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Saturday, 28 May 2016


Athletes and Spectators who planned to go to Rio for the Olympic Games in RIO, which start on August 6, in less than two months time, now worry whether the ever spreading ZIKA crisis could be a real danger for their health.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) apparently simply said that the Games will not be cancelled !  This is in spite of the fact that many knowlegable people fear that the ZIKA crisis is still spreading.  It originated in Brazil but has spread to at least 60 countries !

Does this mean that the IOC or "Brazil" has insurance cover for any athletes or spectators who go to RIO if they "catch" the ZIKA illness ?  THAT is certainly NOT the case !

Therefore, instead of dicing with the health of everyone, would it not be "wise" if the IOC declared that these Olympics must be postponed for one year ?  Even at this late stage, the courage of the IOC would retrieve, even enhance, its reputation !

Finally, there are already some competitors who are ready to cancell their participation at the last minute, if their advisors feel they should !  They all want to survive "intact" !