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Monday, 9 April 2012

Mr Blatter, AGAIN NO VIDEOS !!!

I did not expect what happened in the match between Manchester United  vs QPR when I criticized Sepp Blatter in my article yesterday !!!

Sepp Blatter only wants "Goaline Technology".  The problem in this match was that there were no Video Replays !!!

OPR were robbed not only because the first infringement was an "offside decision" not given by an experienced  touchline judge; this should have stopped play. In fact the same offside player then fell down (conveniently) in the penalty area and the referee gave not only a penalty but also a red card to the QPR player who was also the captain of his team !!!

Even the Manchester United manager admitted afterwards that an offside decision should have been given !!!

Mr Blatter, Goaline Technology may cover some of the faults lacking in FIFA technology, like the goal in the 1966 final which perhaps Germany scored, but Goaline Technology does not cover the "Hand of God" by Maradonna and certainly not what happened to QPR yesterday !!!