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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


This Blog wishes a

                    Very Happy New Year

to its readers but also to the "victims" of its articles  !

It is always easy to criticise but we respect the people who strive to make our world a better place to live in !  We try to be constructive with our remarks but we do not try to destroy well intentioned public actors !



Bonne Année à chacun et un grand merci pour l'attention croissante que vous avez portée à ce blog tout au long de ces derniers mois.

Merci également à tous les acteurs de la vie politique qui, parfois involontairement, nous ont permis d'alimenter ce blog  !!!

L'année 2015 sera encore riche en événements que nous suivrons ici ensemble ! 

Et surtout, n'hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos réactions ! 



Since end September 2014,  Hong Kong citizens have peacefully opposed the totalitarian Republic of China, because it wants to impose trained Communist Party members as candidates for the post of Chief Executive in the elections in 2017. 

China has now sent in an army of bullies to disturb and forcibly disband the peaceful protesters.   Another slaughter, like the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, can be expected ! 

This intention is contrary to the Treaty signed in 1997 by which Britain gave Hong Kong back to China.  It flouts the basic rule which was that China would be "one country with two political systems" for the next 50 years ! 

What will or can the UN do besides just talk ?  Can it change the Security Council rules on voting ?  There are two totalitarian countries in the Security Council, China and Russia, each with a Veto.  This they use to stop any proposed UNO resolution which might hinder them to do what they really want to do !

The only alternative seems to be to enforce hefty Sanctions against China.   Britain must take the lead and ask its allies in the EU, in the Commonwealth and in the USA to help !


Tuesday, 30 December 2014


On Monday December 22, 2014 the 15 members of the Security Council of UNO voted on whether they should discuss the UNO report on the serious abuses of Human Rights in North Korea.  There were 11 votes in favour, 2 abstentions and 2 votes against (by Russia and China).  Discussions of the Report started immediately.

Russia and China both have a right to veto resolutions in the Security Council but cannot prevent discussions !  They are both, like North Korea, Totalitarian Countries. 

In 2012 Russia and China both voted against a resolution to send a United Nations force into Syria because of suspected violations of Human Rights by Bachar al-Assad. Their argument then was that UNO should not interfere in the Internal Affairs of Syria !  The fact that Russia had (and still has) a small fleet anchored offshore in Syrian waters, was immaterial !

When vetoes were first introduced, the idea was to facilitate the task of the Great Powers to maintain Peace after the end of the Second World War in 1945.  Alas, 70 years later the vetoes are used for entirely different objectives, not to protect world security, but to enhance and protect political aims.

The result now is that the UN organisation has lost the powers it had to pass meaningful resolutions in its Assembly to correct known infringements of, for example, basic Human Rights Principles !         

At present Russia is vehemently denying that it is interfering in the affairs of Ukraine despite all the evidence widely available !  The Peoples Republic of China became a Member of the Security Council in 1971 and since then has used its veto rights many times.  It too flouts basic Human Rights Principles !   

What can the United Nations do ?  What can the Security Council do ?  Any one of the 5 Five Countries with a Veto can stop everything at any time !

It is clear that a new definition of the right to Veto is required.   In good English one says that at present "the tail is wagging the dog" !  This must be changed ! 

The United Nations Organisation needs the means to be a respected policeman in this world !




Monday, 29 December 2014


In the Greek Parliament today, the Coalition Government's candidate for the Presidency did not obtain the required number of votes.  Antonis Samaras, the Prime Minister therefore proposed an early General Election, which could even be held as early as January 25, 2015 !  

Syriza is the biggest party of the radical left Coalition and its leader, 40 year old Alexis Tsipras, has clearly stated that he wants a renegotiation of the loans Greece has obtained from the EUROZONE.  To be quite clear, he wants a reduction of the debt, because Greece cannot afford to repay it on present conditions !

He has, in recent months, proposed other radical policy changes to improve the conditions of the poorest people in Greece.  Just how far he will go if, as expected, he and the Radical Left win the Election, is less clear. 

The EUROZONE is now faced with the possibility that Greece alone could decide to abandon the EURO !  Writing-off debt is always unpleasant but increasing debt with more loans to Greece is even worse !  This could also become a dangerous "precedent" !

There are already other countries which are closely watching this crisis unfold !

Will the EUROZONE, as a result, now review its current policies and conditions prior to granting bail-out loans to help countries overcome temporary economic difficulties ?  Could this not also require modifying even sacrosanct principles in EU Treaties ?          

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Putin recalled Russian MP's and thus cancelled their two week Holiday yesterday, Friday 26 December, 2014.

He did not say this was because there is a Financial Crisis !  He just said that the price of Vodka is too expensive and that this will drive people to buy "bootleg" alcohol, which is bad for their health !

So what has really forced him to recall the Duma MP's ?  There could, basically, be two main reasons, - 

   a)  There is a serious Financial Crisis, for which he needs a cover-up !  The Rouble is crumbling.

   b)  There are prisoner exchanges going on with Ukraine, and Putin needs the moral help of Russian Citizens and the "blessing" of the Douma, to help Russian citizens in Ukraine and in Crimea !

In his year-end address to the Nation, Putin has already explained that the Financial Crisis is due to Western anti-Russian Sanctions and to falling Oil and Gas prices on international markets !  To protect Russia he must also deploy troops on Russian frontiers !

