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Friday, 20 November 2015


Although the "Charley Hebdo" attack by Muslim Extremists in January 2015 created fear and consternation in France and Europe, nothing was done afterwards to increase security.  

The callous attacks last Friday in Paris, which killed 130 people and injured more than 200 others, reveals how simple it is to enter and leave Schengen area countries.   Nothing effective since then has been done to identify, detain and/or deport Extremist Activists in France or elsewhere in Europe.

There are 5 million Muslims living in France, who attend Mosques, some of which are known for their "radical" preaching.   

Should Imams not be helping the Police and the Ministry of the Interior of their country to eradicate IS Extremists from their midst ? 

Should notices, "Outside and Inside" all Mosques, not clearly state that killing non-believers is not an accepted principle of  this Mosque ? 

A State of Emergency has been declared by President Hollande  and War has been declared by France against the Islamic State, not, to be clear, against traditional believers of the Prophet Muhammad.