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Thursday, 26 November 2015


Dans un discours prononcé en Alsace ce 25 novembre, Nicolas Sarkozy a dénoncé "des décennies de renoncements, de reniements et de lâchetés collectives".  Ceci à l'instar d'Eric Zemmour, dont l'ouvrage "Le suicide français" analysait ces quarante années qui ont défait la France.
Toutefois, Nicolas Sarkozy, parviendra-t-il à nous faire oublier sa propre responsabilité dans le déclin de la France ?
Rappelons qu'entre 1993 et 2012, Il a été "aux Affaires" pendant près de 14 ans, dont deux fois Ministre de l'Intérieur pour une durée totale de 3 ans et 9 mois et  Président de la République pendant 5 ans...

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Slowly Western Powers are preparing to join France and Russia in a war against the Extreme I S Terrorists in the Middle East.  The reality of recent atrocities in France has created the fear  that  I S will carry on attacking, but not only in France. 

The impression is that I S could be totally destroyed  very  quickly in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq.  Concentrated bombardments with Missiles and the destruction of Oil Wells and Main Roads, could seal the defeat of the Islamic State within one year.

The unknown factor is "what will happen afterwards" ?   Without "feet on the ground" Western forces could never impose peace or ensure peace after this war.  Could Russia, even with its army already in Syria, prevent further atrocities in that country ?  Bachar al Assad has many enemies !

There is general unrest all over the Middle East.  Above all, revenge is in the hearts of many who have lost relatives and friends.  Likewise religious sects will still want to impose their beliefs.   This will be like several civil wars going on at the same time.

Although the I S danger could be quickly defused in the Middle East, many Cells of Activists, all over the EU, will still be "alive".  Attacks, like those in France recently, can be expected.

This clearly means that the EU must unite now.  It must pool all anti-terrorist information and agree to share it with North America, to snuff out active cells.      

One cannot ignore the fact that there are also active terrorist cells in Asia and Africa.  This has already provoked floods of Refugees from those areas who also to try to migrate into Europe, in spite the new EU "closed doors" Policy !   

Will "Refugees" want to return home once there is real Peace in their country ?   That will probably depend on how long they  have waited in Europe.  The longer they wait, the less likely they will want to return to the ruins of their countries of origin.  




Depuis un an déjà, l'amplitude de la durée du travail  hebdomadaire des concierges de catégorie B a été ramenée de 50 heures à 47 heures 30 (avenant 84 du 23 mars 2014 étendu par arrêté du 13 novembre 2014, JO du 25).  Par amplitude du travail, on entend la durée pendant laquelle le gardien effectue ses tâches; cela correspond aux heures d'ouverture de la loge  (voir notre article en date du 11 octobre 2015).

Pourtant un an après l'entrée en vigueur de cette disposition, certains concierges n'en profitent toujours pas !

Ainsi, un de nos lecteurs nous signale que, dans sa copropriété parisienne pourtant gérée par le syndic N..., l'un des plus  importants de France, le concierge ne bénéficie toujours pas de cette diminution de l'amplitude de la durée du travail qui, depuis un an, est restée fixée à 50 heures.

Et notre lecteur de remarquer que le gardien subit là un préjudice dont il est en droit de demander réparation à son employeur, c'est à dire le syndicat des copropriétaires.

Toutefois dans cette hypothèse, il appartient au syndicat des copropriétaires de se retourner contre le syndic responsable et coupable de  négligence fautive vis à vis du gardien, son préposé.

Il n'est pas question que le syndicat des copropriétaires assume les conséquences financières d'une faute du syndic.




Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I would like to draw your attention to three articles published recently in this Blog, "Politic Politics", entitled :


Monday, 23 November 2015


The WADA report is only a partial exposure of some cheats who used drugs to improve their performances to win and to establish records.  The Report accuses a few countries but probably not enough.

In fact, it is impossible to verify and correct all current records for suspected drug abuse reasons.   No foolproof universal control system has been available.

As a consequence, all current existing records belong to that past and are worthless !   A foolproof modern system must be adopted, to ensure that in future every competitor is "clean" and above suspicion before a race, if new records are to be recognised.

