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Tuesday, 22 September 2015


At the EU Council of Leaders meeting tomorrow, decisive action is urgently awaited by all EU countries and their citizens.  

Effective action to curb and prevent the desperate attempts of "migrants" from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, to enter the EU Schengen area is expected. 

The allocation of 120 000 refugees, which EU countries have already refused to accept, but who are already in the  Schengen area after Angela Merkel's "open arms" welcome, is vital but of secondary importance.

What is of prime importance is to decide how to stop the arrival of more than one million desperate "migrants" in the coming six months.  This implies urgently adopting effective measures of control now at all points of entry into the EU. 

Treaties will have to be changed and decisions made about who will bear the additional costs of  increased controls.  As everyone knows, refusing entry to "migrants" at the gates of the EU is not simple.   Smaller countries like Greece will need even more than just financial help.

If nothing is decided by the Council of Leaders to-morrow, another urgent meeting will be necessary very shortly to chew over the same problems !