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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The 2002 Anglo - American Extradition Treaty merits more than just a revision by David Cameron when he next meets President Obama. 

Has this Treaty been made Law in the USA ? Is it part of British Law ?  Are the terms and obligations identical on both sides of the Atlantic ?

Everyone can understand that criminals must be brought to justice, that is not the problem. Everyone can also understand that in open court some detailed evidence could cause harm to Britain and perhaps the USA.  All this could justify a degree of secrecy, but the real question is "who" decides this ?  Should it be just one person, a Minister or Prime Minister, or a select small group of people, from Britain only or the USA as well ?

We recently became aware of the Chris Tappin Case.  Are there others of which the public is or was not aware ?

At present we have confidence in David Cameron, but Britain will have other leaders in the future, just like the USA !!!  World events can quickly change.  No one person alone should be above the law of any country !!!