Putin realises that the West have not accepted the way he grabbed Crimea from Ukraine.  He also knows that his weak point is that Russia has no "land-corridor" with Crimea.  While Western politicians are "on holiday" he is perhaps dreaming of another "coup" !

Putin has his back to the wall.  This could be his last throw of the dice, to save himself, but with the approbation of all Russians !  


Friday, 26 December 2014


The EU countries which are suffering the most in the present World Economic Slump are France, Italy, Spain and Greece.  The first observation is that these countries all have the EURO as their national currency.  

This necessarily means that Brussels must intervene  and propose tailored action for each country to enable    them to respect the Golden Rules of the EUROZONE.     The health of the EURO depends on this, but it is not easy to manage 17 different countries in the EU !

Non-EURO countries all have their own local currency which they  constantly protect on the Money Markets.  They can "ride-out" temporary variations or independently decide to depreciate their currencies as and when necessary.

Except during recent months, the EURO was defended stubbornly;  one could even say "too stubbornly" !  History reveals that during the last 60 years the US dollar and the Pound Sterling have gently floated down in value (like many other currencies) and this has always helped exports.  

Currencies depreciated but workers salaries increased.   In the early 1950's a British worker earned less than 10 pounds sterling per week !  Today this does not even cover the cost of just going to work ! 

To make EURO rules more flexible would help, but how can this be done ? 








Sunday, 21 December 2014


After the unexpected resignation of Michael Garcia, the FIFA Executive immediately voted unanimously for the publication of his entire 430 page Report at their meeting in Marrakesh. 

There are, of course, obstacles to overcome.  What can be published must be carefully redacted; the Report contains evidence which could lead to future litigation or criminal accusations.  Enquiries concerning some people have not yet been completed. 

The redaction of the Report will therefore take time, at the very least a month.   The additional enquiries (it seems at least 5 people are concerned) will also take time !   It is well known that legal procedures can never  be accelerated.  

Garcia submitted his first on-going report of 430 pages  to FIFA (Blatter probably) on September 5, 2014.  Hans-Joachim Eckert wrote a 42 page summary which was released on November 13, 2014.   This was described by Garcia as being materially incomplete and erroneous in its conclusions !  Simply said this summary was a "whitewash" of everything FIFA had done ! 

It is quite clear that Garcia's redacted Report will not be published before January 29, 2015, which is the dead-line date for Candidates intending to stand for the election of FIFA President.  That Election will take place on May 29, 2015. 

Could the redacted Report be published before the FIFA  election ?   One should not dream !

Blatter knows that he now has time on his side to be re-elected as President, and that the Garcia Report will not hamper the process !  Platini has already said he will not stand as a candidate against Blatter.

Blatter has got all he wants !  Perhaps not for very long !  There are roumers that FIFA may in fact "contract" !





Saturday, 20 December 2014


Every day in the street one sees the spectacle of men or women of all ages bending over (to attend to children or searching in their bags...) and revealing their bare backs, much to the amusement (or horrer) of passers-by !

This seems to be due to a lack of imagination by manufacturers.  Either shirt-tails are cut too short or the waists of trousers are cut too low !  

After all, is it not natural for people to bend forward !   Should garments not be designed to avoid the   embarassement of bare backs (and more) being displayed ?  Is there a reason why the backs of garments cannot made be a little longer at the back than at the front ?

If this observation comes as a surprise, one must ask if manufacturers ever wear their own creations ? 

Finally, to say that this is the "modern fashion" would just be a limp excuse ! 




Friday, 19 December 2014


It is a sad reality that ISIS stops at nothing !  This extremist Group wants to conquer and dominate the World, not just a small part in the Middle East where it has a foothold in Syria and Iraq.  

ISIS wants to impose an extreme interpretation of Islamic Law everywhere.  It conquers by fear and kills to obtain obedience.   ISLAM RULES, and democratic government is not tolerated !  Alternatively the rule is, "submit or be shot" !     

Not only the Middle East has a problem, but the whole world also.  Islamic ISIS agents recruit everywhere even in our own neighbourhoods.  The longer one passively waits and hopes, the bigger the problem becomes.  

In the end World War III will start in earnest !  Long range airstrikes are not sufficient alone.    Feet on the Ground are necessary to push home the effect of airstrikes !  Local help by Syrian and Iraqi troops must be backed up by trained soldiers from the Free World. 

One must fight fire with fire !  The basic rule in this war will be "Shoot or be Shot" !  

When will our Leaders start serious talks about quelling ISIS ? 




The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has launched a criminal enquiry in Britain for evidence of FIFA corruption connected with the bidding process to Host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. 

This Blog has reported that numerous Press articles have been critical of FIFA's secrecy about alleged fraud (votes bought with money) and its refusal to publish key reports !

At last a serious attempt has been started in Britain to reveal irrefutable evidence to provoke the publication of "secret" reports and to dispel allegations of wrongdoings by the British delegation ! There are several "whistle-blowers" to be interviewed ! 

This could also lead to a much needed revision of FIFA's Procedures and Statutes, but this enquiry will take time . Should one not also aim at obtaining injunctions in Switzerland against certain FIFA Executives and Officers and the nomination of an Administrator ?

