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Thursday, 16 June 2016


There has been an Official State of Emergency in France since the Bataclan Terrorist attack on November 13, 2015 when 130 innocent citizens were killed by a spray of bullets.  

Now there are also regular scenes of rioting and wanton damage to shops and cars by uncontroled "Thugs" in repetitive Strikes organised by the CGT Trades Union.  Philippe Martinez, leader of the CGT, maintains that the strikers are only exercising their legal rights to strike !

French citizens are wondering when the Government will react with more determination to curb disturbances.  Martinez says it should abandon the El Khomri Labour Law, which then begs the question "who rules France ?"

The menace of repeated Strikes, the fear of further acts of Terrorism terrifies everyone, including, it seems the President and his Government, but ....only because they have Elections looming next ?