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Friday, 8 June 2012


David Cameron is right !!!  It is much too early to accede to demands for a "referendum" on "EUROPE !!!

The EU, or should one say the "EUROZONE", has got itself into a mess and is now studying all possibilities of how to get out of this mess !!! 

Cameron got it right by using the British "VETO" and thus refusing any future EUROZONE taxes on banking operations !!!  For this the "moth eaten" EU Lisbon Treaty, was still valid !!!

Before inviting British voters to vote on a referendum, "in or out" of the EU, the EUROZONE must get its house in order and propose a EUROZONE Treaty, to be signed by any willing participants, particularly Greece !!!  

Britain is not in the EUROZONE !!!  Britain is in the EU, just like other non-EURO countries.  The EU also has member countries which have the EURO as their currency.  At present this Treaty is called the LISBON TREATY, but it out of date, flawed, incomplete and needs to be completely overhauled !!!

After all that, a British referendum on the "EU" could make sense !!!  But when ?  Not to-morrow !!!  Perhaps after 2013 when Merkel faces re-election ?  Or 2014 when EU MEP's are re-elected or not !!!