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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


The Brexit referendum result has not only surprised the 48% of British Voters who wanted to stay in the EU but it also dismayed several of the 27 remaining Countries of the EU !

An important latent factor which swung the undecided Voters was the uncontrolled influx of immigrants and refugees into the EU. They came from all the "hot spots" of the World, particularly from the Middle East after Merkel's Open arms invitation.  When too many came, Chancellor Merkel proposed an allocation to other EU Countries.

EU nerves were already frayed in recent years by the regular gains by extremist right and left wing Parties in National General Elections.  These Parties want less Brussels intervention and more National political powers. 

The Brexit Result has scared and irritated the EU !  A "triumvirate" has been formed of Chancellor Merkel from Germany, President Hollande of France and Matteo Renzi from Italy.  They are from the three largest countries in the EU and are all in the dominant 17 country EUROZONE ! 

Will they hastily propose changes to EU treaties to pacify growing animosity in other countries ?   That is not certain !   What they have said quite clearly is that they want Britain to "get out fast", as soon as possible !  

Why ?  Britain has according to EU texts 2 full years to negotiate the cost of leaving.  That would mean September 2018 at the earliest. 

What the "Triumvirate" has not mentioned is that Hollande faces an (improbable) re-election in May 2017, the latest date for Merkel's re-election is October 22, 2017 but her coalition must also agree her position as Chancellor.  In Italy Matteo Renzi faces an election on May 23, 2018.  

Ist that why everyone wants Britain to "get out fast" ?