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Friday, 31 August 2012


En campagne à Chalons-en-Champagne, le candidat François Hollande avait déclaré: "je reviendrai!"

Voilà au moins une promesse qu'il n' aura pas eu de mal à tenir puisque ce 31 aout, il inaugurait la 66 ème Foire de Chalons-en-Champagne!

Les "60 engagements pour la France" de François Hollande seront ils également respectés ?

 Le discours"en trompe l'oeil" prononcé ce jour aura - t- il contribué à rassurer les français ?



Statistics reveal that immigration has not been limited, even if this is one of the main and many objectives of the Cameron Government !!!  It is also true that he still has three years left on his current mandate, but only if the Liberals play ball !!!

In reality, even if the ultimate solution is to leave the EU, or to refuse unexpected "visitors or immigrants", Britain must be ready at all ports of entry to controle any visitor by issuing a temporary "visa" if necessary !!!

All this takes time and patience.  Problems will surface but these must ultimately be solved, now in fact !!!

No action now, Mr Cameron, will destroy any attempt to close the doors of Britain when finally you, or your successor, decides that this is the only way to stop excessive immigration into Britain !!!


Thursday, 30 August 2012


Suddenly things are coming to a head in the "EUROZONE" !!!  Merkel wants to save the EURO and her favourite candidate, Draghi, has been installed as head of the ECB (European Central Bank).

It is my personal opinion that we have already seen the next scenario in this "tragedy" before !!!   Greece obtained "aid" more than once because Barroso, a former Portuguese Prime Minister, then as at present, was the President of the European Commission, and was more than convinced that the EU must save the EURO !!!  Shortly afterwards Portugal obtained "aid" !!!

Now Mario Draghi, an Italian has been installed as the President of the ECB (European Central Bank) of the "EU" to cover the defence of the "EURO" of the Eurozone which is being created !!!  Is there not a conflict of interests in his responsibilities ?  Italy has serious financial problems !!!

The problems are such that "Super" Mario, surnamed Monti, the Italian Prime Minister has asked for help from Angela Merkel to protect Italy from exhorbitant interest rates on financial markets !!! 

The situation is urgent and alarming !!!  Spain at present also needs much more help compared with their original request and subsequent "aid" !!!

Can anyone not understand that Germans are becoming worried about the future of the EURO ?  They urgently want to "turn off the tap" to save the EURO !!!  Merkel, on the other hand, knows full well that next year she faces elections and perhaps her "coalition" will not be able to sustain and support her efforts as at present !!!




Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The Norwegians are quite happy with the fact that Anders BREIVIK has been jailed for the maximum amount of time, 21 years, permissible by their law !!!  The very fact that he slaughtered indiscriminately, at random, 77 young people is covered by this sentence !!!

The death penalty has been abolished in Norway, but, and this is important, Breivik cannot appeal for early release before a period of 10 years !!! 

If ever he makes any appeal he will be assessed "psychologically" and this report will be submitted to the same court !!!

Even if he has served his 21 years in Prison, if then he is considered to be "unsound of mind" he will not be released !!!  This is why the Norwegians are happy with the sentence he has received !!!  They are of the opinion that he will never be let out again !!!

Abolishing the Death Penalty to protect Human Rights is laudable, except when a prison sentence does not protect the Community !!!

The Norwegians seem to have got it right !!!  Other countries would do well to follow their example !!!


Sunday, 26 August 2012


Some readers of this Blog have asked what is the real meaning of "Politic Politics" and why we chose this name for this Blog.  Here therefore, is the explanation. 

The word "Politic" is an adjective and in the Collins English Dictionary there are several definitions, among which are the following;

      - artful, shrewd, ingenious
      - crafty, unscrupulous, cunning
      - wise, prudent

The word "Politics" is a noun and decribes the art and science of government.  "Politics" also entails explaining the objectives of policies being undertaken.

Sometimes explanations by politicians are "shrewd, crafty or prudent", because it is what they do not say which would be more revealing, of their real intentions or  those of the Government !!!

For all these reasons the "Objectives" of this Blog have been officially published as being as follows:

"Pertinent comments on current news items, politics and sport, particularly when half truths are presented and the whole truth is obscured".



Friday, 24 August 2012


The tragic death of Tony Nicklinson at the age of 58 was reported by the entire British Press yesterday.  He finally died a week after three judges refused his request to die by assisted euthanasia because it is against the law in Britain.

In his youth Mr Nicklinson was a Rugby player but after a stroke in 2005 he was paralysed from the neck down and in much pain. 

