantly cannot work, why ?  Does this now stop him Preaching ?  Furthermore there are 20 people living in the house he has been allocated !!! 

Who are these people, (14 are children !!!) and what are their resources ?  Can anyone detail the income of these "dependants" ?