The fact that a "New Control System" must be introduced is not a Tragedy nor a necessary evil .  On the contrary ! 

It will double the interest in Athletics and could be a  money spinner, particularly for the Rio Olympics, where dozens of new World, Olympic and National records  could be established !   In every event there "could" be new records !

The crowds will flock to RIO in August 2016, but only if the IAAF and WADA adopt and impose a "NEW foolproof CONTROL SYSTEM" in time !  That must be the new goal !



Sunday, 22 November 2015


The Administrators of Sport at all levels, Local, National and International, must also be "clean" of any wrongdoing, just like the competitors they organise. 

Everyone has seen the reports of what happened in the FIFA Organisation, where trusted executives were lining their pockets by accepting bribes whenever they could.  These long Investigations are still going on !

All Organisations like WADA, the IAAF and the Olympic Games must correctly remunerate its Executives for the time they spend promoting the aims of their Organisation. 

Likewise all Sports Organisations which hold Championships or Festivals must be prepared to pay for the benefits they derive from WADA and IAAF and others.  The prime example is the  Olympic Games Organisation which "needs" clean competitors to attract enthusiastic, paying spectators ! 

Also Sponsors, who pay for publicity for well known products, do not want to be associated with cheating sports stars or any other unethical practices.   

The time has now come when everyone must accept that "drugs in sport" is no longer an option !   Also the cost of ensuring that  competitors are clean, must be fairly shared.   

If this chance is not taken now, nothing will change until the next WADA report or a "FIFA style" investigations ! 



The Organisers of the 2016 Rio Olympics fear that the suspension of Russia and perhaps other countries or athletes, could cause huge financial losses for Brazil.  Less visitors would want to come and watch the Olympic Games.  

WADA, the World Anti Doping Agency, produced a report which accused countries and competitors of using "dope" to improve  athletic performances.  This led to the suspension of Russia by the IAAF, the International Association of Athletics Federation. 

If WADA is a capable and respected anti doping authority, which appears to be the case, should it not be THE Agency which should "organise and oversee" every stage of the doping control of all athletes that participate at the 2016 Olympic Games ?  

For the first time, why not impose rigorous tests, shortly before and shortly after all events in RIO, which would prove that all competitors were "clean" before the race as well as the first four "over the line" after the race ? 

Any competitor who refuses or fails to submit himself for any test, should be disqualified immediately, but could appeal at a later date and be perhaps be readmitted as a competitor. 

Would this not guarantee that Russia, or any other country, knowing that the new rules applied to every competitor, would ensure that every Russian competitor was clean ?  Would any "unclean" competitor ever dare to try to compete ?  Why therefore expel Russia from ALL future competitions ?

The real difficulty is organising these tests and then validating them rapidly.  Alas, this duty will remain forever.  Is there any other method, more efficient and more simple, to ensure athletes are not "doped", when they are competing like desperate professionals for monetary gain and for glory ? 


Saturday, 21 November 2015


The revelations after the recent I S Terrorist attacks in Paris, that all these attacks were planned in Brussels and its suburbs, has created total panic !   

What has also really surprised everyone following these events is that there are nests of Extreme Islamists in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels.  Numerous well known international organisations (like the EU) have their Headquarters in Brussels.  Molenbeek even harboured the terrorists which attacked the Bataclan Theatre in Paris.

What has also surprised everyone is that, after the attack in Paris, the terrorists sheltered in a run-down building which had  become a "Squat" and also a drug-peddling centre.  This "building" is very close to the Town Hall of Saint Denis and the Basilique of Saint Denis, which is well known and attracts  tourists from everywhere !   

French and Belgian citizens have been stunned to discover all these facts and they legitimately want to know why their elected politicians have not acted long ago and with severity.
This morning the Belgian Government hastily announced measures to counter the threats in Brussels and underground trains there have been suspended until Sunday evening. 

When will the European Union also react, by suspending the Schengen Agreement and by reinforcing stricter controls at all entry points into the EU ?   Better late than never ! 




Les attentats du 13 novembre 2015 ont plongé Paris et la France dans l'effroi, la sidération puis l'étonnement.