The judges said in their summing-up that their hands were tied because Euthanasia in Britain is against the law. Any person aiding or abetting can be accused of murder.  The question can only be resolved by an Act of  Parliament.

But politicians are very reluctant to legislate on this question fearing that they could lose the confidence of some of their electors !!!  The question of Euthanasia in Britain is raised at regular intervals, even in this Blog, but to no avail.  People like Tony Nicklinson are condemned to a life of indignity and suffering !!!

That political leaders like David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband cannot come to an agreement to have a non-political party debate in the House of Commons which could ultimately lead to a change in the law, is incredible !!!  If every MP could vote in accordance with his own conscience without a "Political Whip" behind him, a correct law could be drafted in record time !!!

The Coroner also played his part.  He said there would be no Inquest !!!  It is to be supposed therefore, that Tony Nicklinson did not intentionally commit suicide by refusing to eat food, because the Law did not provide him with another option to end his misery !!!

One can die with Dignity in Switzerland but not in Britain !!!  This is well known.  Will a brave MP try to push through a Private Member's Bill on EUTHANASIA ? It can only be hoped that Tony Nicklinson's brave example will not be forgotten !!!




Wednesday, 22 August 2012


When one searches the Web it is almost impossible to find a reply to the two major questions which are;

    (1) Do MPs and MEPs make annual tax declarations of their earnings and of their deductible expenses ?

   (2)  Where can these declarations be consulted ?

Every time any questions are raised there is a complete black-out and no real information becomes available !!!  It gives the impression that all MPs would vote in block against any attempt to change the "System" !!! 

It would seem that the rules which are applied to normal taxpayers are not the same as those which govern MPs and MEPs and their obligation to make declarations.  Has the public no right to scrutinize these declarations ?

Yet, every now and then, someone is caught out !!!  The Scandal hits the Headlines !!!  However, are there not many others ?   What are the rules, where are they set out for the public to consult ?  Which Civil Servant, which Minister, is acknowleged as being responsible to check declarations ?


Tuesday, 21 August 2012


The stunning performances by British Olympic athletes should be recognised and remembered forever !!!  The same goes for those who have improved World Records or who have become World Champions.

Knighthoods bestowed by the Queen should be reserved for exceptional cases so that this Honour is not devalued.

What would seem to be required is something like "MofS" (Master of Sport) to be put behind the name of the person, like BSC, BA, LLB in the case of university Graduates. This "Honour" would last a lifetime, long after the achievement which was recognized.

Of course there must be a limitation of how this Honour could be obtained !!!  Being the World Champion at tiddlywinks or having played football for England once only, should not be recognized !!!  Discretion is required !!!

The recognition of Sportsmen and women could usefully become the duty of the Minister for Sport, as opposed to a faceless civil servant.



Angela Merkel was quick to nominate Mario Draghi to become the new Head of the Central European Bank (CEB) in the place of Jean Claude Trichet !!! 

However, he can only become efficient when his real functions are defined !!!  Does he have the responsibility of supervising the monetary policy of only the "EUROZONE" or of the whole of the EU ?

Bearing in mind that the EUROZONE is at present facing a "tempest", to be more precise the anticipated requests to shore up the financial conditions of Spain, Greece and probably Italy, does Angela Merkel expect him to be the "saviour" of the EURO and Germany, which with France  greatly finances these "temporary financial aids" !!!

Should the functions of the CEB not take into account that acting for the EUROZONE alone means there is a "conflict of interests" with respect to non-EURO currencies and in particular the Pound Sterling ?  

When MARIO DRAGHI decides what MUST be done for the EURO, would this also be favourable for the Pound Sterling and other smaller EU currencies ?

The Treaty of Lisbon does not explain what is expected of Mario Draghi, and likewise the functions of a Central European Bank.  The existence of a Eurozone and the rights of non-Eurozone countries is not addressed !!! 

It is a certainty that Britain will use its Veto when it gets a chance to vote !!! 


Sunday, 19 August 2012


History could retain this coming week as the crucial moment in the life of the EURO !!!

There are many reasons for this.  First of all, Angela Merkel and François Hollande will meet this week in Berlin for two main reasons;
   -  to discuss the urgent request by Greece for more favourable repayment terms for its debts and perhaps another loan.
   -  to consider any modifications to the "Treaty of the EURO area Monetary Union". 

This treaty is planned to enter into force on 1 January 2013 if twelve Countries, which have the EURO as their currency, have ratified the Treaty.

Ratification of this proposed Treaty is not as evident as might be hoped !!!   If Greece does not get what it wants, it will probably readopt the Drachma and all its EURO debts will be devalued by at least 50%, just like in normal devaluations or company Bankruptcies !!!

