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Monday, 30 April 2012


Emouvant discours de Nicolas Sarkozy, dimanche 29 avril à Toulouse. La nation française, ses valeurs fondamentales, ses frontières territoriales et morales ont trouvé un ardent défenseur !

Toutefois à 6 jours du 2ème tour des Présidentielles, cela suffira-t-il à convaincre les 6.4 millions d'électeurs qui ont voté pour Marine Le Pen à apporter leur voix au Président sortant ?



In a powerful campaign speech yesterday, Sarkozy sumarized the events of recent years by saying that he wanted a return of the values which the French cherished most.

Particularly in the context of the EU and the "Eurozone", he  thinks that it is necessary now to update Treaties and the general organization.  Europe cannot continue with  "open frontiers", uncontrolled immigration and migration,  and be submerged with cheap imports from Asian countries using child labour.

Third World countries, before exporting to France or Europe must also have trade agreements to buy products from France or Europe.

France cannot accept unlimitated immigration, either directly or via other EU countries.  Border controles must be reintroduced to limit immigrants and also the import of goods. Social benefits must be earned by immigrants just like they are by French nationals.

From very recent Opinion Polls, Sarkozy is facing defeat in the election next Sunday !!!  However, one could also say that his speech yesterday, albeit very powerful, was too little and much too late to save his skin !!!

However, he still has one major, last chance !!!  That is the face to face debate which pits him against François Hollande on French Television, on Wednesday May 2, at 20,50 French time.        


Sunday, 29 April 2012


With more than 6 million votes (17.9%) in the first round of the Presidential Elections, Marine Le Pen came third.  She therefore holds the keys to help Sarkozy win his re-election.

An Opinion Poll undertaken for the "Les Echos" newspaper last Thursday revealed that 64% of those who voted for Sarkozy want him to make a deal with Marine Le Pen and her National Front party.

Sarkozy has refused point blank !!!  There will be no deal to withdraw his UMP candidates to help NF candidates in the General Election on June,10 and 17,  and there will be no National Front Minister in the next Government !!!

This is astounding.  For how many more years will Right Wing Governments refuse the help of the National Front ? Do Socialist Governments not collaborate with their left-wing allies ?   

At the moment, the way it looks, Hollande will be elected as the Next President of France on May 6, 2012 !!!


Saturday, 28 April 2012


Avec plus de 6 millions d'électeurs, Le FN de Marine Le Pen détient la clef du succès de Nicolas Sarkozy le 6 mai prochain.

64 % des électeurs de Nicolas Sarkozy souhaitent un rapprochement avec Marine Le Pen selon un sondage réalisé pour "Les Echos"...

Et pourtant Nicolas Sarkozy a déclaré sur France 2, jeudi 26 octobre, qu'il n'y aura pas d'accord avec le FN, et qu'il n'y aura pas non plus de ministre FN s'il est élu.

Pendant combien d'années encore la droite française devra-t-elle s'interdire tout rapprochement avec l'extrème droite?  La "gauche" a-t-elle montré dans le passé de tels scrupules à l'égard de l'extrème gauche?


Friday, 27 April 2012


Does Nicolas Sarkozy seriously imagine, that he could  prevent the Socialist left wing and HOLLANDE from winning the next, final vote, and thus prevent HOLLANDE from coming the next President of France ? 

SARKOZY has made mistakes !!!  He refuses any concession with respect to the "Right Wing" of French politics inspite of repeatedly saying that the "Front National"  has a right to exist  just like the "Front de Gauche", i.e. "the extreme left wing" of Jean-Luc Melenchon !!!   

What holds Sarkozy back ? Is it the historic past of Marine Le Pen's father and his outrageaous language ?  

François Hollande is delighted to accept the unconditional support of votes from the extreme left.  Will he "later" accord favours or "renege" on what the extreme left might expect !!!  If Hollande becomes President he will have all the cards he requires in his hands anyway !!!  


