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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


The simple fact that the suicidal pilot Andreas Lubitz managed to achieve his aim to crash the "Germanwings flight 4U9525", which killed all 150 people on board, reveals serious faults in the security systems which the entire international Aviation Industry must address. 

Airlines Companies must continue to be responsible for checking that their Pilots are fit physically and mentally for their duties.  This means they must regularly subject their Pilots to any test considered necessary and that they obtain a written and  detailed report from the hospital or doctor.

This seems simple but Doctors are also expected  to respect their code of ethics !  People around   Lubitz said he was "mentally disturbed" !   If doctors do directly inform employers they could be sued for diffamation by the pilot or be sanctioned  by their Medical Profession for breaching the Code of Ethics ! 

Furthermore, the Codes of Ethics of the Medical Professions vary from country to country but the responsibility of Airlines, to monitor the health of their Pilots, never varies !  

Theoretically all airline companies still face the  possibility that another incident like that of Lubitz could happen again in the future !  To avoid this should they not all adopt a standard and secure, internationally agreed, procedure to protect their airline and their passengers ?



Monday, 30 March 2015


What was expected last week after the first round of voting, was confirmed yesterday when the Socialists lost about half the Local Councils they had previously controled !

The Socialist Left Coalition lost 28 and now only governs in 34 Councils.   All were won by the UMP and the Centre Right Coalition and they now govern in 66 Councils. 

The extreme right National Front (FN) party which had high hopes of gaining the control of at least two Councils were thwarted ! 

The total defeat of the Socialists is seen as a reprimand for President Hollande who during the first three years of his mandate has not managed to do anything to stem the ever increasing number of Unemployed in France.  The Socialists have been severely sanctioned by more than just the floating voters for the continual rises in the Cost of Living and Taxation. 

Prime Minister Manual Valls recognises the message voters have sent but will not necessarily change his policies !

Marine Le Pen however, is encouraged by the increased support her FN Party has received and is already looking forward to the Regional Elections which will take place in December 2015 !   They will be decided by the proportion of the votes each Party obtains.  This Proportional Method could  ensure that the FN Party obtains 25 to 35 % of the Seats !  

Other Parties tremble at the thought of how the French Political Arena could change afterwards !



L'UMP alliée à l'UDI a remporté 66 départements et les socialistes n'en ont conservé que 34...


Sunday, 29 March 2015


The suicidal pilot of "Germanwings flight 4U9525" purposely crashed his Airbus 320 into an Alps mountainside last Tuesday, 24 March 2015 and killed all the 150 people on board ! 

The immediate questions are "What went wrong" and "Who is to blame" ? 

Only one of the black boxes was recovered from the wreckage but at present there are no suspicions concerning the airworthyness of the plane, or of any mechanical failures which could be blamed for the accident ! 

The black box reveals one of the two pilots left the cabin to go to the toilet but was then promptly locked out by Andreas Lubitz, the other pilot !  A repeat of such an act must be made impossible in  future !   

It transpires that doctors knew that Andreas Lubitz was "mentally disturbed" and they probably did not want to breach their code of ethics by informing other people of their opinion ! 

It also became clear that the Germanwings Airline does not have medical facilities which would permit them to perform professional medical tests.  This is normal, but it does not absolve them from their duty which is to ensure that their pilots are regularly and properly examined and that they get a copy of the medical examination ! 

It also appears that the family and friends of Andreas Lubitz knew he was "unstable" ! 

The foregoing indicates that the "Code of Ethics", which so conveniently protects doctors now,  needs to be modified, to oblige them to file an official report even when they do not, or cannot know, what might happen in future ! 

To conclude, are doctors not already in the best position of anyone, to know and judge the extent  of a risk and to prevent an unexpected "accident" ?                    .   


Saturday, 28 March 2015


Une nouvelle obligation a été mise à la charge des conseils syndicaux de copropriété par la loi du 24 mars 2014 dite loi ALUR : procéder à une mise en concurrence du syndic lors de sa désignation, c'est à dire tous les ans si le syndic est élu pour un an, tous les trois ans si son mandat est de trois ans (1).  Ceci alors même qu'aucun copropriétaire ne souhaite changer de syndic.

Le conseil syndical doit présenter plusieurs projets de contrats de syndic faisant notamment état des frais afférents au compte bancaire séparé ( loi du 24 mars 2014 modifiant l'article 21 de la loi du 10 juillet 1965).