Spain and Italy are two large countries on the verge of requesting financial aid.  Will France be prepared to help ?  Will Merkel get the green light to carry on with more bail-outs ?  She faces General Elections in Germany next year !!!  She has already lost her henchman, Nicolas Sarkozy, but will she now be able to rely on his successor, François Hollande ?  This is not yet at all clear !!!

Finally there are two other countries which have already received aid:  Ireland and Portugal.  Will they sign up to the proposed Treaty without questions ?  The Treaty states that 12 members of the EUROZONE must ratify the Treaty for it to enter into force !!! 

It is early yet to speculate.  However, it seems the Monetary Market, Banks in fact, are not very keen to lend Euros to each other !!!  Not to have EURO monetary assets appears to be sound management !!!


Saturday, 18 August 2012


Is it not incredible, that a country like Ecuador wants to harbour an accused in the face of political forces like the USA and also Great Britain ?  What on earth does Ecuador expect to win ?

Ecuador gives Julian Assange, the WIKILEAKS founder, asylum from accusations of sexual assault in Sweden, when there are also questions he needs to answer in the USA !!!

The Ecuadorian Ambassadrice who ensures the safe conduct of Assange, has many questions to answer but few options !!!  Does she really imagine that Assange could be hidden in a Diplomatic Bag to escape from Britain ?

If Assange is innocent, what has he done to be so fearful of the World ?  Did he really explain everything to the Ecuadorian Ambassadrice, Anna Alban ?  Or was she too dumb to understand what was being asked of her ?


Friday, 17 August 2012


If ever there is a subject which politicians at all levels refuse to adress, it is the question of "EUTHANASIA RIGHTS OR NOT".

No British politicican, or French politician or even EU Politician, wants to further the rights of a person who wants to die because he has suffered enough !!!

The crunch question really is "WHY DO POLITICIANS AVOID THIS DEBATE ?" The answer is really quite simple !!! This is a real, prickly problem which represents a hazzard if and when politicians seek a re-election !!!

What are these hazzards ?

   - In Britain, simply said, it is the devide between Protestants and Catholics !!!

   - In Europe, the problem is ROME,  the Pope and his Preachers, who in fact are not always agreed amongst themselves !!!

   - In the EU what politician wants to sour his electorate ? 

In reality, is this inertia by politicians acceptable ? It is not a Legal Problem !!!   It is a question of whether a person has any HUMAN RIGHTS when he wants to die !!!   If a law is drafted, any reasonable judge in Britain or Europe would know how to interpred the intentions of a person who wants to end his life.

Is there really no authority in EUROPE, and there are many, which would dare to sponsor this cause ?   What stops them, what in fact stops the European Court of Human Rights to act ?


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Once again in the British Press there is the story of the immigrant family which sought and obtained political assylum in Britain !!!

Not only that, but also the right to claim benefits and to live in a spacious house well beyond the means of ordinary British Citizens and Taxpayers !!!

In addition, during the 12 years that this family has been living on nothing more than benefits and crime, (a son is in prison !) the mother has obtained British citizenship !!!

Is it not time that the Minister of Justice, namely Kenneth Clark, intervened and introduced conditions when passports or residency is accorded to an immigrant, for political reasons or otherwise !!!

Should immigrants not toe the line ?  Should they not be clearly made to understand that if they do not "behave" they will be "kicked out" because they have infringed the Human Rights of other British Citizens !!!

If Kenneth Clark does not want to act, will he explain to the British Public and taxpayers the reasons why and what stops him ? 



Tuesday, 14 August 2012


It is now 100 days since François Hollande was elected President of France for a period of five years.  Politicians and Journalists are already comparing what he has achieved compared with the promises he made during his election campaign.

Foreign Affairs:

On the Foreign Affairs front François Hollande first of all had a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel to inform her that the policies which she had hatched with President Nicolas Sarkozy were too expensive for France. She went into her shell but warmly greeted the idea when Hollande announced that what France wanted to add to the European Stability Pact was an EU policy aim of Expansion !!! 

François Hollande then went to meet President Obama to announce that France would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan at the end of 2012 as promised during his election campaign !!!  Hollande has since reduced his plans and will only recall front-line troops. 

Home Affairs:

These can be divided into two main categories:
   -  Private,
   -  Official.