Jeudi soir sur France 2, les deux candidats ont indiqué, sans ambiguité, la position de leur parti en cas de "duel",  au deuxième tour des législatives le 17 juin prochain.

En cas de duel "UMP-FN", le parti Socialiste appellera à voter pour le candidat UMP.

En cas de duel "PS-FN", Nicolas Sarkozy a clairement indiqué qu'il n'y aura aucun soutien, vote ou désistement pour  le candidat FN.  En revanche, en cas de duel "PS-FN", l'UMP examinerait la situation au cas par cas et pourrait appeler à voter pour le candidat "PS" !!!

A chacun de conclure !!!


Thursday, 26 April 2012


The question of the moment is "Has Sarkozy ruined his chances of being re-elected as President of France ?"

The facts are simple.  As in 2007 and this year as well, Sarkozy adopted for his election campaign several propositions which were also the basis for the National Front (NF). 

This year Marine LE PEN replaced her father as the leader of the NF and with her more pursuasive manner increased the NF votes by about 3.4 million !!!  She vowed to prevent President Sarkozy from "stealing" NF votes like he managed to do in 2007.

Marine LE PEN was successful in that she came 3rd with 17.9% of the votes compared with Sarkozy who had 27.2%  It is accepted that he did not get these NF votes in the first round this year.

Sarkozy desparately needs the NF votes to be re-elected. However, in the General Parliamentary Election on 10 and 17 June, will Sarkozy accept to withdraw a UMP candidate in favour of the NF candidate if the NF candidate is better placed to defeat a Socialist candidate?  

The reply to this question, raised by Marine Le Pen, could be decisive and determine whether Sarkozy is re-elected !!!  Up to now it would seem that the answer to this question could be negative.



Aux prochaines "Elections Législatives" qui auront lieu les 10 et 17 juin, si deux candidats, l'un PS, l'autre Front National, restent en lice, que fera l'UMP ?

Telle est la question que pose Marine Le Pen, d'une part à Nicolas Sarkozy candidat à la présidentielle, d'autre part à  Jean-François Copé Secrétaire Général de l'UMP ?

Inviteront ils à soutenir le candidat PS, ou le candidat du FN ?  Certaines valeurs du FN sont actuellement  vigoureusement portées par Nicolas Sarkozy, mais peut être temporairement et jusq'au 6 mai seulement ? 

Leur réponse influencera, n'en doutons pas, le choix des électeurs qui ont voté pour le Front National le 22 avril dernier.  Nicolas Sarkozy prendra-t-il le risque de scier la branche à laquelle il tente de s'accrocher ?


Wednesday, 25 April 2012


These days David Cameron appears to be a little lost by all the problems surrounding him.  Seen from Europe, Paris in fact where I live, he is fighting on two fronts.

At home he has the Coalition with the Liberals,  with Nick Clegg !!!  Do Liberal members really vote meaningfully when something important comes up ?  Do they contribute ?   Or do they only want to further the aims of the Liberal Party ? 

There is also the Problem of Justice in Britain !!!  Is the Minister of Justice, Kenneth Clark, a real Conservative ?  He appears more like a Liberal who does not want to see real offenders who merit a heavy sentence, get more than a rap over the "Knuckles". 

In Europe, should Britain not seize the chance to impose its will ?  In my opinion the EUROZONE is creating its own problems.  The EU exists and now is the moment to decide what Britain can do to save the EU !!!  What could stop Cameron if he decided to call a Meeting of all the EU Countries now, at a time when Sarkozy is fighting for his political life in France, and Merkel has elections in 2013 ?

Whatever the answer to the last question, France and Germany are mainly, solely, interested in the survival of the EURO !!! 

This Blog hopes David Cameron will grasp the mettle !!!    

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


The Final Results of the first round votes for the French Presidential Election published in this Blog Sunday, a few minutes after the Polling Booths closed,  have generally been confirmed by the subsequent Official Results.  All the details can be found below.

The results are presented by the "expected"  PRO-Holland and PRO-Sarkozy groupings !!!  Negotiations are ongoing with the losing candidates, particularly Bayrou.

