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Thursday, 12 April 2012


The outgoing President Sarkozy has chosen not to comment on the "Eurozone" problems in his re-election speeches !!!  However other Candidates are now asking  questions on this subject.

Will Sarkozy now finally admit that there are real problems in the "EUROZONE" ?  The real question is how does he think that these problems can be resolved without "pain" ?  Will there be more taxes ?  Or, who will foot the pain of the costs ?

The very recent problems announced by Spain and Italy make Greece look like they have "come lucky" at the right time !!!

Another "incident" troubles voters.  Angela Markel was expected to participate in the French Elections in support of Sarkozy !!!  Why was her "help" cancelled and by whom ?  Is she no longer so keen on French ideas about the EUROZONE solution ?

This evening the whole of France will be glued to the TV screen to see how SARKOZY explains this problem, - if in fact he chooses to explain anything !!! Sooner or later he must "come clean" on his solutions, he must explain !!!