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Monday, 19 March 2012


Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chancellor George Osborne want to improve British motorways by inviting private companies to build new motorways which are urgently needed to update the present network.

The present Government have inherited this problem from the previous Brown and Blair governments !!!  The same thing is true with respect to pension plans which were taxed into extinction by the Socialists !!!

Having read the leaks of what George Osborne intents to propose in his Budget I think there are alternative and better solutions available !!!  Why let Private Industry or Companies build Toll Roads or Motorways ?  They will currently obtain finance at incomparably low interest rates and then sit long term on guaranteed revenues from the Toll  charges !!!  What you could call a Golden Nest Egg !!!

If the Government invested taxpayers money instead it would reap the same long term guaranteed income to help pay for the shortfall in the financing of State Pensions !!!  

Think about this, Mr Osborne, this really could justify reducing income tax in Britain !!!  Perhaps not at once but defintely in the longer term !!!