Le conseil syndical est dispensé de la mise en concurrence si le marché local des syndics ne la permet pas.

Pour la plupart des commentateurs et pour les conseils syndicaux, cette nouvelle obligation  est considérée comme une aberration...

La Ministre du logement Sylvie Pinel a d' ailleurs indiqué le 9 octobre 2014 qu' une grande simplification du dispositif de mise en concurrence des syndics était nécessaire et a précisé : "bien que la loi ne prévoit pas de décret d'application, rien n'empêche d'en élaborer un ou bien de concevoir un autre vecteur réglementaire".

Les conseils syndicaux soucieux de respecter la loi restent donc dans l'embarras ! Certes comme le conseille l'ARC, ils pourront toujours prétendre que les syndics contactés n'ont pas répondu...
Si le conseil syndical n'a pas satisfait à son obligation de mise en concurrence, aucune sanction n'est prévue à son encontre ;  mais la résolution désignant le syndic ne risque-t-elle pas d'être annulée à la demande d'un copropriétaire procédurier ?

Une année s'est déjà écoulée depuis la publication de la loi, il est grand temps d'éclairer syndics et copropriétaires sur ses modalités d'application !



(1)Le projet de loi Macron n' envisage pas la suppression de cette obligation mais prévoit d' en modifier  la périodicité.la mise en concurrence aurait lieu à l'expiration du 2eme mandat consécutif c'est à dire tous les deux ans pour un syndic élu pour un an, tous les 6 ans pour un syndic élu pour 3 ans.


Friday, 27 March 2015


Ahead of the second and final round of voting in the French Local Elections this Sunday, a scramble by National Leaders has taken place who all urge their electors to vote for their party candidates !

All National Party Leaders are scared stiff at the thought that the National Front (FN) could again increase its share of the votes and make gains at their expense !   The thought that this could be repeated in the Presidential Election in May 2017 horrifies them !

Sarkozy has instructed his electors to only vote for the UMP candidate if there is one or to abstain from voting, but never to vote for Socialists nor National Front !  Valls the Prime Minister tells his voters to vote for the Socialist candidate if there is one or for UMP to prevent the FN candidate from being elected ! 

National Politicians in France avoid asking themselves why there is a surge of electors suddenly voting for FN !   Voters interviewed are quick to say that they have been let down by President Hollande and the Socialist Government, on unemployment in particular.

Something else politicians do not want to hear is that electors also feel that the Leaders of FN have a better understanding of their problems !

There will be some surprises late on Sunday evening which will provoke a major re-think !  The National political scene will never be the same again !  In the future there will be three major Parties, not just two !  





The Euro has devalued by more than 10% during recent months.  Theoretically this should help Eurozone Exporters because their goods are becoming cheaper to buy !

In addition to this Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank has announced a Trillion EURO Investment Plan over the next 18 months !  He intends to purchase short term asset backed loans from Eurozone banks !  

This would enable banks to lend fresh money to Industry for investment.  That could reduce unemployment and increase the current Volume of Production.

Draghi hopes that in this way not only companies in the EUROZONE will benefit but others in the EU as well.   Will they escape from the current depression ?  

One must point out that the current interest rates for Loans have never been so low in living memory !

The uncertainty is whether Banks will make the loans and whether Industry is ready to make the investments to stimulate business ! 

Flooding World Financial Markets with an increased volume of EUROS and then permitting the parity of the EURO to decline, so that EUROZONE products are cheaper to buy, could become a dangerous gamble ! 

Once the parity of a currency declines, higher import costs and wage increases follow and it then becomes very difficult to reverse the trend !



 "YES" !  Blatter promised a redacted version of Garcias's report on December 19, 2014, immediately after Garcia had resigned.  This prompt promise at once pacified everyone !

Garcia resigned because a 42 page summary of his 430 page report, prepared by Jean-Claude Eckert absolved everyone in FIFA and was made public, but it did not correctly reflect the conclusions of his report ! 

When will Blatter order the publication of this redacted version ?  That is the problem now because in fact he has never indicated any "FIRM DATE" ?   So when will it be published ?  Before the FIFA Presidential Elections on 29 May 2015, or before the World Cup Finals in Russia in 2018, or even the Finals in Qatar in 2022 ?  No one knows !

The next serious question is "Has anyone in FIFA already been told to start work on the redaction" ?  It is a delicate task but even so, not impossible !  Two months would be more than ample to complete and revise the "redacted" report ! 