Parmi toutes les interrogations qui nous assaillent actuellement, deux questions notamment :

Comment a-t-on laissé Molenbeek située dans la proche banlieue de Bruxelles, capitale belge et siège de nombreuses organisations européennes, devenir le repaire de l'Islamisme radical par lequel transitent les terroristes?

Comment la ville de Saint Denis, située dans la toute proche banlieue parisienne, a-t-elle pu laisser un immeuble vétuste se transformer en squat, haut lieu de trafics en tout genre, à deux pas de l'Hôtel de ville de Saint Denis et de sa célèbre basilique ?

Les terroristes du 13 novembre s'y étaient réfugiés jusqu'à ce que la police lance l'assaut mercredi 25 novembre .

La France et la Belgique également menacée se demandent légitimement pourquoi leurs responsables politiques n'ont pas agi bien plus tôt et bien plus fermement.




Friday, 20 November 2015


Although the "Charley Hebdo" attack by Muslim Extremists in January 2015 created fear and consternation in France and Europe, nothing was done afterwards to increase security.  

The callous attacks last Friday in Paris, which killed 130 people and injured more than 200 others, reveals how simple it is to enter and leave Schengen area countries.   Nothing effective since then has been done to identify, detain and/or deport Extremist Activists in France or elsewhere in Europe.

There are 5 million Muslims living in France, who attend Mosques, some of which are known for their "radical" preaching.   

Should Imams not be helping the Police and the Ministry of the Interior of their country to eradicate IS Extremists from their midst ? 

Should notices, "Outside and Inside" all Mosques, not clearly state that killing non-believers is not an accepted principle of  this Mosque ? 

A State of Emergency has been declared by President Hollande  and War has been declared by France against the Islamic State, not, to be clear, against traditional believers of the Prophet Muhammad.




Thursday, 19 November 2015


Even before the Terrorist attacks in France many people wondered whether some Islamic Mosques were not harbouring potential I S terrorists. 

The very fact that recent attacks were planned in Belgium and that there are numerous "extremist" Mosques in the suburbs of Brussels, highlights what could happen in the future, but not only in France or Belgium !

Christian churches are generally open for anyone to visit, even tourists.  Is this true of Mosques in all countries ?

Have the Police in all countries, exercised their duties to ensure public safety ; have they searched Mosques to allay suspicion ; does the law of their country permit searches in all Religeous premises ?  

Has anyone seen any reports that their Police Forces have been able to enter and search a Mosque in their country ? 



Wednesday, 18 November 2015


The "State of Emergency" announced by President Hollande during the week-end, was the signal that Police needed to  launch concerted attacks  against known suspects. 

Early this morning they raided flat where terrorists were hiding in the Saint Denis district, just north of Paris, only 800 metres from the Stade de France football stadium. This is where  Kamikase Terrorists first struck last Friday evening, while President Hollande was there, watching the friendly football match between France and Germany. 

This morning seven suspects were arrested and two people were killed, including a woman Kamikase.  The identification of all these people is being verified.

It had already been established that Terrorists in the Cell which was responsible for the atrocities last Friday evening, lived in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels in Belgium.  This is again proof that I S terrorists are and can be widely present all over the EU, not just in one or two countries !

The EU Leaders must now realise that concerted action is required.  Every country must be vigilent and actively help to protect the EU against IS Terrorists !



Tuesday, 17 November 2015


After the attacks by Islamic Terrorists last Friday, President Hollande declared a State of Emergency.   Yesterday, in accordance with the French Constitution, President Hollande  addressed all the Members of Parliament and the Members of the Senate, assembled in the Palais of Versailles.

In a competent speech lasting more than half an hour, he declared that after the atrocities in Paris last Friday, France was at War against the Islamic State. He requested a time extention of the State of Emergency to three months and modifications to the Constitution "to act against warlike terrorism".  French citizens in general have welcomed the urgent measures outlined by President Hollande.

Everyone now hopes that rapid decisions and the rapid action necessary will follow quickly.  But there is a feeling that a lot of time has been wasted since the attack on "Charley Hebdo" by IS Terrorists in January this year ! 