PRO - Holland group:
Holland - Socialist            28,63%
Melenchon (Left Front)    11,10  
Joly (greens)                       2,31
                                               sub total    42, 04 %

Bayrou (Democrat) independent            9, 13

PRO - SARKOZY group;

Sarkozy -  Right wing       27,18%
Le Pen (National Front)    17,90
                                               sub total     44,08 %


Dupont Agnant              1, 79%
Poutou                            1, 15
Arthaud                           0, 56 
Cheminade                     0, 25
                                              sub total       3, 75 %

                                      Total total         100, 00 %

What all this means is that Sarkozy, to remain President, must seduce the voters of the National Front, but also a few more !!!  100% of the National Front voters will not accept to vote for Sarkozy, even if Marine Le Pen vigourously incites them to so do !!!

Holland will also fight to increase his slice of the vote, but my gut feeling is that Sarkozy is better at seducing electors with his personality and logic than Hollande !!!  This is probably why Hollande is reticent to expose himself in more than one "face to face" debate against Sarkozy on Television.  (See the last article on this Blog).

We can only wait to see what will happen next !!! 



Le discours de Nicolas Sarkozy empreint de bon sens aura sans doute touché les électeurs qui dimanche le 22 avril 2012 se sont prononcés pour Marine Le Pen.

Mais ces électeurs auront ils l'assurance que ces nouvelles promesses de Nicolas Sarkozy, reprises du programme du Front National, seront respectées?  Il est encore permis d'en douter !!!

Ce matin même, Claude Guéant, Ministre de l'Intérieur, affirmait  qu'aux prochaines législatives, en présence d'un candidat Front National et un candidat Socialiste, il ne voterait pas pour le FN.

Déjà Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, porte parole du candidat Sarkozy, Chantal Jouano, ancien ministre, ont affirmé qu'entre un candidat FN et un candidat PS, elles choisiraient le candidat PS !!!



After the result of the first round of voting became known, President Sarkozy proposed to François Hollande that there should be three televised debates so that electors could understand the position of both candidates in these Presidentials.   Hollande refused point blank !!!  Usually there is only one Debate !!!

Anyone and everyone reading this can imagine what he will, to explain this reaction !!!  Electors, however, need to be informed by both Candidates to come to their best opinion !!!

This Blog author is convinced that in the current political climate, and circumstances,  3 Televised Debates are necessary, not to say essential !!!   The subjects of these debates, must clearly cover ;

1)  Political intentions on reforms inside France during the next 5 years.

2) Political solutions concerning the "EUROZONE" .

3) Steps necessary to revise the major Treaties which govern the EU .

France is a major "player" in EUROPE and Hollande, if he is elected President of France, must step into the shoes of Sarkozy.  Electors in France should be made aware of how François Hollande, if he is elected as the next President, has the intention to tacle all these problems !!! 

In fact, at present only one debate has been scheduled, for May 2, 2012 !!!  Is this enough; will they have enough time to cover everything ?        

Sunday, 22 April 2012


The first results of the five major Candidates are as follows:

Hollande (Socialist)                       28,40%

Sarkozy (Centre Right)                 25,50%

Le Pen  (National Front)                20,00%

Melenchon (Left Front)                  11,70%

Bayrou (Centrist)                              8,50%

The first observation one must make is that the number of voters 80% in this Presidential Election is higher than all predictions.  This is particularly striking because families with school children have a habit of going on holiday at this time of the year.  But this also reflects the anxiety all over France where the unemployed represent about 10% of the working population.

In France itself the next milestone for the President is to call a General Election before June 10, 2012.  The result will reveal if he has a working Majority or if he has to work with a "hung parliament".

Other problems in France concern uncontrolled EU migration and  immigration, the National Debt of 1.5 trillion Euros and Asian imports.

The EU, the "EUROZONE" and the EURO, are all problems for France and its electors.  Whatever solution is finally adopted it will cost money and the taxpayers will have to pay !!!  The EUROZONE treaty has not yet been adopted.  I believe a draft is ready.