The only real problem in such a "redaction" is to avoid identifying or accusing anyone in particular who may be innocent !  To avoid this  all the names must be changed ! 

Is there no one in FIFA besides President Blatter who could provoke action on this problem ?


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


In the first round of these "Local Elections" the National Leaders on the Right and on the Left all had only one goal: to stop the continual rise of the Extreme Right National Front Party !   Possible changes in "local policies" to stem the rising costs, were totally ignored ! 

The results last Sunday of the "Coalition on the Right"  (UMP and UDI center right) were better than those of FN party alone and this relieved their Leaders !   What must be said is that FN had an increase of 9% in its share of the Votes.   The Socialist party on its own lost 6% !  In spite of this Valls, the Prime Minister, who led a campaign against FN, congratulated himself that FN had not become the leading Party ! 

Next Sunday, March 29, 2015 all candidates who obtained at least 12.5% of the vote will take part in a run-off vote. There will be 278 triangular and 1 614 two cornered polls.  FN will be in 772 duels in the run-off. 

Sarkozy has decreed that UMP voters should never vote either for the Socialist candidates or for the FN candidate : one should abstain !  The Center Right UDI voters have the instruction to vote for the Socialist Candidate to prevent FN gaining a seat ! 

However, the National Front may win several seats next  Sunday and also the control of some General Councils.  Local voters have grown tired of the continual interference by National leaders in Local Politics !  It is local issues they want to see addressed !

President Hollande's inability to stem the rising number of unemployed, together with the rising cost of living and the rising taxes, has disenchanted many electors, not only Socialists.  This has also destroyed the Socialist Coalition !

The results next Sunday will almost certainly provoke a big "reassessment" by all Parties of what needs to be done. The next Presidential Election in May 2017 is already looming in the minds of would be candidates !



Monday, 23 March 2015


Semaine chargée en phénomènes naturels exceptionnels.
Eclipse : Mais qui a été éclipsé ?
Marée du siècle : Inévitablement des victimes…



Sunday, 22 March 2015


FIFA Presidential elections will take place on May 29, 2015 and Sepp Blatter, the current President for the last 16 years wants at least one more term of four years (if not two terms) as President to oversee the World Cup Finals in Russia inn 2018 and in Qatar in 2022 !

He is so confident of his re-election that he has no "official" plan of action during the next four years ! He has even refused to join any discussion with other FIFA Presidential Election candidates in TV debates which were proposed !

How can he be so certain of his re-election ?   Has he made secret promises while on his world-wide travels during the last four years ?

More than three months ago (on December 19, 2014)  President Blatter promised that a redacted version of the Garcia Report would be prepared.  Has he provided a date when this redacted report of 430 pages will be made available to the other FIFA Presidential Candidates and to the general public ?    

This totalitarian negation of normal democratic rights is wholly unacceptable in Western societies and certainly does not reflect the spirit which used to pervade in the FIFA Organisation ! 

Looking at FIFA from the outside, what is surprising is the lack of astonishment at this situation by FIFA Executives and by the Judicial Authorities in Switzerland !   FIFA seems to be "in a world of its own" and "a law unto itself", i.e.  totally self sufficient ! 



Saturday, 21 March 2015


Notre ami caricaturiste MARIN apporte son aide à la rédaction du discours de François Hollande au lendemain des élections des 22 et 29 mars 2015...


Friday, 20 March 2015


All the cards are on the table and a decision must be made !  Will Greece stay in the EUROZONE ?   Or could Greece even leave the EU ? 

The immediate Financial and Political stakes which are at risk are clear, but have all the ripple effects of all the consequences been properly understood and weighed ?

Greece needs current short term finance but also has enormous debts of about 250 billion Euros which it cannot repay if it pursues the plan of reorganising life in Greece, as was promised by Tsipras prior to his election as Prime Minister !  He is committed to stopping the austerity imposed by the previous Greek Government, but which did not take the measures expected by the EUROZONE ! 

Tsipras needs a significant reduction of Greek national debt not only by the EUROZONE but also by banks inside Greece !  If the EUROZONE does not help, he can only perform a "Grexit" !  He will then be forced to re-adopt the New Drachma ! 

Tsipras will then still need more than just current short term loans !  Would Greece then still be able to stay in the EU ?   It is known that Tsipras already has contacts with Putin in Russia !   The Rouble may not be the most solid of currencies but Putin would surely not refuse to help if he could get a firm foot in the Mediterranean Basin !  He already has a berth for a Russian ship in Cyprus, not to mention his base in Syria !

