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Sunday, 6 May 2012


The basic rule in sport is that the playing field must be level !!!  This applies to all sports !!!  All competitors must, or at least, should be, treated equally !!!

How is it justifiable, to-day, to make Manchester City play their match before Manchester United kick off ?  Is it because both matches "must" gross the maximum income from television ?

There are also relegation battles to-day !!!  The same principle should apply.  No team, at any level, should know before the start or before the end of a game, the score or result, of a direct competitor, at least in football !!!

For example, would it be impossible to revert to the old principles and oblige all teams to play at the same time during, either important end of season matches, or the last three matches of the season ?

If this is not possible, the obvious question is "Has the English Football Association really gone completely money mad ?"