Will the Franco - German bridgehead still continue ?  Chancellor Merkel has elections coming up next year !!! President Sarkozy may replaced by President Hollande !!! 

The discussions between Hollande and Sarkozy during the run-off debates during the next two weeks will certainly cover all the points highlighted above and many others.  However there is one question which both candidates must clearly answer.  Will they introduce the  legislation necessary which would permit a limited amount proportional representation of small Parties in the National Assembly ?  

Both candidates, Hollande and Sarkozy, have at different times promised to do this.   If they want to benefit from the electors of Melenchon, Le Pen and perhaps Bayrou, it will mean modifying the Constitution.  Likewise the secrecy, or non-publication of the names of Mayors who have "Sponsored" Presidential Candidates !!!  These are two undemocratic problems in France at Present !!!



No comments of a political nature are permitted in France to-day while polling booths are open to allow voters to elect the next President of France for a mandate of  5 Years.  

Polls close at 20,00 hours and then on television the first serious estimates will be made public of the expected final result, based on exit polls and other methods.

This blog will also publish comments on the immediate political future inside France at 20,01 hours French time, as well as the effect that the results could have on French relations in the EU and "EUROZONE".  

Saturday, 21 April 2012


I watched Murray lose against Berdych but I think that was because he played like a base-line slogger !!!  I realize that hard courts are perhaps not his favourite surface.  Nonetheless, as a seasoned professional, the World N° 4 must look at how his old friend Djokovitch adapts to new challenges !!!

Murray has all the shots but lacks surprise techniques, like going up to the net in the case of Berdych.  Another problem he has, in my opinion and in simple English, is that he suffers from "butterflies in the belly" !!!  He does something perfectly then ruins the effect by losing the next game or two for no evident reason !!!  It happens too often.

To put it another way, he lacks the "killer"instinct !!!

Andy, the whole of Britain watches you and suffers with you !!!  Think it over, you have a good coach so why not talk to him about this ?

Friday, 20 April 2012


There are four candidates who have a reasonable chance to reach the next round of the French Presidential Election this Sunday, 22 April 2012 !!!

The two favorites are obviously the official Socialist Candidate, François Hollande, who has led Opinion Polls from the start and the outgoing President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

In fact the next real question is could Marine Le Pen, Leader of the Extreme Right (National Front), pip Sarkozy to the second spot in the voting this Sunday ? 

Alternatively, could Melenchon, leader of the Extreme Left, get the second spot ?  This seems very unlikely, but who knows what horse trading is going on behind the scenes among the smaller candidates ? 

The last, big, unkown factor is whether "Opinion Poll non-voters" (or abstainers), will finally decide to vote or not ? Will they vote left, or right ?  They are estimated to be 25% of the electorate !!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


It was a small candidate, who alas, has no hope this year, of making a big impression on how  electors will vote on Sunday, who ripped into all that is wrong in the EU and other internal problems in France.  He laid bare the problems and proposed the evident solutions for which he will probably never be credited !!!

The Candidate is NICOLAS DUPONT-AIGNON, who has created his Party with the name "DEBOUT LA REPUBLIQUE" (STAND-UP THE REPUBLIC).  Before his hour long, fluent speech yesterday he was credited with about 1% of the votes.  He has a future, and his time may come in 5 years time !!!

The two leading candidates have, I would say, agreed not to reveal to the French electorate the consequences of current problems in Europe.  The consequences would, in my opinion, totally destroy all that either candidate has promised to the electorate if he wins !!!  Both candidates have sidelined all discussions of the EU problems.

Something else which has not been explained is that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who was more than ready to help Sarkozy in his re-election campaign, suddenly disappeared  from TV screens with no explanation !!!  Have they had a rift ? 

