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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Many problems have been aired in debates in Britain to justify a vote "to stay in or to leave" the EU. The result on June 23, 2016 could be close !

The debates have correctly revealed that the EU is "in a mess", provoked by the Middle East War and the fleeing Refugee crisis that has followed.

EU countries know this and the EU must change, not only its Treaties, but it must also redefine its objectives and its organisational rules, so that all 28 member countries can participate equitably in EU debates and  decisions. 

Likewise, the domination of the EUROZONE can only be acceptable in discussions concerning the management of the EURO currency, which is its responsibility ! 

"Brexit or not" debates would be totally different had the Vote been scheduled for 2019, i.e. after the EU reforms in which Britain should actively participate ! 

So, why vote now to leave the EU ?   In 2019 such a decision could be regretted.  But, nothing is lost if now,  "Britain votes to stay" !

Afterwards, when the reorganisation of the EU has been completed, Britain would still have the right to have  another "Brexit or not" Vote ! 

So, why vote for "Brexit" NOW ?