The process of ensuring the re-election of the Executives and the President has already started ! If they are re-elected, they will again staunchly oppose any enquiries and any changes for the next four years, just like they have done during the last four years !



Thursday, 18 December 2014


Suddenly yesterday it was announced that Michael Garcia had resigned !  The immediate impression this conveyed was that his 430 page report had not been approved by the FIFA executives.

It means that the long FIFA saga (or fiasco) will go on.  After all, have there not been accusations of fraud (vote buying) since the adoption of Russia and Qatar as hosts for the coming World Cup Finals ?  Was that not why Blatter said he needed another term (his 4th of 4 years) as President so that he could investigate allegations ?

From Press reports it seems Blatter is already confident that he will be elected for a 5th term next year !

How long will this sorry "Saga" go on for ?  If Al Capone could read this story he would die laughing !  To get his way his methods were simple and more rapid !

If UEFA and other regional football organisations proposed to withdraw from FIFA and the World Cups in protest, this would perhaps act as a "Wake-up call" for World Football everywhere ! 

The next Blatter "re-election" as President cannot be allowed to become another one horse race as in 2011 !



Sepp Blatter must have sighed with huge relief when Michael Garcia resigned his position as FIFA's independent ethics investigator.   

He had spent more than two years investigating procedures which led to the adoption of Russia and Qatar as hosts for the World Cup Finals in 2018 and 2022 respectively.

FIFA refused to publish Garcia's 430 page Report.  Instead a shorter version was made public which Garcia disowned because it did not reflect his true findings !

Garcia's resignation is a pity but reflects badly on Blatter and FIFA !  Garcia is a no nonsense man !

What will happen now ?   The next big event is the Election of the next President.  With the knowledge Garcia now has of all that is right or wrong in the FIFA Organisation, he would have been the ideal, creditable candidate to oppose Blatter !   

Blatter would certainly refuse his candidature because Garcia has no proven administrative experience of Football management.  However, any other candidate who manages to stand and win without being disqualified by Blatter, would certainly benefit from Garcia's advice and help to make FIFA a respected organisation again !
Finally, the Swiss Tax Authorities are also making enquiries about FIFA's activities (and other similar non governmental organisations).  It would be helpful if a preliminary assessment became available before the closing date for candidates for FIFA Elections in the summer of 2015.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Following the atrocious killing of 141 people, including 132 children in a school in Peshawar, by a Taliban  Commando, Pakistan has re-introduced the Death Penalty for Terrorists who kill !

Political leaders in Pakistan should be applauded for this courageous, but logical, decision in the face of opposition worldwide by "anti-Death penalty" campaigners.   One must learn to distinguish the difference between isolated killings and indiscriminate, pre-meditated massacres !
This Blog has advocated the re-introduction, by member countries of UNO, of the Death Penalty for terrorist atrocities, for a long time.  Terrorists anywhere, Islamic or not, respect no laws, only their own wishes !  As such they are in fact "OUTLAWS" !
Everyone, in particular politicians, knows that terrorist organisations recruit gullible adepts wherever possible and then use them as "cannon-fodder" !  They kill and then, if they survive, they are the first to plead their "Human Rights" to avoid the Death Penalty !  This must be stopped !
One cannot use Feather Dusters to deter Terrorists who are prepared to kill to achieve their aims ! 
When will BAN Ki-moon and UNO act and introduce the Penalty of Death for "ALL" acts of Terrorism ?


Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Lu avec un certain amusement, cette phrase prononcée par Michel Sapin, notre actuel Ministre des Finances, en 1992 et citée par Eric Zemmour dans son ouvrage "Le suicide français", page 362:
"L'Europe est la réponse d'avenir à la question du chômage. En s'appuyant sur un marché de 340 millions de consommateurs, le plus grand du monde (.....), les entreprises pourront se développer et créer des emplois. Pour la France, l'union économique et monétaire, c'est la voie royale pour lutter contre le chômage."
Aujourd'hui, 22 ans plus tard, on voit ce qu'il en est !

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Greece is again at the centre of EUROZONE preoccupations despite bail-out relief of more than 240 billion Euros and then more favourable repayment terms. 

One should not forget that when Greece applied to join the EUROZONE the Financial Information which it provided was flawed !  Alas the experts in Brussels at that time were hoodwinked !   This later led to the bail-out loans. 

Since then the financial condition of Greece has plummeted partly due to the World Recession, but there are also many other reasons !  In particular there is high unemployment in Greece which in turn has created anxiety and social unrest. 

Greece in fact is almost bankrupt and it cannot work its way out of the slump only by applying the normal principles the EUROZONE wants to impose.  It cannot repay its debts !

Not for the first time the question becomes "Should Greece exit the EURO" ?  Alternatively, "Must the EUROZONE now revise its principles" ?  There is no guarantee that in the future a same problem will not arise again ! 

There is a saying "Do not throw good money after bad" !  In the final analysis the real truth is that "The taxpayer always pays" !




Friday, 12 December 2014


This week again, just like on several previous occasions, Russian planes have violated the air space over neighbouring countries, sometimes far away from the Russian Mainland !

