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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Opinion Polls, as of to-day - 17 April,  still indicate that Hollande leads by a "short head" from Sarkozy in the first vote next Sunday.  However, the same polls give Hollande a winning lead of about 10% in the second round run-off against Sarkozy on Sunday May 6, 2012 !!!

In the past, polls at this stage have been only too often wide of the mark, not to say "wrong".  The phrase CMA (Cover My Anticipations) springs to mind !!!  No one wants to put his neck out now, so early !!!

The two leading candidates are each credited with 27% of the votes in the latest polls.  The two leading challengers maintain the pressure with Marine Le Pen on 16% and Jean-Luc Melenchon on 15%. If either of the leading candidates makes a "serious error" in his next speeches, this could still let in one of the "challengers" in the vote this coming Sunday !!!

Everyone in France is closely following the debates, as are many politicians in other EU countries, particularly those in the "EUROZONE".