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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


The Final Results of the first round votes for the French Presidential Election published in this Blog Sunday, a few minutes after the Polling Booths closed,  have generally been confirmed by the subsequent Official Results.  All the details can be found below.

The results are presented by the "expected"  PRO-Holland and PRO-Sarkozy groupings !!!  Negotiations are ongoing with the losing candidates, particularly Bayrou.

PRO - Holland group:
Holland - Socialist            28,63%
Melenchon (Left Front)    11,10  
Joly (greens)                       2,31
                                               sub total    42, 04 %

Bayrou (Democrat) independent            9, 13

PRO - SARKOZY group;

Sarkozy -  Right wing       27,18%
Le Pen (National Front)    17,90
                                               sub total     44,08 %


Dupont Agnant              1, 79%
Poutou                            1, 15
Arthaud                           0, 56 
Cheminade                     0, 25
                                              sub total       3, 75 %

                                      Total total         100, 00 %

What all this means is that Sarkozy, to remain President, must seduce the voters of the National Front, but also a few more !!!  100% of the National Front voters will not accept to vote for Sarkozy, even if Marine Le Pen vigourously incites them to so do !!!

Holland will also fight to increase his slice of the vote, but my gut feeling is that Sarkozy is better at seducing electors with his personality and logic than Hollande !!!  This is probably why Hollande is reticent to expose himself in more than one "face to face" debate against Sarkozy on Television.  (See the last article on this Blog).

We can only wait to see what will happen next !!!