One could say that the French Presidential Election should only cover French affairs ?  Alas this is not true.  The Cost of supporting the EURO, the Cost of uncontrolled Immigration, etc, will hit everyone resident in France in the Pocket !!! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Opinion Polls, as of to-day - 17 April,  still indicate that Hollande leads by a "short head" from Sarkozy in the first vote next Sunday.  However, the same polls give Hollande a winning lead of about 10% in the second round run-off against Sarkozy on Sunday May 6, 2012 !!!

In the past, polls at this stage have been only too often wide of the mark, not to say "wrong".  The phrase CMA (Cover My Anticipations) springs to mind !!!  No one wants to put his neck out now, so early !!!

The two leading candidates are each credited with 27% of the votes in the latest polls.  The two leading challengers maintain the pressure with Marine Le Pen on 16% and Jean-Luc Melenchon on 15%. If either of the leading candidates makes a "serious error" in his next speeches, this could still let in one of the "challengers" in the vote this coming Sunday !!!

Everyone in France is closely following the debates, as are many politicians in other EU countries, particularly those in the "EUROZONE".   

Monday, 16 April 2012


This week will see frantic attempts by the four leading  candidates, to hammer home to electors their policies in order to attain the next round of the Presidential race !!!

François Hollande has been surfing on a comfortable lead against the outgoing President for the last few weeks.  Can he maintain this lead ?  His "big" meeting yesterday in front of 100 000 supporters just outside Paris, was not really that of a showman.  He did not inspire "new" hope because he did not pepper his speech with "new" ideas.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, who represents the extreme left, Saturday in Marseilles, put on a real show particularly when one knows that he has already amassed many left wing "floating" voters with his extreme left promises.  He in fact hopes to be able to negotiate favourably with  Hollande for future political favours if either of them is first or second next Sunday.

Outgoing President Sarkozy put on a spectacular "show" when he adressed 100 000 spectators on the "Place Concorde" in the center of Paris yesterday.  He admitted that he had not met all the promises he had made 5 years ago as Candidate, but he promised some of them again.  He again spoke of the Past World Events which obliged him to change his program, but he never spoke of the problems awaiting France in the immediate future.  In one word these problems all concern the EURO !!! 

Marine Le Pen, the Extreme Right candidate of the National Front is very sensitive of the fact that Sarkozy is overtly "stealing" some of the National Front ideas, particularly with respect to immigration not to speak of migration in the EU, and simply the EU itself.  Marine Le Pen is also hoping to spring a surprise in spite of the Opinion Polls because just like 5 years ago, Sarkozy is again wooing her electors but not having delivered on his promises since, they may not want to be duped for a second time !!! 

The coming few days will be turbulent.  Opinion Polls will try to gage the temperature.  This Blog will follow things closely !!!         

Friday, 13 April 2012


Once again, on television last night, Sarkozy spoke only of what he had achieved by saving the EURO and avoiding a disaster for France during the recent World Financial Crisis.  This sums up his own verdict on his first term of five years in office !!!

Sarkozy seeks a second term of five years in office but  without explaining the details of the heritage he will leave to the next President !!!

He never referred to the "EUROZONE" or the treaty which has, or is being, drafted !!!  He only spoke of Greece which has been rescued !!!  He only referred to Spain which is introducing severe economic measures to stave off bankruptcy.  And Italy ?

"Why" has Angela Merkel not backed him in his re-election drive as she promised ?  

Does he not know that problems await the "Eurozone" and France ?  Why does he not talk about the future of France and its electors, its taxpayers ?

Something must "give" soon !!! 
A General Election of all Parliamentary Deputies will take place on June 10, 2012 !!!   Sarkozy could then find himself without a majority in the French Parliament !!!


Thursday, 12 April 2012


The outgoing President Sarkozy has chosen not to comment on the "Eurozone" problems in his re-election speeches !!!  However other Candidates are now asking  questions on this subject.

Will Sarkozy now finally admit that there are real problems in the "EUROZONE" ?  The real question is how does he think that these problems can be resolved without "pain" ?  Will there be more taxes ?  Or, who will foot the pain of the costs ?

The very recent problems announced by Spain and Italy make Greece look like they have "come lucky" at the right time !!!