There have also been frequent reports of the presence of Russian submarines in foreign waters.  Finally, it is no longer a secret that Russian troops regularly carry out military exercises close on the adjoining border with Ukraine, but these are stopped when international conferences are due to start, particularly when the Ukrainian problems are on the agenda !
Putin always denies that such reports are true even when photographic evidence exists.  Why ?   Is he testing the patience of the Western Powers to find out how far he can go without provoking an international response ?
Or is Putin facing serious personal problems about his Leadership, at home in Russia ?  
Does he feel that he must prove that he is defending oppressed Russian citizens in Ukraine and in this way divert attention from the problems at home in Russia caused by the Sanctions and the crumbling Rouble on foreign exchange markets ? 

Thursday, 11 December 2014


 In spite of the catastrophic Opinion Polls during 2014 President Hollande has not yet abandoned the idea of standing for a second term in the Presidential Elections in May 2017 !

With this in mind and with the aim of improving the performance of France in the eyes of the EUROZONE critics, particularly Angela Merkel, he appointed Manuel Valls as Prime Minister in May, and Emmanuel Macron as Minister of the Economy.   They both appear to be "right wing Socialists" which strikes fear in the hearts of some die hard members, while others applaud them !  It has split the Socialist Party !

Changing or just modifying traditional Socialist principles is not easy.  Martine Aubry, who introduced the 35 working week in 1991 in an effort to reduce unemployment, will fight any ideas to change this law.  She will be backed by Trade Unions !

At present Valls and Macron are testing the reactions of the French electorate but also those of the EUROZONE partners !   They are just nibbling at the major problems.   Both know that France as a country must reduce its overheads.  This means streamlining the Civil Service but also reducing the cost of Social Benefits and their cost to Employers.  Will anyone dare to change the age of retirement which is also an option ?  

If Hollande decides not to stand for a second term Valls, now aged 52 appears to be a creditable candidate for the job !   It could become a case of "out with the old (Socialists) and in with the new" !


Wednesday, 10 December 2014


The Socialist Coalition in France has slowly disintegrated and Popularity Polls have revealed that even traditional die hard voters have lost faith in the Socialist party !

The Communists and the Greens have abandoned the ship and are pursuing their preferred long term objectives, including the Presidential Elections in May 2017 ! 

The Mandate of President Hollande has now passed the half-way stage and the kindest comment one can make is to say he has lost the confidence of his Electors !  The harsh reality is that France is in a Financial Mess !  Even the EUROZONE is worried !  

Everyone, from top politicians to the man in the street, now has his personal opinion of what went wrong and what needs to be done to put France back on an even keel !  

All the solutions proposed are only partially right !  The reality is that the Socialist Party has lost its credo, the definition of what it really believes in and what it can propose to do ! 

In the present Financial climate, it becomes even more complex because one must also take into account what is possible or not, on a short term or long term basis.

President Hollande has already acted.  Manual Valls was chosen as Prime Minister in April 2014 and Emanual Macron was appointed as the new Minister of the Economy at the end of August.  

Will they be able to introduce new measures to kick-start the French economy by reducing unemployment, ending the fight over the 35 hour week, delay the retirement age for State Pension rights and obtain the agreement of Trade Unions.... ?

These are the problems currently on the table !  Nothing can be taken for granted ! 


Monday, 8 December 2014


This blog rejoices after learning that at last Switzerland  is drafting a law to provide measures to control  the activities of Executives and their International Sports Organisations which are domiciled in Switzerland.   

Such a law is painfully lacking in the lamentable scandal connected with the choice of Qatar as hosts for the 2022 World Cup Finals.  All the energies of the FIFA Organisation during the last four years have been concentrated on avoiding a "public scandal", but happily this now appears to have failed miserably !

Now one must hope that "secret reports" will be made available to Investigators and that some of the temporary measures proposed by this Blog will be adopted to  prevent the continuation of the current scandals.

Soon FIFA will be able to concentrate on updating the rules governing football ?  Will referees be helped with video replays ?  Will body-checking and not playing the ball become an offense ?  Will "Yellow Cards" be replaced by "sin bin time" as in Ice Hockey ?            

All these changes have been regularly proposed over the years by all football lovers !   Now FIFA should at last  have the time to modernise the most loved game in the world !


Saturday, 6 December 2014


Acheter le livre d'Eric Zemmour "Le suicide français", "c'est faire acte de résistance" dit on.

Lire le livre d'Eric Zemmour, c'est revivre ou, pour les plus jeunes, découvrir comment les quarante dernières années ont défait la France.

Malheureusement l'histoire de cette déconstruction française continue...  Pour exemples, le projet de suppression des notes à l'école afin de ne pas traumatiser les jeunes écoliers, ou encore cette récente polémique sur l'installation d'une crèche de Noël dans le hall d'accueil du conseil général de Vendée qui menaçait le principe de la laïcité !

Faudra-t-il s'interroge le conseil général de Vendée, interdire les étoiles dans les guirlandes de Noël qui décorent nos rues sous prétexte qu'il s'agit d'un symbole religieux indigne d'un espace public ?



Putin is facing increasing difficulties on all fronts of his dream of a mighty and benevolent Russia ! However, in his annual speech to the Duma he cynically hid the real truth behind what he was saying.  Here are a few examples.... 