Private Affairs.
    A comical scandal enveloped François Hollande when his second "companion" "tweeted" her support for the candidate opposing his first  "companion", namely Segolene Royal who is the mother of his four children. This became a spectacle and a giggle !!!  Segolene needed to be elected in order to achieve her last political aim, which was to become the Speaker in the National Assembly !!!  The "tweet" by Varerie Trierweiler panned all the hopes that Segolene had !!! 

Hollande, the sage politician, said his private affairs or problems would be solved by him and by no one else !!! End of this story !!! 

Official Affairs.
    Hollande ruthlessly attacked Sarkozy on the election promises he made but did not keep.  Now it is the turn of the beaten UMP party to attack Hollande !!!  Journalists also have a detailed list of the many promises, and only a few have been ticked off !!!

He promised to tax the rich.  This has been done, but probably only in part.  The impression is that Hollande is creating more poor people without enriching anyone with the proceeds !!!

Like Sarkozy, who was faced with serious Banking Problems shortly after his election, Hollande also feels the effect of the General Worldwide depression. He still has time to implement his promises.

However, there is a general habit in France to set up a Special Committee when something which is expected, cannot yet be delivered !!!   The result is that there are now several Special Committees !!! 

After its defeat at the Elections, the Opposition is coming alive !!!  Would-be future Presidential Candidates are positioning themselves.  The Party Conferences in the Autumn promise to be lively !!! 


Sunday, 12 August 2012


According to a report in the French sports newspaper "L'Equipe" NBC reporters were banned from their usual ringside seats next to the referees, at the Olympic Boxing bouts. 

It seems quite normal to me that reporters should not be "sitting next to judges", whether they are NBC reporters or journalists from any other organisation, whether they have paid for their seats or not !!!  The reason given for the Ban was that NBC journalists were trying to influence the judges !!!

It appears that NBC has appealed to the AIBA about this decision !!!  Would it not be better to employ reporters who do not need the help of judges or referees ?

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Lorsque l'on veut enterrer un problème, on crée une Commission ou un Comité..." Des comités Théodule, Gustave ou Hyppolyte " que raillait déjà le Général de Gaulle (cf discours à Orange le 25 septembre 1963)...

Or depuis l'élection du Président Hollande, on assiste à une prolifération de Commissions!  Plus d'une dizaine annoncées en trois mois!  Par exemple Commission sur le Livre Blanc (en vue d'une nouvelle loi de programmation militaire 2014-2018), Commission sur la Moralisation de la Vie Politique, Commission de Concertation sur l'Education, Mission de réflexion sur la fin de vie, Conférence environnementale, etc...

La dernière en date:  une mission sur la transparence des prix du carburant annoncée par Pierre Moscovici, ministre des finances, dans une interview publiée ce 9 août par le quotidien Nice-Matin.  Cela suffira-t-il pour répondre à l'impatience des français qui constatent que les prix de l'essence s'envolent à nouveau ? Le candidat Hollande s'était pourtant engagé à bloquer temporairement les prix du carburant...
"Refléchir au lieu d'agir", risque de devenir la nouvelle devise de ce gouvernement !!!



Although UNO and all its high powered Representatives have failed to achieve any restraining power on Bashar al - Assad to limit his ruthless carnage, bloodshed and Acts of Genocide in Syria, something could still be done !!!

Russia and China have blocked every effort with their "VETOES".  As Kofi Anan said a few days ago, he was not backed by the Security Council !!!  For this reason he resigned from his mission concerning the Syrian crisis.

There is still a democratic method which remains to isolate BASHAR al - Assad !!!  Could the USA and Great Britain (President OBAMA and Prime Minister David CAMERON) not invite all "right minded" member countries of UNO to sign a petition stating that BASHAR al - Assad and his "entourage" would be Personae non grata in their countries !!! 

This would demonstrate to Russia and China and to BASHAR al Assad what the world thinks of his barbarous actions and also what he can expect if he and his family are caught in any country having signed the Petition !!!

BASHAR al - Assad would then also realize how small his world has become !!! 


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Dictators are deposed but who controls the disposition of their ill-gotten gains afterwards, in particular their bank accounts ?

Press reports speculate on the supposed Millions which these Dictators have "amassed" during their inglorious years of rule but never are there reports of how and by whom the riches of the Dictators have been "redistributed" !!!

This Blog published an article on 25 February 2011 entitled "Dictators Bank Accounts Blocked in Switzerland", but never since has there been a report in the International Press to explain how these accounts were liquidated and on the authorization of whom or which independent authority !!!

Which international organization should oversee situations like these ?

    1)  UNO, via its Secretary BAN Ki moon ?  
    2)  The World Bank, via  its President Jim Yong Kim ? 
    3)  The FMI? via its General Manager Christine Lagarde ? 
    4)  Other international organizations ?

