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Thursday, 17 May 2012


Now that the new French President François Hollande has so many more new friends choosing only a few becomes delicate, an art of diplomacy in fact !!!  He has demonstrated however, that he is the boss !!!

Martine Aubry, renowned world-wide for introducing, 15 years ago, the French 35 hour working week to reduce the number of unemployed, wanted the Prime Minister's job, but when this was no longer available, refused any and all alternative "plum jobs" !!!

That Martine was not chosen is not a real surprise.  Not too long ago Martine described Hollande as being a "gutless individual".  In fact, if she had been chosen as Prime Minister, it would have been tantamount to having two "Presidents" !!!

As Prime Minister, Hollande has chosen JEAN-MARC ARYAULT.  They know each other very well.  For many years they have been seated next to each other in the National Parliament. Hollande has found someone on whom he can rely.