The West thinks that Putin forced Yanukovych to change his mind over Ukraine joining the EU (like many other former satellite countries had already done) and that this led directly to the violent uprisings.   Putin now denies this.  It was the decision of President Yanukovych, which led to the uprisings.  He then fled to Russia to avoid being lynched !  

However Putin says the ousting from power of Yanukovych was illegal.  On that basis, was Russian Revolution in 1917 also illegal ?

In his speech Putin says there are problems in Southern Ukraine without ever admitting that Russia has sent troops and weapons to help the Russian Rebels.  He only laments that Russian "civilians" are dying there.  What he does not mention is that there are families in Russia who are still grieving "soldiers" who have died in Ukraine !

According to Putin, the Economic Problems Russia faces stem from the Sanctions the West have imposed over Ukraine.  Russians living there are rioting.  Putin helps them, by sending "food parcels" in hundreds of lorries of which areal photos are available !

Another Economic difficulty is that the price of gas and petrol has sunk by 40% this year.

The West estimates that Russia will be bankrupt by mid 2015.  Russians know things are difficult but they do not expect the sudden bankruptcy of Russia !  Even this week the Rouble has fallen on all financial markets !  

However, Putin has benignly promised a full "Amnesty" for all capital returning to Russia !  Is this not a vain hope ?  It remains to be seen how many Oligarchs living abroad will accept to return to Russia with their fortunes !

In his address to the Duma Putin was reassuring !  Seen from a Western standpoint, he was "selling a pipe dream" which needs Time....and Money, before it can become reality ! 

If the Rouble collapses can Putin survive ?  If so, for how long ? 



Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Lorsque l'on veut enterrer un problème, on crée une Commission ou un Comité..." Des comités Théodule, Gustave ou Hyppolyte " que raillait en son temps le Général de Gaulle (cf discours à Orange le 25 septembre 1963)...

Or Nicolas Sarkozy tout juste élu confortablement Président de l'UMP a annoncé la création d'un" comité des anciens Premiers Ministres".

Une façon élégante d'écarter plus rapidement des personnalités jugées trop encombrantes?

Deux de ces anciens Premiers Ministres ont déjà décliné la proposition!


Monday, 1 December 2014


As expected Nicolas Sarkozy has been comfortably elected as President of the UMP party after a storming  tour of French cities to gather the support of Party faithfuls.

However, the analysis of the results below does reveal that there are clouds on the horizon !

                                             %             %                      

Sarkozy........   100 159      37.3        64.5

Lemaire........     45 317      16.9        29.2

Mariton.........       9 809        3.7          6.3

Voters...........   155 285      57.9      100.0

Abstentions.   112 951      42.1

Electorate......  268 236    100.0   

Sarkozy was elected as the new President of the UMP party with 64.5 % of the votes cast, but only 37.3 % of the enfranchised UMP party members who did actually vote.

Sarkozy wants to modernise the UMP party and mobilise the help of everyone around him !  His personal goal is to become the official UMP party candidate in 2017.  To eliminate all the opposition he can, he has promised to hold Primary elections ! 

Besides Sarkozy, there are at least two other potential Presidential candidates:

Alain Juppe (aged 69) and François Fillon (aged 60) who served Sarkozy as his Prime Minister for five years during his first Presidential mandate.  Their supporters are hidden in the "abstentions" figure above !

Will Juppe and Fillion toe the line ?  Or will they  try to create new parties to attract the support of disenchanted "floating" MPs and their supporters in the centre of the political Spectrum ?

One must not forget that in France the National Front, or Extreme Right, has made major gains in all recent elections.  Its leader, Marine Lepen could be one of the two candidates in the run off for the Presidency ! 





Friday, 28 November 2014


Ecouté ce jeudi soir, le discours rédigé par Henri Guaino et lu, avec beaucoup de talent, par Nicolas Sarkoy, à Nîmes en clôture de sa campagne pour la Présidence de l'UMP.

Un discours qui faisait écho à celui de Mai 2006 déjà écrit par Henri Guaino pour le lancement de la précampagne de Nicolas Sarkozy pour l'élection présidentielle de 2007...

Un discours aux forts accents lepénistes où on retrouve la défense de notre identité, la lutte contre les communautarismes et la remise en question des accords de Schengen.

A entendre Nicolas Sarkozy, on se demandait si l'auteur du discours ne s'était pas trompé de campagne ...


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


On Friday, 28 November 2014, in Brussels Jean-Claude Juncker the President of the European Commission will reveal the problems faced by certain countries which have overspent by more than the "Golden Rule" of 3% in 2014.  Any sanctions will be delayed until the Spring of 2015 when final hard figures will be available !

The activities of the 17 countries in the EUROZONE vary widely and cannot be directly compared.  What is however very clear is that unemployment everywhere in 2014, has had a brutal and negative impact on the economy of all countries.

Juncker knows this and will explain that more than 300 Billion Euros of Investments by the EU and EUROZONE in 2015 will be required to kick-start the European Economy.   The finance is expected to come from private sources.   Perhaps then the EURO will be safe for another year. 

Alas there are other difficulties which EUROZONE (and EU) countries face which are not being addressed !  To name but a few, 

-   Immigration and inefficient Frontier Controls

-   Freedom of movement of Migrants

-   Unlimited and uncontroled imports from ASIA 

The basic Treaties of the EU need changing to permit the EU to protect itself in a changing and more modern World ! 