Above all, the Public does not want all these niceties to become a "political football" !  This is not the time for French politicians to prevent action or to try to embarrass President Hollande before the Presidential Elections in May 2017.   That would be self defeating !

France is not alone.  Potential Allies have already expressed their sympathy and are ready to help France against the barbarious Islamic State.  But they now await and expect Leadership and urgent decisions from France. 



On the warm Friday evening, of a very warm November week, Kamikaze I S terrorists struck in several spots in Paris and killed 128 young people, men and women in their early twenties. There were also 300 injured, of which 100 seriously, who are still fighting for their lives.

Some were relaxing on the terraces of Cafés when they gunned down, others were in the Bataclan Theatre, where many were the victims of a suicide bomber.

Not only France but many other countries are shocked by what happened in Paris.  There were not only French victims but also foreigners from about 19 different countries, all here tasting the relaxed way of life in Paris. 

This French way of life today is the same as it was more than 50 years ago, and also between the two World Wars !  Parents and Grandparents all over the world will remember, and some may be mourning ! 

President Hollande has declared that France is at war against the Barbarous Islamic State Killers.  France will not be alone.  It can be sure that other countries will actively help !


Monday, 16 November 2015


For all codes of Sport, is it not now the right and opportune time to adopt stricter testing to discourage the use of "dope" by cheating competitors ? 
Basically, any positive test in future should lead to an immediate ban, which if confirmed, should be replaced by an "Expulsion for Life" from all competitive sports.
The recent expulsion of Russia seems to be wrong in principle.  It implies that every Russian sportsman is guilty !  That cannot be the case.
What everyone seemed to fear was that a few Russians in the past set world records with the help of "dope".  That probably is true, but it is now impossible to prove how widespread this was, either in Russia or in other unsuspected countries !
Many World and National records are therefore, probably tainted.  They must be consigned to history !   New records should then only be recognised, if the new Official World Testing Rules have been applied and respected.
Will the current problems go away forever, if  fundamentally nothing changes ?   No !   Problems will only get more complex instead !

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Less than 24 hours after Russia was banned from athletics by the IAAF vote, based on the WADA Report into Drug Abuse by Russian athletes, the President of the Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach was trying to ensure Russia would be able to participate in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil next summer.

What is Mr Bach's problem ?  Is it the Financial loss of revenues to the Olympic Games Movement which could result, if Russia or any other country could not participate ?  

All Countries and their Competitors could compete if their athletes at the Olympics Games, about two hours before their competition, pass an obligatory drug test which proves that they are clean !  

It is for you, Mr Bach, as the Organiser of the Olympics,  to ensure such tests are made and promptly checked.  This rule should apply to Russia as well as any other country.   WADA should oversee all these tests.

The aim is to clean-up Sport by eliminating Drug Usage.  No one wins anything by gleefully punishing a few, past, offenders.  The new aim can only be to record new World and National records with the help of obligatory testing, to efface old dubious records !

Is that not an Olympic dream ?





Are all Muslims in France potential fanatical Extremists ? Quite clearly "NO" ! 

Since the "Charlie Hebdo" attack on January 7th 2015 , this question has been evoked several times but traditional Imams, leaders of their Muslim communities, have not really helped to  find a solution ! 

All they simply say is "We do not subscribe to the same interpretation of the Koran" !   That alone, as a contribution to solving current problems, is clearly not enough !

What is needed is a "Popular Uprising of all muslims" in France to show they are against these criminal extremists.

In his message Hassen Chalghoumi, the Imam of Drancy, has recently said "These Barbarians have nothing to do in a human society.  No muslims can remain silent;  muslims must say they have nothing to do with these criminals".



Saturday, 14 November 2015


A State of Emergency has been decreed after the Islamic State (I S) attacks in Paris last night.

At least 128 people have lost their lives and up to 237 were injured, of which 99 very seriously.  Many of them were in a theatre attending a rock concert in the 11 th district of Paris.

This morning in Paris, anxiety and stupor could be seen on the faces of everyone.   As the importance of what had happened sunk in, markets, large Department Stores all over Paris started closing, as well as Museums, the Eiffel Tower and the Chateau of Versailles.  

