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Monday, 11 June 2012


The first round of voting revealed a record number of abstentions, i.e. 42%. 

The Socialists are close to obtaining the majority in the National Assembly without needing the help of smaller traditionally allied parties. This should help the new President, François Hollande, to obtain the majority required for most of his projects.

Next Sunday voting will again take place in all the   constituencies where no candidate obtained more than 50% of the votes.  Frenetic "horse-trading" is now going on to encourage some "small hopers" to withdraw in favour of another candidate.  These withdrawals must be notified officially before 18 PM on Tuesday. 

Ségolène Royal who has the aim of becoming the next Speaker of the French parliament, was parachuted into a "safe" constituency, only to discover that a former Socialist, Olivier Forlorni, who had been expelled from the Party was standing as an independent !!!  Revenge is sweet, he has no intention of withdrawing !!!

François Bayrou, an eternal Centrist on the political scene and in his local constituency, came only third with 23.6% of the votes, due probably because he said "Vote for Holland and not Sarkozy".  Revenge was instant !!! 

Marine Le Pen won her duel with Mélenchon, who purposely chose her constituency after she polled 6 million votes in the Presidential Election and he only polled 4 million.  On June 9, she polled 42% of the votes against 21% for Melenchon who has now withdrawn in favour of the Socialist candidate. 

Finally, Henri Guaino, who so successfully wrote the speeches for Sarkozy, polled only 28% of the votes in his first election as candidate.  It looks likely that he will be elected after a former UMP, now Independent, withdrew after polling 23% of the votes !!!

After the current "Horse-trading" there may be a few other stories soon.