Is this not a good example of what one can call "Political Chess" ?  It really does make one think !





Thursday, 19 March 2015


Sepp Blatter, the outgoing President of FIFA for the last  16 years, has again refused an offer, from the BBC and ITV this time, to participate in a televised Debate with the three other Candidates in view of the FIFA Presidential Election !

Democracy in the totalitarian FIFA Organisation is not recognised but is this really a problem ?  Nothing could stop the other three Candidates from accepting an invitation from a willing TV channel to discuss the ongoing FIFA organisational problems.  This could highlight some of the major defects which are at present hidden from the Public !  Everyone wants to know what candidates intend to do to improve the image of FIFA ! 

Blatter also seems to be reticent about publishing the  "redacted version" of the Garcia Report which he promised on December 19, 2014 after the resignation of Garcia !   How long will it now be before this promised report will be published ?  Would it not be quicker to ask Mr Garcia to produce and publish a "short-form" version of his own report ?     

With every passing day the intrigues of the Blatter organisation get more complex !  If only Agatha Christie was still with us, she would have had all that was necessary to write another thriller... about hidden intrigues and conspiracies in FIFA !

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


After two rounds of voting on the 22nd and 29th of March, 4108 candidates will be elected.  This is comparable with the number elected in previous Local Elections.  There is however one fundamental difference :  2054 teams of one Female and one Male will be elected this time !  

Although both are elected on the "same ticket" they will both have an independent vote when Council decisions have to be made.  This is France recognising the equality of the sexes ! 

There are of course other important issues which mean that these Local Elections are a real test for politicians of all Parties.  As already indicated in this Blog, the knives are out because Presidential Elections are due to be held in May 2017 at the latest ! 

Many leaders have attacked the Socialists, President Hollande in particular, for the lack of initiative and courage to inspire industry in this period of World wide  Depression !  As a direct consequence the popularity of the National Front has increased and this means they will win many more seats in these Local Elections than previously.  

This now seriously worries all the Leaders of the major political parties in France...  It also explains why they are all actively participating in debates !



Monday, 16 March 2015


Le projet de loi présenté par le Ministre des Affaires sociales, Marisol Touraine prévoit de généraliser la pratique du tiers payant pour les consultations de médecine de ville : Pour une consultation à 23 euros, le patient ne fera plus l'avance des 15,10 euros pris en charge par l'assurance maladie qui réglera directement le médecin traitant.
La pratique du tiers payant s'applique déjà dans  une dizaine de situations : par exemple soins en rapport avec un accident du travail ou une maladie professionnelle, soins dispensés à un patient bénéficiaire de l'aide médicale de l'Etat, etc...
En outre, le médecin traitant a la possibilité d'accorder le tiers payant sur la part obligatoire, aux patients qui le nécessitent, en particulier à ceux qui sont confrontés à des difficultés financières.
Est il vraiment nécessaire d'aller au delà, au risque de   donner à chacun le sentiment d'une gratuité de la consultation médicale ?  Or, ce qui devient gratuit est vite déconsidéré...
Dans les pharmacies, la pratique du tiers payant s'applique depuis plusieurs années. Certes les patients y ont trouvé leur compte ; mais combien sont ils à connaître le prix des médicaments qui leur sont délivrés et par conséquent le coût de leur traitement médical ?

Sunday, 15 March 2015


For at least the last 10 years Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front (FN) party in France, has built an increasing share of the votes at all elections, much to the dismay and alarm of other Party Leaders !
The reason for this popularity is partly due to her style of Leadership.  People quickly realise that she has understood what changes they really want.  She directly tackles the heart of a problem !
So what does she really promise to do if she is elected President of France at the next Presidential Election in May 2017 ?   This was explained when she was interviewed by the Figaro Newspaper on November 26, 2014 !
She said, if she is elected President she will negotiate with the EU so that the four essential sovereign rights are returned to France, which are territorial, monetary, legislative and economic ! 
If these four sovereign rights are not restored to France within six months, or are refused, she will hold a referendum and ask voters to agree to leave the EU !   If Voters want to stay in the EU, Marine Le Pen would resign as President of France ! 
                                   *      *      *      *     *     *
It is quite clear that she wants France to leave the EU but as a past MEP in Brussells for many years she must already know that what she wants to obtain from Brussels, in only six months, is a virtual impossibility ! 
To leave the EUROZONE and to adopt the French Franc would be "simple" but costly !  France has Financial obligations as a leading member of the ZONE, the current Grexit issue is a good example.
Marine Le Pen is certainly aware of the fact that several other countries would vote for a modernisation of certain basic or fundamental principles of the EU.   David Cameron has already started canvassing for support on some issues, because what was acceptable when Treaties were first conceived is no longer acceptable in this changing World now !
Does Marine Le Pen really not want to be President of France for longer than "just six months" to ensure that the EU changes ?   Would she not disappoint her supporters by quitting too soon ?
There are many others in France ready and yearning to take over if she resigns !          

