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Sunday, 8 November 2015


The arrival of hundred thousands of desperate immigrants, not only those fleeing from the Middle East atrocities by "Alah's  Islamic State", is a complex and major problem.

This is "not a Political problem only" and it is not Merkel who has created the desperation which drives these miserable people to flee their homelands.  This is not only a EUROZONE or EU problem or a "Schengen area problem".  This is a Humanitarian Crisis.

To calmly analize all the factors which are present in the  IMMIGRATION CRISIS needs not Politicians nor renowed Political Leaders.  It needs independent experts, representative of a wide area of knowledge led by an articulate Chairman.  This could be a respected Judge, who should be aided by two Vice-Chairmen (or women) who are not necessarily trained lawyers ! 

The aim of the Task Force should be to prepare "Europe" and the "Migrants" for their immediate and ultimate "Futures".  Do fleeing Migrants not want the chance to return to the families they left behind ?   Could they not be trained ?  Could they not  fight for their countries, or later help in the rebuilding of their countries ?

The third World War has already started !  There are already more beggers on all street corners all over Europe !  They need  help to be integrated and to be able to fight for their personal futures ! 
Regular interim progress reports from the Task Force, on an informal basis, should filter through to the EU Council of Leaders, but they should not interfere with the Task Force work which should remain "independent" ! 

Would this not mobilize and concentrate the EU efforts against IS ?