When the EUROZONE judges Budgets and Financial Statements, it must admit France and Italy (and Britain in the EU) are concerned by these matters, and that they are serious !  Has Mr Juncker understood the result of the recent EU Elections ?

These problems will not just go away !  If nothing is done electors will make themselves heard ! 


Tuesday, 25 November 2014


A l'occasion des fêtes de fin d'année, il est fréquent que le comité d'entreprise ou l'employeur offre un chèque cadeau ou des bons d'achat aux salariés. Certains salariés s'étonnent d'avoir à payer des cotisations sociales sur les montants correspondants.  Rappel donc de la réglementation applicable.
En principe, il s'agit d'un élément de rémunération qui doit être assujetti aux cotisations et contributions sociales.
Toutefois les chèques cadeaux et bons d'achat octroyés aux salariés échappent aux cotisations  sociales à une double condition : leur montant annuel doit être inférieur à 5% du plafond mensuel de la Sécurité sociale, soit 156 euros en 2014 et "le cadeau" ne doit pas être attribué en fonction de l'ancienneté du salarié ou de sa présence effective dans l'entreprise.
Par exemple des bons d'achat ou des cadeaux réservés aux salariés ayant six mois d'ancienneté dans l'entreprise seraient, quelque soit leur montant, réintégrés dans l'assiette des cotisations sociales (Réponse ministérielle à Pellois , JO AN du 6 mai 2014).

Sunday, 23 November 2014


This week (24/30 Nov. 2014) President Hollande is scheduled to visit West Africa (Conakry and Dakar) to see for himself what France can do to stop EBOLA spreading. 

Is this prudent for his personal health and that of his entourage ?  He will be the first Western Head of State to visit EBOLA stricken West Africa since the outbreak in March 2014. 

It is normal that people will clamour to meet him, or  even just to see him, but when he returns to Paris will he be thoroughly checked medically, before leaving the airport and being escorted to the Elysee Palace in central Paris ? 

With all the possibilities of modern technology, could the Conference of French Speaking Countries in Dakar not be organised on a "telephone conference call basis" ? 

Would this not be a more prudent solution ?  Or is taking this risk a safe option ?


Saturday, 22 November 2014


The SNP party in Scotland seems to have upgraded its future aims and intentions after not winning the recent vote for Scottish Independence from the UK .

It is quite true one cannot go into battle on an empty stomach.  Replacing Salmond with Sturgeon is a delicate way pacify party faithfuls and to drum up more interest !

All the Western Leaders could help Scotland by       imposing a Sanction on Russian Caviar, to encourage Putin to withdraw his Russian troops from Ukraine ! 

Would that not also benefit the Scottish Fishing Industry !   Every little bit helps !


Friday, 21 November 2014


Ecouté ce jeudi 20 novembre sur RTL, la chronique de François Lenglet sur la flexibilité de l'emploi en Autriche, dont le taux de chômage est le plus bas de  l'Union européenne : 4,9%.

En Autriche notait François Lenglet "on peut licencier sans motif, mais la contrepartie c'est que les entreprises paient des indemnités de licenciement élevées", et ajoutait-il "comme elles ont la liberté de supprimer des emplois même si ça leur coûte cher, elles sont plus enclines à créer des emplois".

Quel contraste en effet avec le carcan qui, en France depuis 1973, entoure les employeurs contraints de licencier un salarié. Notamment, la lettre de licenciement doit comporter le motif  "réel et sérieux" de la rupture c'est à dire des faits prouvés, objectifs et suffisamment sérieux pour justifier le licenciement.
Tout licenciement sans cause réelle et sérieuse doit être indemnisé : 6 mois de salaire au moins pour les salariés travaillant dans une entreprise d'au moins 11 salariés et ayant au moins deux ans d'ancienneté;  indemnité calculée en fonction du préjudice subi pour les autres.
Mais pour obtenir ces indemnités, le salarié doit contester le caractère réel et sérieux de la rupture devant le Conseil des Prudhommes et patienter plus de 15 mois en moyenne avant le jugement.  S'il y a appel, il lui faudra attendre encore deux ans !

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Yesterday this blog appealed to the Swiss Director of Public Prosecutions to ask FIFA for a copy of the 350 page report produced early September by Michael Garcia and which FIFA has refused to make public.  A 40 page summary of the report was made by Hans-Joachim Eckert and it vindicated FIFA of any wrongdoing !  Garcia has said that this report did not reflect his findings.

Regularly the Press, even since 2010, has carried articles which suggest that the voting for the Host countries for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals was fraudulent.

This is not good for the World of Football and reflects badly on the reputation of Switzerland if nothing is done.

Suddenly yesterday afternoon FIFA announced it had lodged a criminal complaint against unidentified people !  Why ?  Dealing with such a complaint takes a long time normally ! 

What really needs to be examined are the FIFA procedures and the evidence in the two reports.   Why was an embargo put on the publication of the report by Mr Garcia ? 

Was it to protect FIFA executives who want to be re-elected next year ?