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Three major problems preoccupy the whole of all politics in France at the moment:

1)  The rising popularity during the last ten years of the National Front party (FN) in all recent Elections.
2)  The critical economic condition of France after almost three years of guidance by President François Hollande.
3)  How can one become a Candidate at the next Presidential Elections which will take place at the latest in early May 2017 ?

After his election President François Hollande created a left wing Coalition Government but this has now been slowly re-orientated towards the centre-right with the nominations of Valls as Prime Minister and Macron as the Minister of the Economy !  Left wing Ministers like Montebourg have been replaced and "Green" coalition partners have decided to withdraw.

Hollande's Presidency has not really been appreciated.  Even Socialists have criticised increased taxation while the Eurozone now wants more and stricter controls of national "overhead" costs by France.  Hollande's popularity rose temporarily because of his Foreign Policy in Africa and his reaction to Extreme Muslim Terrorist acts in France, but this alone will not ensure his re-election in May 2017 !

Nicolas Sarkozy has made a much publicised and orchestrated return to the Political Scene in France this year after his defeat by Hollande in 2012.  His aim was to become the "Saviour of the Right" but his acclaim is falling short of what he wanted and expected !  His former Ministers and allies also have the same burning personal ambition, to be a candidate in the Presidentials in 2017 !

There are potential Candidates on the Left and others on the Right and for several the next Presidential Election will be their last chance !  However, they all face the looming problem of Marine Le Pen and the National Front because she will definitely be a Candidate and her Party (FN) has obtained about 30% of the votes in recent elections !

What will they do to "prevent" her being elected as President ?   Will  the Left and the Right again make  "unholy alliances" to prevent FN candidates being elected in the subsequent General Election ? 

Next week there are municipal elections coming up, so we shall be able to see how "alliances" are created to bar the advance of the National Front !

Thursday, 12 March 2015


When will Ban Ki-moon, Secretary of the United Nations and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, provoke or propose the action necessary, for a revision and modernisation of the Human Rights Acts, to discourage and stop the escalation of Terrorism in all parts of the World ? 

In the face of gratuitous acts of terror by Extreme Islamist Organisations from the Middle East in Africa, Europe and elsewhere, who has the duty to open political discussions and debates with the aim of amending the outdated Human Rights rules ? 

Do Ban Ki-moon and Jean-Claude Juncker, by the definition of their functions, inherently not have the responsibility to organize such a debate ?  How many more innocent victims will be killed by terrorists before someone will seriously act and provoke at least an official debate ?

The Penalty of Death no longer exists in principle, even for Terrorists !  Acts of Sedition by Terrorists and those who aid and abet them are, as a consequence, tolerated !  This must be reviewed !



During the recent IFAB meeting in Ireland, the use of more video technology to help referees during matches, was rejected by FIFA on the grounds that more information on the technology was required ! 

This technology has been used in Rugby matches for many years !  Has no one in FIFA ever watched a rugby match on Television ?  Rugby Referees appear very appreciative of the help they receive from videos.  The object is avoid wrong decisions when referees are "unsighted" !

This possibility as well as others, has often been proposed in this blog and elsewhere.  It is just another subject which could be part of a televised debate by candidates for the FIFA Presidency !

When will candidates get a chance to present their ideas on the reformation which FIFA and football in general needs ?

Is there no one, well known in the world of football or  television, who could promote or organise such a debate by willing candidates ?   Or would such a debate be considered  "undemocratic" by any of the candidates ?


Tuesday, 10 March 2015


The first round of Local Elections takes place on Sunday March 22, 2015.  With this in mind Manuel Valls has made a cry from his heart to urge Socialist electors to vote and thereby prevent the National Front (FN) from increasing their share of the votes ! 

Recent Opinion Polls have repeatedly credited FN with more than 30% of the votes which makes it the leading Party overall, in front of the Socialists (PS) and the UMP (conservatives) ! 