It would be interesting to know how much money is still  unclaimed in Dictators accounts, wherever they are !!!  Switzerland is not the only "tax haven" in the world and compliant banks can be found everywhere !!!

Finally, would it not be correct if UNO (or another high profile international organization) was designated to automatically put into place an organizational responsibility ? Should UNO not supervise and coordinate all action on matters like this, by other organizations or contracted individuals ?  

Something is better than nothing !!!  At present it would seem the world has nothing on this subject !!!


Saturday, 4 August 2012


Kofi Annan the UN envoy, given the mission to stop the bloodshed by President Assad of Syria who is systematically exterminating all political opposition, has resigned !!!  He said he resigned due to a lack of unity in the "Security Council" of the United Nations !!!

The "lack of unity" is a reference to the use of their vetoes by both Russia and China to prevent any direct  intervention by UNO troops !!!

Kofi Annan, an experienced former Secretary of the United Nations, knows full well that the present "stale mate" of UN diplomatic influence is the result of the current voting structure which means only a few important countries have the "VETO" !!!

This voting structure is not Democratic !!!  Is the aim of the United Nations Organisation not to ensure Democracy and to stamp out extreme acts of bloodshed like the carnage in Syria by a despot ?

Is this not the real mission which the actual Secretary of UNO, Ban Ki - moon, should undertake ?  Should he not review the voting structure of the UNO ?

Should all country members of UNO not be equal and have the VETO but only to avoid outside interference in the internal affairs of their own country ?  Should all important decisions thereafter, not require an important majority (80%) to enable UNO to act and so avoid situations like the genocide in Syria reported every day in news bulletins all over the world ? 

Then UNO would then regain a certain respect, which Kofi Annan knows no longer exists at present !!!     


Thursday, 2 August 2012


Dans ses "60 engagements pour La France" le candidat Hollande avait annoncé le doublement des plafonds des versements sur le livret A et sur le livret de développement durable (LDD), les portant ainsi respectivement à 32 000 et 12 000 euros (engagements n°12 et n° 22) ; ceci afin  de financer les PME et les entreprises innovantes et de permettre la construction de 2,5 millions de logements au cours du quinquennat...

Cette mesure devait intervenir par décret dans les premières semaines du quinquennat. Elle était très attendue par tous les petits épargnants puisque les revenus de cette épargne sont exonérés d'impôts et de prélèvements sociaux.

Las! 12 semaines après l'élection présidentielle et la constitution du nouveau gouvernement, le décret se fait toujours attendre.
Par contre, Pierre Moscovici, ministre des Finances, a annoncé début juillet que le doublement du plafond du livret A sera mis en place "avec le rythme nécessaire"...

Encore une "habile" manière de se dérober et de rester dans le flou Hollandien ?



President Putin used the Russian Veto to oppose any legal intervenvention by UNO in Syria, where its President, Bashar al-Assad,  is carrying out a mass murder campagne against all opponents of his administration !!!

The same Putin hard-line is also evident in Russia where dissidents or critics of his regime in Russia are facing long terms of imprisonment if they are found guilty of "irreverance" towards the President or the State !!!

No politician finds it easy to be faced with criticism !!!  This is the same for private citizens all over the world.  However, private citizens are not, by law, allowed to kill or imprison their critics !!!

Are there not any responsible Leaders or other Politicians who are elected to protect the interests of their people, capable of using joint pressure to stop even "genocide" ? 

The United Nations Organisation (UNO) for many years has proved itself incapable of finding timely solutions !!!  Will it ever change its ways ?



Increasingly one sees Banks offering banking services but also "insurance" services.  The real question is "when do banking services end" and "when do insurance services start and end" ?

Are Banks just "agents" ?  Are they "really just agents", but in a very priviliged position with their clients (for a loan, for example) ?

In fact, Insurance Companies cover losses, and on mamoth levels sometimes !!!  They also have official agents who secure contracts on a commission basis.  This is well known.  Do Banks act in the same way as independent insurance agents ?

If Banks do not want to "lend" who can force them ?  If Banks are prepared to lend, who controls the cost of the insurance cover ?  The Banks ?  Why ?

There was a time when Banking and Insurance activities were quite separate.  If any Government wants to motivate private investment,  Banks must be obliged to renounce their role as "insurance agents". 

It is incredible that the Profession of Insurance Companies has not provoked an official review of their practices !!!  Or has everyone, Bankers and Insurance Companies, a comfortable slice of the profits by doing nothing ?