Tuesday, 18 November 2014


En concédant aux militants du courant "Sens commun"  (anti-mariage pour tous) l'abrogation de la loi Taubira sur le mariage homosexuel, et pas seulement sa réécriture, Nicolas Sarkozy a lâché ce samedi 15 novembre : "si ça peut vous faire plaisir, franchement, ça coûte pas très cher".

En cédant ainsi à la pression d'une partie de ses sympathisants, Nicolas Sarkozy n'apparait pas très clair dans ses convictions et lance un bien mauvais signal à ses électeurs potentiels de 2017 !  Ca risque de lui coûter cher... 




For the last 4 years there have been continuous "leaks" of information in the Press and mounting suspicion connected with the nomination of the Host Countries for the FIFA World Cup Finals in 2018 and 2022 !

This culminated recently when an embargo was placed on the publication of a 350 page report produced by Michael Garcia.  A 40 page summary of the Garcia report was prepared by Hans-Joachim Eckert and was then  published.  This report absolved all FIFA officials of any wrong-doings ! 

This whole sorry FIFA saga has tarnished, not enhanced, the image which Switzerland wants to project of its country in this world.  This fact leads straight to the next question !

Does the Swiss legal system not have a Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) with the powers to launch an Inquiery into unclear and suspicious events ?

Should the DPP not demand to see both Reports, with their authors, to determine what needs to be done to calm the nerves of all the people concerned and to protect the public image of Switzerland ?

Finally, and is this not another hidden objective behind the Eckert summary, should all the coming elections of FIFA Officers and Executives not be suspended until the DPP has finished his investigation and reported his conclusions ? 


Sunday, 16 November 2014


Before fleeing the Summit early to get some rest, Vladimir Putin said the Summit had been constructive.  Perhaps he did not want to hear what the closing  Communique would contain ?

From reports there were some home truths which were addressed to Putin by David Cameron and other Leaders in private conversations over Russia's activities in Ukraine.  Putin as always denies sending any troops or armaments to Russian Rebels in Eastern Ukraine, but he never explains how the Rebels have managed to obtained them !  Furthermore there are continuous Russian military exercices close on the frontier with Ukraine !  Why ?   Is Russia so small that these exercices cannot possibly be held anywhere else ?

Putin is facing many problems at present, not least the collapse of the Russian Rouble on the money markets !  To save his reputation in Russia as President, he is "Saber Rattling" and making alliances with China.  Russians would ask questions if any new Sanctions cancelled the next FIFA World Cup and if Russian Sportsmen were barred from competing outside Russia !



Until there are fundamental changes in Organisational Rules and in the "Elected Officers" FIFA will never recover its respectability.

Four years ago, Bin Hamman was disqualified from FIFA and then Sepp Blatter, the only remaining candidate, stood unopposed to became President for the fourth time, to complete his mission to "clean-up FIFA".  The mess in which FIFA now finds itself must be the "Swan Song" for Blatter because he has not cleaned it up, it has become a "Quagmire" !

Daily more snippets of  wrongdoings are revealed in the Press. There are cries that the entire 350 + pages of the report ordered by FIFA on the investigation by Michael Garcia should be published.  The 40 page summary of conclusions by Hans-Joachim Eckert has been repudiated by Garcia as being inexact !

The FIFA Organisation has broken down and the only way forward would seem to be to nominate a "Steering Committee" of Three or Five  professional people,  independent of FIFA, to undertake an Inquest and to propose changes.

If present FIFA executives refuse to accept changes, a revision of procedures and its Statutes, then regional organisations like UEFA must consider withdrawing from all FIFA activities !  This would force a new beginning !


Thursday, 13 November 2014


A signaler cette nouvelle disposition qui intéressera tous les propriétaires de petites surfaces d'habitation, telles que les chambres de service dans des immeubles anciens: 

Jusqu'alors la communication directe entre des toilettes et une cuisine ou une salle de séjour, était interdite. Cette interdiction qui imposait la création d'un sas, quasiment impossible dans une pièce de 9 m2, est supprimée à compter du 1er décembre 2014 (décret du 6 novembre 2014, JO du 8).   En outre le cabinet d'aisance peut ne former qu'une seule pièce avec la salle d'eau.







The recent decision by the European Court of Justice  now requires legislation at the EU level and also at local National level.

EU legislation must protect the rights of workers who have contributed towards a National Social Security system.  Local legislation must detail the rights to benefits of citizens who have never contributed or even worked ! 
In each country a minefield of problems will need to be revised including the rights of temporary foreign immigrants.
Again any changes will necessarily lead to more discussions of the introduction of co-ordinated Frontier Controls on the borders of the EU !     
Is this not what voters in the recent EU Parliamentary Elections clearly said they wanted ? 


Wednesday, 12 November 2014


After staging the World Cup in Brazil so successfully it seems that FIFA has gone into hibernation !

Staging the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia and the 2022 Finals in Qatar has raised new problems but no credible solutions.  In particular with reference to the suspected irregularities connected with the surprise selection in 2010 of Qatar as Hosts, there has been a blackout of information due to the embargo on making public a 350 page report on the vote !  

The very fact that there is an embargo has nourished  suspicions that something is wrong somewhere ! Will this embargo be lifted before the next FIFA Presidential election ?

