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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The appeal by QPR against the red card and the sending off of their captain Shaun Derry by the referee in the match against Manchester United will be very interesting to follow  !!!  One must hope that Sepp Blatter and FIFA will also closely follow the case !!!

Sir Alex Ferguson has clearly said and admitted that the M.U. player, Ashley Young, was clearly off-side.  Young then, after minimal contact from Derry "fell over" and the referee, Lee Mason not only awarded a Penalty but also showed a red card to Derry, which meant that QPR were reduced to 10 players for the last 75 minutes of the match !!!  

The referee, Lee Mason has certainly been paid his match fee, but there are some QPR players who risk losing their livelyhoods if QPR are relegated this season !!!

It is to be hoped that Sepp Blatter and FIFA will learn from  this Appeal.  All the evidence could come from not "Goal-line technology" pictures but from "Video Replays", which all the television fans saw directly when the incident occurred !!!     

Even if the "red card" is withdrawn on appeal, this will not help QPR, because the "Referee is always right" !!!  QPR lost the match and got no points !!!  The real question is whether Sepp Blatter and his "Goal-line Technology" is acceptable !!!  

Should FIFA not decide now to adopt "Video Replays" that are already so appreciated in Rugby Union ?

Should David Bernstein, the Chairman of the Football Association in Britain, not directly raise these problems with Sepp Blatter and FIFA ?