Hollande's Presidency has not been an economic success and it has only been his Foreign Policy which has found favour with electors.  His stand against Muslim Extremists in particular was appreciated.

Opinion Polls indicate that many socialist voters  seem to be abstaining from voting or voting FN in protest ! 

Since UMP politicians do not want a coalition with FN, their only alternative in the second round is to make a forced alliance with the Socialists,  just to avoid the FN candidate being elected ! 

This scenario becomes a nightmare when UMP politicians think of what could happen in the 2017 Presidential Elections !  

Manuel Valls has had the same thoughts, like many other politicans !  Many things can yet happen in the meantime !


Monday, 9 March 2015


On December 19, 2014 Sepp Blatter promised that a redacted version of the 430 page Michael Garcia Report would be published, to allay any suspicion of malpractice by FIFA concerning the  nomination of the Hosts for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

This promise followed the rejection by Garcia (and his immediate resignation) of the 42 page summary of his report prepared by Hans-Joachim Eckert which absolved FIFA of any wrongdoing. 

The question now is, when will this "redacted version" become available ?   Will it be made public at least two or three weeks before the next FIFA Presidential elections to be held on May 29, 2015 ? 

Will all the candidates in this election also be supplied with a copy of the original Garcia Report at the same time ? 

Sepp Blatter as President is well aware of what is going on and what needs to be done !  The candidates standing against him should also be informed of all the current problems awaiting them ! 

This Blog appeals to Cornel Borbély, who has  replaced Garcia on the Ethics Committee, to ensure the timely publication of the Redacted Report by FIFA !




"J'ai peur pour mon pays" a déclaré Manuel Valls, sur "EUROPE 1" à deux semaines du premier tour de scrutin face à la probable "vague bleue Marine".

Après l'utilisation inadéquate des mots "apartheid" et "ghetto", le Premier Ministre Manuel Valls récidive donc avec une autre formule malheureuse mais qui traduit bien ce que redoutent les socialistes: être tenus en échec lors des prochaines élections départementales.

Avoir peur, ne résout rien !  Pourquoi son gouvernement n'a-t-il pas songé à remédier aux peurs quotidiennes de nombreux français, à leurs exaspérations et qui les portent ainsi vers le vote Front National ?


Sunday, 8 March 2015


In two weeks time the first round of the Local Elections will take place in France.

The surge in Popularity Polls for the National Front party (FN) is irritating all the traditional politicians on the Left, Right and Centre !  They all agree that it would be dangerous for France if the FN obtained the most votes in the next elections !

Why do traditional Political parties not ask themselves why electors are increasingly voting for FN candidates ?  They just say that FN cannot be trusted !  They used to say that  FN is only gathering "Protest voters" !  However now, they realise that it is not only that !  They are discovering that Marine Le Pen really listens to what people are worrying about and what they are saying !

However, does she have the right solutions to their problems ?  That remains to be seen ! 




All the leaders of minor political parties are baying for David Cameron's blood because they want him to participate in televised debates before the next Parliamentary Election in May !

He has stubbornly refused,  and quite rightly so !  Everyone wants the limelight at Prime Time to prove their "Worth" but what would happen ?   Because every Leader wants Cameron's "Job", they would all attack what he has perhaps not perfectly achieved during the last five years !  They would also make promises to electors which he could or would not make while he was in office !

In other words Cameron would be on a "hiding for nothing" !

Everyone has seen at "Prime Minister's Question Time" Ed Miliband desperately attacking Cameron in an effort to score a few "popularity points" !  All he has managed to do is to reveal his own shortcomings and, in particular, the absence of any real alternative Economic Policy !

When Cameron won the election in 2010 the socialist New Labour Party had been in office for 13 years but Britain was bankrupt !   Blair and Brown, with the help of Miliband at the end, were probably glad to leave office !  

Now, 5 years later Britain is doing better than most of he countries in the EU ! 

What any worthy political party must do first of all is to prove where the money will come from to pay for all the "presents" they promise to electors !  One should not try to "fool" electors with hollow promises ! 



Friday, 6 March 2015


L'UMPS n'a jamais aussi bien mérité son nom !

Pour les élections départementales des 22 et 29 mars, UMP et Parti Socialiste parlent d'une seule et même voix.  Un seul mot d'ordre : voter contre le Front National !

