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Monday, 14 September 2015


EU Interior Ministers have been summoned to an  emergency meeting this afternoon in Brussels to discuss how the refugees from the Middle East can be allocated to countries in the EU.

As previous articles have already indicated, the open armed welcome extended by Chancellor Angela Merkel to 800 000 refugees to come to Germany, has created an immediate scramble to get there as quickly as possible.  German cities are not ready to cope with the demands.

Likewise, the 160 000 other refugees, who should be allocated to other EU countries, has revealed a definite unwillingness by several countries to accept refugees. 

This meeting will try to summarise all the objections to determine what must be done to prevent more panic among immigrants and more dissention among EU member countries.  The plans for Immigrants next year will almost certainly also be evoked.

Can action be taken before the next meeting of the Council of Ministers on October 15 + 16, 2015 ?  That remains to be seen !