Everyone now awaits what this State of Emergency will change, not only in Paris and France but in the Western World, particularly the EU !

The  Islamic State is not only at war in the Middle East, but also in most EU countries, where their agents already nurture and train cells of potential terrorists to fight, even against their own neighbours.  France has feared further attacks like these since the "Charlie Hebdo" attack in January this year.

France will act and quite rightly expects other countries to participate actively in the common fight against Extreme I S terrorists. 

The EU Council of Leaders must be urgently convened and  Chancellor Merkel will be expected to be less dogmatic in her approach to the changes required to defend the EU Family of Nations from unwanted Migrants.  ALL doors of entry must be firmly shut and protected.

To leave any doors open is tantamount to inviting more trouble ! 




The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has banned unanimously Russia from Athletics, as is proposed in the report by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).

To ban only Russia may appear harsh, because there are other countries and athletes who have aroused suspicion.  However, it does offer the IAAF and its President Lord Coe an early chance to impose, on all countries and all athletes, stringent new rules on doping tests needed in athletics.

A complete revision of current rules is required.  Only countries and competitors who accept to apply ALL these updated new  conditions should be allowed to participate in IAAF events. 

These new rules should cover,

     -  Anti doping tests two hours before all athletics events, and a test after the event for the winners.
    -  Temporary but immediate expulsion of athletes if tests are not "clean" !
    -  Random unannounced tests on athletes between meetings at any time, anywhere, by WADA officials.
    -  Expulsion of any Country from Athletics, which refuses the entry to its territory of Competitors or Officials affiliated to IAAF, and of unannounced visits by WADA officials.

The current world records cannot now all be suspected and investigated.  New, clean records must now be cataloged from a certain date and become the World Records of the New Era, once the new rules have been adopted.

When Russia signs-up to the new rules, it could then again participate !   By the time of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Putin should have completed his Investigation into doping in his Country. 





Friday, 13 November 2015


Once again Putin has ordered an Investigation, this time into allegations of Russian "state sponsored doping" of its athletes, over a number of years, contained in the Report by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency). 

Today the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) will discuss these allegations and decide if Russia should be suspended from the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016.

Is the suspension of Russia the right approach ?  Are there not other countries which have not done enough to discourage its athletes from using "dope" ?

Would the right approach and most practical method of eliminating "dope" from Athletics be the immediate and LIFE-LONG expulsion of "cheats" ?   Should all athletes competing in all leading Competitions not be systematically tested shortly before the start ?   

Putin always denies any wrongdoing, but then orders an investigation.  They all take at least a year !  

Immediate life-long expulsions would oblige clean athletes to appeal.  They would miss the race, but only one race ! Afterwards the second sample could quickly settle any doubts ! 

All members of IAAF, WADA and individual Countries and Competitors, must accept to make a NEW START !  Otherwise nothing will ever change !


Thursday, 12 November 2015


Not a day goes by without more breaking news on past corruption in FIFA.  How can anyone be sure that corruption will stop after the next Election of the FIFA President scheduled for February 26, 2016 ?

Blatter's "pyramid of cronies" is slowly crumbling, but not quickly enough.   Corruption in FIFA goes back more than 20 years, before even Blatter's first election as President in 1998 when he unexpectedly beat the favourite, Lennart Johanssen.  Blatter has been re-elected four times since then.

It is almost certain that more revelations will surface as investigations continue.  This will take time ! Should the current interim managers of FIFA not bar any candidate for the FIFA Presidency who has previously served as a Member of the Executive of FIFA ?   It should be noted that today the candidature of Platini has not been retained...        

Must the new objective not now be to create a totally "New FIFA" ?  "Out with the OLD", in with the "NEW Faces of FIFA" ? 



Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The IOC (Internation Olympic Committee) apparantly wants WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) to start disciplinary procedings against athletes accused of doping offences.

Why ?  Is this the right point at which to start correcting all that is lacking, lax and wrong ?  

Does Sport not need to improve procedures for a more rigorous control of cheating competitors who use  "doped products"  (Officially listed as unaccepted products) at all levels of Sport and in all sporting disciplines ?

Should any new Worldwide procedure not take into account the fact that present World records and National records are "tainted", because competitors were not controled on the day of the race and then declared to be "clean" to compete ?  