Another "incident" troubles voters.  Angela Markel was expected to participate in the French Elections in support of Sarkozy !!!  Why was her "help" cancelled and by whom ?  Is she no longer so keen on French ideas about the EUROZONE solution ?

This evening the whole of France will be glued to the TV screen to see how SARKOZY explains this problem, - if in fact he chooses to explain anything !!! Sooner or later he must "come clean" on his solutions, he must explain !!! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The principle which seems to guide appeals against referee decisions in football matches is sometimes difficult to comprehend and to explain !!!

The basic principle "seems" to be that if the referee has seen the incident he is deemed to have made a decision, whether this has stopped play or not. 

If the referee has not seen an incident (because he was unsighted or it happened behind his back) then punishment could be meted out after a game by the Football Association of the clubs involved. 

Queens Park Rangers lost their appeal because the referee "saw" the incident, decided that Ashley Young of Manchester United was "not offside", that Shaun Derry of QPR "pushed Young to the ground" and that "Young did not dive into the penalty area" !!!  This justified the red card for Derry (and his suspension for one match), and the subsequent Penalty, which Rooney converted !!!

To think that FIFA are still scratching around with the aim of testing and introducing "Goaline Technology" !!!  Only Video Replays could have brought justice to the incident in the MU vs QPR match.  The QPR manager, Mark Hughes said as much four years ago, that Video Replays should be introduced !!!   The final irony is that he was a star Man. United player in his heydays !!! 

FIFA did nothing wrong !!!  They have delegated this problem to the English FA who are emprisoned and bound by FIFA laws. FIFA ON THE OTHER HAND REMAIN A BUNCH OF ANGELS ABOVE ANY LAW !!!

When will Blatter "GO" ? When will he retire and give a chance to others to modernize this wonderfull "Game of Football" ? WHEN, WHEN Mr Blatter, name the date if you dare !!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The appeal by QPR against the red card and the sending off of their captain Shaun Derry by the referee in the match against Manchester United will be very interesting to follow  !!!  One must hope that Sepp Blatter and FIFA will also closely follow the case !!!

Sir Alex Ferguson has clearly said and admitted that the M.U. player, Ashley Young, was clearly off-side.  Young then, after minimal contact from Derry "fell over" and the referee, Lee Mason not only awarded a Penalty but also showed a red card to Derry, which meant that QPR were reduced to 10 players for the last 75 minutes of the match !!!  

The referee, Lee Mason has certainly been paid his match fee, but there are some QPR players who risk losing their livelyhoods if QPR are relegated this season !!!

It is to be hoped that Sepp Blatter and FIFA will learn from  this Appeal.  All the evidence could come from not "Goal-line technology" pictures but from "Video Replays", which all the television fans saw directly when the incident occurred !!!     

Even if the "red card" is withdrawn on appeal, this will not help QPR, because the "Referee is always right" !!!  QPR lost the match and got no points !!!  The real question is whether Sepp Blatter and his "Goal-line Technology" is acceptable !!!  

Should FIFA not decide now to adopt "Video Replays" that are already so appreciated in Rugby Union ?

Should David Bernstein, the Chairman of the Football Association in Britain, not directly raise these problems with Sepp Blatter and FIFA ?  

Monday, 9 April 2012


All the ten Candidates standing for the Election as President of France will be interviewed by journalists on the French television channel FR2 this week.

There will be no debate among the candidates.  They will be interviewed separately for 20 minutes each.

The following five candidates are scheduled for the  Wednesday evening, 11 April 2012 as from 9 pm French time:  Hollande, Le Pen, Joly, Dupont-Aignan, and Poutou.

On Thursday evening, 12 April 2012 at 9 pm the candidates are Sarkozy, Mélenchon, Bayrou, Arthaud and Cheminade.

The electors will cast their votes on Sunday 22 April 2012.  The two leading candidates will take part in the second vote which is scheduled to take place on Sunday 6 May 2012.


