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Thursday, 26 April 2012


The question of the moment is "Has Sarkozy ruined his chances of being re-elected as President of France ?"

The facts are simple.  As in 2007 and this year as well, Sarkozy adopted for his election campaign several propositions which were also the basis for the National Front (NF). 

This year Marine LE PEN replaced her father as the leader of the NF and with her more pursuasive manner increased the NF votes by about 3.4 million !!!  She vowed to prevent President Sarkozy from "stealing" NF votes like he managed to do in 2007.

Marine LE PEN was successful in that she came 3rd with 17.9% of the votes compared with Sarkozy who had 27.2%  It is accepted that he did not get these NF votes in the first round this year.

Sarkozy desparately needs the NF votes to be re-elected. However, in the General Parliamentary Election on 10 and 17 June, will Sarkozy accept to withdraw a UMP candidate in favour of the NF candidate if the NF candidate is better placed to defeat a Socialist candidate?  

The reply to this question, raised by Marine Le Pen, could be decisive and determine whether Sarkozy is re-elected !!!  Up to now it would seem that the answer to this question could be negative.