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Friday, 2 March 2012


Russian cargo ships are currently delivering tons of armaments to the port of Tartus in Syria for the benefit of the Assad regime, which in fact makes Russia a close ally of Bashir al Assad.

The Russian Government says that the sale of armaments to Syria does not contravene any embargo.  This may be quite true but a little common sense quickly leads to the conclusion that arms foster bloodshed and encourages civil war !!!  It is in fact the negation of the basic Human Right  which is to live, but also peacefully. 

The Security Council of the United Nations is preparing another Resolution for a vote next week.  Mr Putin will probably be elected as President of Russia this Sunday, March, 4 2012;  will Russia (and China) again use their Veto against the Resolution ?

Will Bashir al Assad be allowed to continue butchering his countrymen, or will he flee ?  His fortune is probably already hidden somewhere abroad !!!