Lors de leurs déplacements en province pour soutenir leurs candidats respectifs, Manuel Valls et Nicolas Sarkozy n'expriment qu'une crainte : être devancé par le Front National.

Même refrain du côté de François Hollande, qui explique qu'il va arracher les électeurs au Front National !

Tout ceci risque d'aller à l'encontre du but recherché !




Thousands of Russians have paid their respects to Boris Nemtsov who was buried last Tuesday after having been assassinated in the shadows of the Kremlin !

Nemtsov was one of the two main opposition critics in the DUMA parliament who disagreed with the way Putin ruled in Russia.

Putin was chosen by the retiring President Eltsine to succeed him and not Nemtsov, who had been one of his former vice-prime ministers !  What would life had been like for Russians (and the West) if Nemtsov had been chosen instead ?   

With hindsight one can now understand why so many thousands wanted to pay their last respects !   It is the proof that there is a silent oppressed opposition in Russia, waiting for.... deliverance !




The Times newspaper, dated March 4, 2015 again highlights the failings of the Police and Social Services, which has lead to a cry for a National Debate on "Sex Grooming by Muslims" !  

Can anyone justify why there should be such a debate ?  Should any debate not be centred on the failings of the Police and National Social Services which did not protect the Young Girls who were exploited on an "industrial basis" over a period of at least 15 years by various groups of Muslims ? 

Why did the Police not Prosecute ?  Every person, in the "chain of responsibility" should be identified and named !  They must be made to justify their inaction !

How is it that the Parents of these girls did not react ?  Or were they "fobbed off" when they complained ?

Were teachers in schools really totally unaware of what was going on ?  Did the local Clergy really know nothing ?  What about the Local Coucillors ?  Do they never talk to their electors ?  Did none of their minds not "boggle" when they knew something was wrong ?

The Laws of Great Britain protect the British way of life !   The sexual abuse of children, under the age of consent, is a crime !
In Britain this basic rule applies to all Muslims as well as Protestants, Catholics or Jews !  

When Britons go abroad they must respect the laws of the country they are visiting, even when they are Muslim countries !

Everyone, whatever his position in Public Life or private life, is expected to observe these simple rules !  If he fails he should be judged and punished !

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


This age old problem of Immigration always comes to the fore when Elections are looming !  The next Parliamentary Election in the UK is on May 7, 2015  and Immigration is clearly on the agenda of Debates for Candidates !

Theresa May the Home Secretary, can change very little before the next election !  The EU basic rules must first be changed !  If they are not changed, Britain must leave the EU before it can apply its own chosen "selective immigration" Policy !   

Not one Person or one Country is honest and clear when asked to define the ideal Immigration Policy !   In fact it would be be easier to list  all the "pitfalls" or "exceptions" rather than to define one perfect policy !

The ideal Policy for ALL countries would be "SELECTIVE IMMIGRATION" which would give each country the right to decide whether a "would be immigrant" can stay or not, wherever he comes from and for whatever reason !  

Alas this is not permitted by current EU "freedom of movement" principles !  Also the EU does not have a watertight system that stops immigrants before they reach a chosen EU country.  Many pay "People smugglers" and then perish at sea before they arrive, a sad fate reported only too often in the Press !  

                                         *   *   *   *   *

All parties in Britain know this !  Everyone has known for a long time that David Cameron wants to open the Debate in the EU to modernise several out of date principles before a referendum on whether "to stay in or get out" of the EU !  

All parties will hammer the Conservatives on Immigration, but "WHY" ?  Do they have a better future policy on Immigration ?  One should not imagine either that David Cameron will be all alone when he attacks "out of date" fundamental EU principles !  Other countries will be ready to help !


The ties between Russia and Cyprus have existed for a long time.   Long before Putin became President of Russia in 2000 and before Cyprus joined the EU in 2004.  In 2013 Cyprus was bailed out by the EUROZONE but Russia also helped with a loan ! 

There is even a Russian Embassy in Cyprus, and a Cypriot Embassy in Moscow !  The recent arrival of Russian ships in Cyprus is, therefore, not a complete surprise ! 

It is just another example of how Putin never misses a chance to move his pawns in the Political Game of chess !

One should not forget that early 2014  Putin prevented  Yanukovych, the elected President of Ukraine, to go any further with the aim of getting Ukraine into the EU ! That was against the will of what the Ukrainian people wanted !   What was the result ?  Absolute mayhem ! 

