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Thursday, 5 April 2012


A Greek chemist, named Dimitris Christoulas, committed suicide by shooting himself in the central square of Athens.

The suicide note which he left stated:  "The Government has erased all traces of a very ample pension that I alone paid for over a period of 35 years with no help from the state".

This simple example demonstrates the plight the Greek state is facing at present.

The Greek state has capitulated in the face of the economic measures it is obliged to introduce by the EUROZONE !!!  It seems private pensions are not a problem for the Greek state.  Private pensions are axed !!! Is the same rule applied when considering what to do with garanteed State pensions for state employees dating back to before the year 2000 ?

Have these state pensions also been axed like the private pension of Dimitris Christoulas ?

This same scenario could be awaiting others, in the EUROZONE or even in other EU countries !!!  

The discussion of the EURO crisis seems to be "taboo" among the candidates in the first round of the French Presidential election !!!  No one raises the fears of the electorate of possible consequences.  Why ?  Perhaps few candidates understand the real implications for French citizens of the complex effects of this problem as it is at present !!!    

President Sarkozy will certainly refuse to comment or to enlarge discussions !!!