Mr Blatter, AGAIN NO VIDEOS !!!

I did not expect what happened in the match between Manchester United  vs QPR when I criticized Sepp Blatter in my article yesterday !!!

Sepp Blatter only wants "Goaline Technology".  The problem in this match was that there were no Video Replays !!!

OPR were robbed not only because the first infringement was an "offside decision" not given by an experienced  touchline judge; this should have stopped play. In fact the same offside player then fell down (conveniently) in the penalty area and the referee gave not only a penalty but also a red card to the QPR player who was also the captain of his team !!!

Even the Manchester United manager admitted afterwards that an offside decision should have been given !!!

Mr Blatter, Goaline Technology may cover some of the faults lacking in FIFA technology, like the goal in the 1966 final which perhaps Germany scored, but Goaline Technology does not cover the "Hand of God" by Maradonna and certainly not what happened to QPR yesterday !!!  

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Nothing is certain and there are two important problems beneath the surface.

Opinion Polls have been "wild" or unstable but they indicate clearly that there may be more than 30% of electors who will abstain from voting on April 22nd.

The second problem is that not one of the 10 official candidates has seriously evoked and attacked the problem of the "EURO" which Sarkozy has said has been resolved (but at what cost to France ?).  Spain is the next "EURO" problem and has said it needs help soon !!!

The unexpected surprise in these elections has been the Far Left Candidate, Melenchon.  He has managed to reanimate the dormant and dying Communist voters in huge public meetings with the slogan that he wants to ceate a new "6th Republic".  One suspects that he has claimed some of the voters of the traditional Socialist Party which would normally vote for Hollande !!!

The Far Right or National Front Party of Marine Le Pen has perhaps lost her third place in the Polls to Melenchon, but this will only become clear on the day of the voting.  She has changed the style of campaign her father used and has gained in popularity with her persuasive presentations.  Sarkozy has adopted some of her ideas !!!

Hollande needs the Far Left votes to become President and knows that if he is to win the run-off against Sarkozy he will have to negotiate with Melenchon.  The old heavyweights in the Socialist Party will also expect some favours !!!  At present voters wonder whether he has the "stuff and quality" to be a President.  It is a fact that he has never been a Minister in Government.

Sarkozy needs not only the help of Marine Le Pen and the National Front but also the help and votes of Bayrou, a Democrat from the centre of the political Spectrum !!!  Sarkozy has a long experience of Government but his Achilles Heel could be the EURO crisis !!!  This has cost France a lot of money !!!

No general confrontation or debate of Candidates has as yet taken place.  This will be remedied this coming week and will be commented on in this blog as soon as details become available !!! 


Every week in the press one sees forlorn efforts to galvanize FIFA to solve any one of its problems !!!

This week it is the problem of Wigan, facing relegation, in the match against Chelsea. Twice Wigan were "robbed" when officials did not see the incidents.  This had nothing to do with "Goal line technology".  Recently QPR were robbed of a perfectly valid goal (two yards over the goal line) !!! Goal line technology does not yet exist so can you blame FIFA ?

It is clear that Goal line technology has been out of date for a long time as this blog has repeatedly said.  Look at the way the RUGBY UNION has solved its problems !!! 
They use video replays with convincing success.

If Blatter cannot understand, get rid of him now !!! 


Friday, 6 April 2012


Le président Sarkozy vient d' assurer que les pensions de retraite  du régime général seront versées le 1er de chaque mois à compter du 1er juillet prochain...

L'idée n'est pas nouvelle: lors du débat sur la réforme des retraites, à la demande des parlementaires, le gouvernement s'était déjà engagé à étudier la possibilité d'un versement des retraites le 1er de chaque mois et à remettre un rapport sur cette question avant le 1er janvier 2011 !!!  Rapport qui n'a jamais vu le jour..

Le programme du candidat Sarkozy se résumera-t-il au catalogue des promesses non tenues au cours du quinquennat qui s'achève? 



In Syria the slaughter goes on !!!  Turkey is complaining that refugees from Syria are flooding into the country.