There were immediate uprisings all over Ukraine, Yanukovych fled in fear of his life, but Putin invaded and grabbed Crimea in South Western Ukraine !  Putin then stoked the Fires of a Civil War in Eastern Ukraine by supplying armaments to ethnic Russian Rebels, while always denying everything !

Now he has obtained the right to anchor Russian Ships in Cyprus !  Why ?  He already has ships anchored in Syrian ports !  Does he really need more space to "defend" Russia ?

Currently Putin has serious problems at home !  The Nemtsov assassination has created more social unrest and there is also Financial instability in Russia due to the crumbling Rouble.   This does not however, deter Putin from sending Russian  planes along the South Coast of England, or over the territories of Lithuainia, Latvia and Estonia ! 

It is all "Political Chess" !  He wants to get his foot into the EU door and also ruffle the feathers of NATO !  But like a hungry dog, he will let go of nothing !  He has "feet on the ground" everywhere !

When will the West stop dithering and start to station its troops in a show of force !   Does no one know how to play "political chess" ?  Why not consult some of the former Russian Satellite countries now in the EU ?  They have a good idea of what could happen next !  


Monday, 2 March 2015


Attention!La liste pourrait encore s'allonger...



La période d'essai qui précède l'embauche définitive permet à l'employeur d' évaluer les compétences du salarié dans son travail, notamment au regard de son expérience et au salarié d'apprécier si les fonction occupées lui conviennent.

 Si la période d'essai n'est pas concluante, l'employeur peut y mettre fin sous réserve de respecter un délai de prévenance (1)de:

- 24 heures en deçà de 8 jours de présence,
- 48 heures entre huit jours et un mois de présence,
- deux semaines après un mois de présence,
- un mois après trois mois de présence.
La période d'essai, renouvellement inclus, ne peut être prolongée du fait de la durée du délai de prévenance (loi du 25 juin 2008, Code du travail, art 1221-25). Illustration:
Un salarié est engagé le 1er avril avec une période d'essai de deux mois se terminant le 31 mai. Le 25 mai l'employeur l' avertit qu' il ne sera pas embauché à l'issue de la période d'essai. Le délai de prévenance de deux semaines à respecter dans ce cas ne permet pas au salarié de rester dans l'entreprise au delà du 31 mai. 
L'employeur qui ne respecte pas le délai de prévenance  doit verser au salarié , sauf si celui-ci a commis une faute grave,  une indemnité compensatrice.
L'indemnité due est égale au montant des salaires et avantages que le salarié aurait perçus s'il avait travaillé jusqu'à l'expiration du délai de prévenance, indemnité compensatrice de congés payés comprise ( ordonnance du 26 juin 2014 art 19 complétant l'article 1221-25 du code du travail)
(1)le salarié qui rompt la période d'essai doit respecter un délai de prévenance de 24 heures pour une présence inférieure à huit jours, 48 heures au -delà.



Sunday, 1 March 2015


Boris NEMTSOV, aged 55, the leading opposition politician in Russia was assassinated in the shadows of the Kremlin walls in Moscow on Friday, February 27, 2015 !  Alas, he is just the last victim in a string of similar such unexpected killings !

He was a well known former Deputy Prime Minister of President Boris Eltsin, when unexpectedly Putin was finally chosen to succeed Eltsin in the year 2000 !

President Putin has declared that all will be done quickly, to catch and punish the killers of Nemtsov. They fired four bullets and then sped off in a car !  

The World is now watching !  What will happen ?  Will Putin attend the funeral of Nemtsov, his erstwhile ally but who then became a thorn with his criticsms ?  Will any killers really ever be caught and punished ?

The Rally which Nemtsov and his supporters had organised for today to protest against what is happening in Ukraine, has already been cancelled !   Instead "Remembrance Flowers" are being placed at the spot where Nemtsov was gunned to death ! It could become a shrine !

Putin will now certainly want to shift the blame away from the Kremlin and its walls !  Will he blame it all on the Islamic Terrorists now acting in Russia, or the Nationalists in Ukraine who are already killing ethnic Russians living there and driving them from their homes ? 

He will certainly not invite 40 Heads of State to Moscow, like President Hollande did to Paris last January, after the "Charlie Hebdo" massacres !   

Why is Putin planning to dock Russian ships in Cyprus ?  Why are Russian troops having military exercices on the doorsteps of former small Russian satellite countries ?  Does he want to add them to his conquest of Crimea 12 months ago ?

One can only speculate !  The future promises to be full of unexpected tidings, in this "merry month of March" !