One cannot accept tainted records and it is not possible to invalidate past records because of suspicion alone.   Likewise, to want to exclude Russia, as has been suggested, or any other country, is not the ideal solution !  

New World and new National records must now be properly recorded but after a date to be decided.  This can only be when new  procedures have been agreed and all competitors are made to submit themselves to all tests.  If a new record is established, a test within an hour after the event  must also become obligatory to permit its official validation as a new record ! 

Most top sportsmen are now handsomely paid or rewarded for what they do.  They must accept the new rules of their sports. 

Who should be made responsible for ensuring the "anti-doping tests" are correctly made ?  In principle this must be the Organisers of International events or major National events..  They are the initiators.     WADA (World Anti - Doping Agency)  must be alerted and consulted.   

Who should prosecute "cheats" discovered too late ?  WADA must decide how to tackle this.  If random unanounced testing between events is adopted in the new worldwide rules, an immediate life suspension should be made possible.  This would mean "the suspected cheat" would be obliged to appeal !

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


The French Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, has announced that a decree will be published in January 2016, which will ban "opaque side windows" next to front seats in cars.  

The reason for this ban : it will enable the Police to check and enforce the laws that seat belts are buckled, that the driver is not using a mobile phone, etc... 

More than 3 years ago, we raised the question why Opaque Windows were permitted in cars (1).  Were the Police not handicapped in their work ? 

Today in France there are still stumbling blocks for which solutions must be found ;

   1  The cost of modifying car windows could cost up to 650 euros.
   2  Will this ban also apply to Diplomatic vehicules with CD number plates, even if the occupants are only out shopping ? 
   3  Will the ban apply to Ministerial cars, or the cars of MPs and MEPs ? 
   4  Could opaque windows be justified for "security reasons" ?

(1)  Read "Cars with opaque Windows !  Why ?",
      dated 5 March 2012.                                      




A Report published yesterday by the IAAF (International Amateur Athletics Federation) critcises the widespread usage of "dope" to enhance the performances by male and female competitors.

This is not really surprising.  Certain sports, cycling and athletics to name just two, have been known to be riddled by the illegal use of drugs for many years.  Increased controls have caught only few abusers who like Armstrong, were in fact punished with lifetime suspensions whereas Tom Simpson was over-doped and died during the Tour de France Cycling race in 1967.

Many years ago all sportsmen were theoretically "amateurs" and not paid for competing !  Now all top sportspeople are paid, but some have used "dope" to enhance their performances. Likewise it is also illegal for sportsmen to place bets on competitions in which they are competing, but... !

When "doped" competitors are caught, their trainers and dope suppliers must also be punished with bans or imprisonment !  

It is not easy to ensure all competing sportsmen are "clean" and not cheating, without doping tests on everyone in all competitions !   Furthermore, more unannouced and unexpected tests must be made between competitions, but this is not permitted in certain countries.  

Now reports point the finger directly at Russian  competitors for using "dope" to break world records to the detriment of other "clean" competitors.   President Putin who proudly presents himslf as an example of a clean living Leader, must now feel totally ashamed.   He cannot plead that he was unaware that Russian sports competitors used "dope".  Russian Sport is financed by the State (for the glory of Russia).  

Alas, the same observation is true for ALL Political Leaders who finance Sport, and who then bathe in the reflected Glory of their "doped" winners ! 

There is now only one place where you can be sure of finding "clean", untainted, natural athletes !    It is in Kindergartens ! 

Cleaning-up Sport will take an eternity !


Monday, 9 November 2015



Depuis jeudi dernier, chacun se gausse de la Ministre du Travail qui, interrogée sur RMC et BFMTV par Jean-Jacques Bourdin,  n'a pas su combien de fois se renouvelle un contrat à durée déterminée (CDD).

Cela en fera-t-il pour autant un Ministre du Travail inefficace ?Pas forcément, les Ministres sont des politiques et non des techniciens.

