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Tuesday, 22 May 2012


A new political fight has started in France after François Hollande became the new President.  This time it is to elect 577deputies for the National Assembly, i.e. the French Parliament.

There are 6540 candidates which is an average of 11 candidates for each seat (13 last time, five years ago). 

There are two rounds of votes, on June 10 and 17.  Those candidates who obtain 50% + one vote are elected on June 10. Those candidates who obtain less than 12.5% of the votes are eliminated.

After the first round of votes there are often as many as 350 constituencies where more than just two candidates remain.  June 11, is when the "Horse-Trading" starts !!! 

The 2, 3, or 4  major parties will often "bargain" with smaller candidates by promising them favours if they withdraw and urge their electorate to support the major party candidate.  The "carrots", or type of favours, depend on the circumstances !!!

What is really at stake for the main political parties is to obtain a working majority in the new Parliament !!!  Hence the "Horse-Trading" !!! 

The coming days promise to be particularly interesting to watch.  Will the Socialist Party, which supports President Hollande, obtain a comfotable working majority ?  Follow this Blog !!!