Since 2010 little, or nothing, has changed in FIFA under the stewardship of Sepp Blatter !  Ebola has spread panic throughout the world but FIFA has issued no guidelines.  Never are there any votes to adopt "reserve venues" as cover if a major catastrophy occurs in the world of FIFA ! 

Who would bear the loss if an international footballer died from Ebola while playing in the African Nations Cup ? 

Finally, does FIFA have any solution for the  World Cup if Russia is at war in 2018 ?



Yesterday, November 11, 2014, a decision by the European Court of Justice reopened the debate on Tourists who seek to "profit" from Social Benefits when visiting countries where they have never worked or even tried to find work.

This judgement, which now ignites a vast discussion, arises from an appeal by a Romanian woman who was refused "rights" in Germany, where she had lived with her sister for five years !  Long term it will provoke a revision of certain fundamental provisions in the Treaties of the EU !
However, this is just a small drip of the water in the Orient !  The ripple effect will last until EU Treaties have been properly redefined.   The affirmation by Manual Borroso that "Benefits Tourism" does not exist in the EU or EUROZONE has now been officially contradicted !
David Cameron knows this is just a start.  He will now have the support some other countries which have been less combative in the past !  Even Angela Merkel cannot ignore the impact of this Judgement !

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Will politicians be allowed to modify EU Treaties, in accordance with the clear wish expressed by voters in the recent Parliamentary Elections ?

This is a simple "democratic" question, but the answer is far from being simple !   There are politicians who refuse to accept that Treaties must be modernised to reflect a changing world and to protect the whole objective of the EU or the EUROZONE.

First of all, what are the main changes that must be considered ? 
a)  Immigration into the EU and Migration in the EU !
b)  Free Trade principles when there is "Dumping".
c)  National sovreignty for judicial decisions on local legislation.
d)  Death Penalty for Terrorist killers.
Secondly, should the EUROZONE not create its own rules to protect the EURO and the interests of its member countries ?  For example, Germany wants Immigration but other countries, in the EUROZONE or not, only want very selective immigration ! 
Also, the EUROZONE wants its "Golden Rules" but EU countries have other rules and methods to protect their currencies.  All the countries in the EU vary, particularly in size and in what they can achieve at present.  The same basic principles of the EU are therefore not always tailored for their needs.
This year 2014 has seen an economic depression all over the World.  Tomorrow the Golden Principles of the EUROZONE will be tested when the European Commission reviews the 2015 National Budgets and plans of Eurozone countries !  Several countries, like France, are expecting losses for 2014 and must take corrective action in 2015 to stave off problems for the EURO ! 
The EU must modernise itself to survive save the EURO !

Monday, 10 November 2014


A chaque semaine, désormais, son lot de vraies et fausses confidences de hauts responsables politiques, ses ragots, ses secrets d'affaires en cours d'instruction.  On ne se contente plus de les rapporter dans les diners en ville mais on en fait des livres et ce qui relevait d'une presse, que l'on qualifiait volontiers de presse de caniveau, se retrouve désormais à la une de journaux d'opinion.  Opinion ou manipulation ? 

Il en est ainsi pour le journal "Le Monde", daté du lundi 10 novembre 2014, qui n'a pas hésité, sans précaution aucune ni réserve, à titrer en page une : "Fillon a sollicité l 'Elysée pour accélérer les poursuites judiciaires  contre Sarkozy". Ceci, comme on peut le lire plus loin, sur la base d'une révélation de Jean-Pierre Jouyet rapportée par deux journalistes du journal " le Monde" dans l'ouvrage " Sarko s'est tuer".

Jusqu'où ira le pitoyable colportage des commérages ?





Saturday, 8 November 2014


Comments by the Public and in the Press after the interview of President Hollande on TV, watched by 8 million citizens, have been withering ! "Why did he want to be interviewed when he had nothing new to say ?", is a gentle way to summarise the discontent !

After two and a half years as President, the mid-point of his five year term, what has Hollande done to reverse, as he has said, the mess left by Sarkozy, his predecessor ?  The general public impression is "NOTHING !". 

To make France more competitive and to kick-start the economy, Cost Savings by the State are required for more State and/or Private Investments.  This would then help to reduce unemployment and the National Debt ! 

To be really precise, Hollande has not attacked any of the following possibilities;

1)   -  Created cost savings by     

           - streamlining government services and departments.

           - raising the retirement age in line with inreased longevity,

          - introducing a declining scale of benefits for the long term unemployed to force them to accept to work, 

          - decentralising certain national services.

2)   -  Created more jobs through direct government investment,

           - by building more housing for the needy (as had been planned),

          - by launching long-term modernisation projects,

3)  -  Redefined the rights and duties of Employers, Unions and the Government when businesses face severe economic difficulties, by

          - revising the rules of the 35 hour working week,

          - modernising employment rules for employers.

                - modernising the rights of Trade Unions.


These are just a few options that should have been exploited during the first two years of President Hollande's term of office.  In this way the National Debt would not be as serious as it is now ! 

Everyone in France is acutely aware that Brussels and the EUROZONE have been very critical of the 2015 Budget and Plan submitted by France !  Logically, if France cannot reduce its overspending , the EURO itself could be in danger.   In his TV interview Hollande avoided all discussion of this subject but Brussels will surely want action ! 

All these matters need attention, and they will not simply go away if they are not addressed !