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Wednesday, 6 June 2012


The new EUROZONE crisis is now Spain and the Banks in Spain, which have reported astronomically high losses !!! This has led to Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, wondering whether Banks in Spain should be bailed out in the same way as Greece has been bailed out. 

There may be some good reasons why Countries should be bailed out, but the same principles cannot be adopted automatically for deciding whether Companies or Banks qualify for "Bail-out Help".

There are many different types of Banks.  Basically they all have a commercial objective, which is to make profits for the Shareholders.  The risks they take on behalf of their shareholders lead to a profit or loss;  shareholders suffer the losses and get the profits !!!

Banks can be;
     - Local state owned + controlled
     - Local shareholder owned + controlled
     - Internationally owned + controlled
     - Local with branches abroad
     - Local with specialized activities

In fact there are many types of banks but only those owned and controlled by the state should be considered for "Bail-out aid".  The aid should come from the Government which owns and uses the Bank !!!       

The EUROZONE should have a clear treaty where member countries automatically know how any costs from "Bail-out Aid" to other countries (not directly to banks !!!) will be shared. 

This is not an EU problem, hence it is time that a separate "EUROZONE TREATY" is concluded and adopted !!!