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Thursday, 31 May 2012


Who gave Barroso the instruction to further the objective to Controle Banks (in the EU or the EUROZONE), which would have been logically a more normal "job" for the European Central Bank ?.

Is he again "flying a kite" to test reactions ?

This time, if the paucity of information can be
understood, his idea would be to provide financial aid to Banks in the "EU" just like for other reasons in the case of Greece and other countries !!! 

To put it another way, not only countries like Greece would  be "saved" but Banks in Spain and elsewhere also would benefit !!!  But, who picks up the tab, the cost ?

In the present financial circumstances of the EU, is it a credible proposition to undertake ?  

Banks are National, International, and Intercontinental. They do what they want !!! Many have been "saved" whereas their Directors should have been imprisoned for incompetence, for trading while insolvent !!!

To want to control banks is a good idea, but to me it seems that President Barroso needs a lot more time to understand the complications.  He does not have the time before his unelected "appointment" ends !!!