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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


The current outrages in France which have resulted in the deaths of three soldiers and then four members of a jewish school has ignited comments in Europe and abroad but of course in France as well.  But only "comments" !!!

Do any politicians, in France or in any country elsewhere, suggest what should be done now ?  Not at all !!!   We have an ongoing Presidential election at present but no candidate dares to propose what should be done !!!

The truth is that the Death Penalty has been abolished in most countries and thus no longer serves as a deterrant anywhere in Europe !!!  Even in Muslim countries one regularly sees summary executions ( without even trials) but Al Qaida terrorists and others no longer have the fear of execution if found guilty of atrocities, or of gratuitous acts of violence. 

When will Politicians, at least in Europe, (in the sacred EU !!!) realise that the Death Penalty must be brought back for certain crimes and criminals ?  In particular for:

   -  indiscriminate mass killings,
   - recidivist murderers,
   - and for drug smugglers, the new scourge of modern society ?  

When will a leading politician in Europe have the courage to act ?