Pourrait-on reprocher au Ministre des Transports d'ignorer les différents tarifs de la Sncf (ils sont nombreux), ou faire grief au Ministre de l'Intérieur ou au Ministre des Armées de ne pas savoir manier une arme ?
Quant à l'ignorance de la Ministre du Travail, elle révèle surtout l'urgence à simplifier le  droit du Travail, afin que ceux qui ont la charge de l'appliquer au quotidien dans l'entreprise, ne se trouvent ni pénalisés ni freinés dans leurs embauches. 


There is a report in The Times of London today, that laments the growing increase of the cost of Pensions for retired EU civil servants and MEPs.  European auditors highlighted this problem last year.

Are these independent auditors or internal auditors from the staff the EU Commission ?   It would be interesting to be able to read the whole of this report, or of any other Internal Audit Reports of the EU.   Too little information is available on the Web !

Good house-keeping principles have been imposed on Greece by the Eurozone, in order to avoid future Greek requests for more bail-out loans and which can also endanger the EURO.  This is a splendid example of control at a high level.

Have these same principles also been audited in connection with MEPs expenses reimbursed by Brussels for living costs, travel costs and for secretaries.   There have frequently been  doubts whether claims for these expenses are properly justfied with correct documentation !   These claims seem to be more like "perks" for MEPs.

If National Parliaments had to reimburse, directly, the  expense claims of its MEPs, proper documentation would be absolutely necessary.   After all, that is what the local taxpayer would expect !    





Sunday, 8 November 2015


The arrival of hundred thousands of desperate immigrants, not only those fleeing from the Middle East atrocities by "Alah's  Islamic State", is a complex and major problem.

This is "not a Political problem only" and it is not Merkel who has created the desperation which drives these miserable people to flee their homelands.  This is not only a EUROZONE or EU problem or a "Schengen area problem".  This is a Humanitarian Crisis.

To calmly analize all the factors which are present in the  IMMIGRATION CRISIS needs not Politicians nor renowed Political Leaders.  It needs independent experts, representative of a wide area of knowledge led by an articulate Chairman.  This could be a respected Judge, who should be aided by two Vice-Chairmen (or women) who are not necessarily trained lawyers ! 

The aim of the Task Force should be to prepare "Europe" and the "Migrants" for their immediate and ultimate "Futures".  Do fleeing Migrants not want the chance to return to the families they left behind ?   Could they not be trained ?  Could they not  fight for their countries, or later help in the rebuilding of their countries ?

The third World War has already started !  There are already more beggers on all street corners all over Europe !  They need  help to be integrated and to be able to fight for their personal futures ! 
Regular interim progress reports from the Task Force, on an informal basis, should filter through to the EU Council of Leaders, but they should not interfere with the Task Force work which should remain "independent" ! 

Would this not mobilize and concentrate the EU efforts against IS ?



Saturday, 7 November 2015


Recent international developements have highlighted the inability of EU Leaders to take action on a timely basis when urgent problems arise.

The two prime examples have been :

   -  The invitation extended by Angela Merkel to 800 000  refugees to migrate to Germany : she wanted to solve two problems at the same time, the plight of refugees and the lack of manpower available for German industries.
   -  The intervention of Russian troops in the Middle East War against the Islamic State, which will result in even more Migrants trying to enter the EU.

Today is not the first time that this Blog suggests that the EU must be reformed to survive, but also to enable it to achieve the aims for which it was created after the second World War.

Since then the EURO has been adopted as the common currency of 19 EU countries.  Leadership is needed to control and protect this new World Currency.  The EUROZONE has the obligation to ensure member countries do not imperil the health of the EURO.  However, decisions to protect the EURO should not be to the detriment of EU countries not in the Eurozone.

To ensure this, should the EUROZONE not be recognised as a seperate entity within the EU ?  

However, in certain cases should non-EURO countries not have a "golden vote" to  invalidate detrimental EUROZONE legislation ? The reciproque should also mean a "golden vote" for the Eurozone for detrimental EU legislation.

Everyone knows that with its large majority of countries, the Eurozone "Block Vote" could dictate and dominate everything in the EU.  This must be avoided.  All countries should have the right to a free vote of conscience ! 

For the EU to survive, it must be fit and capable to compete in an ever changing World.  The Modern World of today will be different in the not too long future !