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Friday, 27 April 2012


Does Nicolas Sarkozy seriously imagine, that he could  prevent the Socialist left wing and HOLLANDE from winning the next, final vote, and thus prevent HOLLANDE from coming the next President of France ? 

SARKOZY has made mistakes !!!  He refuses any concession with respect to the "Right Wing" of French politics inspite of repeatedly saying that the "Front National"  has a right to exist  just like the "Front de Gauche", i.e. "the extreme left wing" of Jean-Luc Melenchon !!!   

What holds Sarkozy back ? Is it the historic past of Marine Le Pen's father and his outrageaous language ?  

François Hollande is delighted to accept the unconditional support of votes from the extreme left.  Will he "later" accord favours or "renege" on what the extreme left might expect !!!  If Hollande becomes President he will have all the cards he requires in his hands anyway !!!