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Saturday, 18 June 2016


In this Blog, we have often criticised and drawn attention to the unsolved problems in the EU, particularly those which stem from outdated principles embedded in EU Treaties.

After the second World War, the dream of a peaceful Europe, the EU was planned with admirable principles.  These same principles now, cannot be maintained in the face of the Middle East War, its Refugees which are flooding into the EU, and the Migrants from other "hot spots" in the World which also seek a sanctuary in the EU !   Added to this, there are all the attrocities committed by Extremist Muslims living inside EU countries !

"Brexiteers" use these arguments to convince British Voters to flee from the EU in their "Referendum Vote" that Cameron has promised  to hold.

It is sure, David Cameron obtained concessions for Britain and the Pound Sterling for example, to back a "Vote to stay" in the EU.  But he should  have delayed the Referendum for at least two years for the EU to update its Treaties !   

Treaty changes must and will come !   There are other countries, even in the EUROZONE dominated by Germany, which insist on them !   All the EU countries want to be part of a "United Europe" which could and should be a "World Force" in the future.   But also, all of the EU countries want to protect their own special traditions and retain some of their National Governmental Powers ! 

Today, the majority of countries in the EU want Britain to stay by voting "against Brexit", even Germany !        
If Britain now votes for "Brexit", the cost to leave will be high and will take time.  However, Britain leaving could sting the EU into action to make changes !   But if Britain then wants to rejoin the "New EU", there could be new conditions and even higher costs !    

So, why vote to leave now ?