Is there no one in the offices of the United Nations during this Easter weekend, and who could act ?  People are being killed with no questions being asked !!!

Even though Russia and China vetoed any military intervention in the internal affairs of Syria could an order not be given to "freeze" any movement in Bank Accounts connected with the Syrian Regime ? 

Do Russia and China cold bloodedly accept what is going on in Syria today, or do they in fact applaud these killings ?


When critics attack from every angle, after just two years of Conservative rule, an analysis is necessary to find out "Why" ?  Whatever the result, changes will be necessary to maintain an equilibrium !!!

For a Briton like me watching from the outside, it seems that there are two forces which want change.  Those which want to leave the EU and those which want more liberal "respect" !!!

Leaving the EU is not, in my opinion, a viable option in the immediate future !!!  It would mean not only leaving the EU but also abandoning the Human Rights Act, to recover in fact the authority of British judges !!!  However, in order to be able to recover the control of UK borders, Identity Cards must be introduced.  This cannot happen overnight !!!

Liberal respect is another important issue !!!  The Coalition with the Liberals must be reappraised.  Liberals  in Parliament, are working against the Government.  With a pro-EU Minister of Justice, Kenneth Clark, who in fact almost "advocates" soft justice, Liberals are buoyed !!! This ties the hands of judges which is not right !!!  Is the answer not to build more prisons to give judges more freedom ? 

Finally, increasing taxes, shifting the burden of the cost of the unemployed on their families, is not an acceptable solution !!!  The Government must build Motorways and Prisons and Nuclear Centers for the future. This would for example, provide work for the unemployed !!! 


Thursday, 5 April 2012


A Greek chemist, named Dimitris Christoulas, committed suicide by shooting himself in the central square of Athens.

The suicide note which he left stated:  "The Government has erased all traces of a very ample pension that I alone paid for over a period of 35 years with no help from the state".

This simple example demonstrates the plight the Greek state is facing at present.

The Greek state has capitulated in the face of the economic measures it is obliged to introduce by the EUROZONE !!!  It seems private pensions are not a problem for the Greek state.  Private pensions are axed !!! Is the same rule applied when considering what to do with garanteed State pensions for state employees dating back to before the year 2000 ?

Have these state pensions also been axed like the private pension of Dimitris Christoulas ?

This same scenario could be awaiting others, in the EUROZONE or even in other EU countries !!!  

The discussion of the EURO crisis seems to be "taboo" among the candidates in the first round of the French Presidential election !!!  No one raises the fears of the electorate of possible consequences.  Why ?  Perhaps few candidates understand the real implications for French citizens of the complex effects of this problem as it is at present !!!    

President Sarkozy will certainly refuse to comment or to enlarge discussions !!!   

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Until the outgoing President, Nicolas Sarkozy, announced his intention to stand for a second term of five years, there were regular meetings almost every week on the EURO crisis with EU partner countries.

Sarkozy then announced that the EURO had been saved and since then there have been no real discussions in the French Presidential Elections of problems still facing the EU and the "Eurozone" which will be created very shortly, i.e. after the Presidential Election and the General Election in France.

Various candidates have raised and identified problems but there has been no serious discussion !!!  What is absolutely clear is that no one really seems to know how all these  problems will be resolved,  some even in 2012 !!!

I have just read a book written in French by Claude Allègre entitled "Peut-on encore sauver l'Europe ?" (Can one still save Europe ?).  This book is simply written and explains clearly the hidden problems and complexities of   solving  them and the EU.   

This Blog has frequently alerted readers to problems not addressed by politicians, to the structural problems of the EU which are "brushed under the carpet" to avoid closer inspection.  This same style pervades the French Presidential discussions.

Will Sarkozy be re-elected or will it perhaps be Hollande ?  How will France be represented in Europe ?  Mme Merkel has finally decided not to speak on Europe and help Sarkozy which means there will be no big speeches on the future of the EU nor the cost of bailing out perhaps Spain and other countries !!!