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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


A press conference was held in Zurich by the USA attorney general Loretta Lynch in the presence of the Swiss attorney general Michael Lauber yesterday.  This revealed that the Swiss and USA  authorities, which are separately  investigating FIFA, are co-operating and that further indictments will be made. 

One can expect the usual affirmation from Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President, that he "is clean" !  If that is supposed to mean that he has not enriched himself by accepting any bribes, one should not question the fact. 

However, the fact that FIFA officials who Blatter knew well over a long period of time, have now been indicted for racketeering, accepting bribes and money laundering, raises questions concerning his competence as President.

In normal public or private companies, when a scandal of this magnitude is identified, the President is held responsible and fired on the spot !   Particularly when a "hot" report, like the 350 page Garcia Report, which revealed profiteering by FIFA executives is received.    Blatter preferred to publish the shorter summary prepared by Eckert which absolved everyone in FIFA . 

This may soon come back to haunt him, but he is still the President until his successor is elected in February 2016 !