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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


A Referendum Vote in 2017 to decide whether Britain should "Stay in or get out" of the EU, was a promise made by David Cameron and the Conservative Party in their Manifesto for the 2015 General Election.

This question had provoked endless discussions and debates  for a long time in Britain.  The number of those arguing "For or Against" Britain staying in the EU are finely balanced.  David Cameron as Prime Minister, was quite right to propose a Referendum, but in 2017 to settle this issue, was perhaps being too optimistic !

Cameron needs time to propose changes to Treaties before "The Vote", but underestimated the time needed.   There are hardened politicians in Europe like Angela Merkel, who like  Margaret Thatcher, are not there for turning !  They do not like being pushed, they prefer to be the proposer of any changes ! 

In fact, why is it so urgent to have a vote so soon ?   Britain at present is a bouyant country, much more so than the majority of the other 28 countries in the EU !   Britain has and controls its own Currency which competes confidently with the EURO !  It serves the World as well as the Commonwealth !

Is it really urgent and necessary now, to take stock, to decide whether it would be better and more profitable for Britain to leave the EU ?   Would this not be a jump into the unknown ?

Those in favour of leaving the EU are estimating the beneficial  Economic and Financial effect of an independent Britain, but  do they also include the cost of losing political influence in EU  decision making ? 

The expression which best answers this question is : "One in the hand is better than one in the bush !".

Would it not be better to delay the Referendum ? 

Any future Government, Conservative or Socialist, Left or Right, could always decide later to have a referendum, to stay or leave the EU, if that is in Britain's best interests. 

However, once Britain is out, it will be very difficult to get back in, or to have the same influence on EU decision making !