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Friday, 10 June 2016


Brexiteers desperately want Britain to leave the EU and they have calculated the financial benefit of a British Brexit.

Is this approach not flawed and incomplete ?

For example, would Britain really be better able to control the arrival of Middle East Refugees and Political Refugees from all parts of the World, after a Brexit ?  That is not at all guaranteed !  

Likewise, after a Brexit could Britain simply disengage itself from the Middle East War against the militant IS Extremists, whose Terrorists are already present in all EU countries, including Britain ?

Other Brexit arguments are based on the "out of date" EU Treaties and the preponderant influence of the EUROZONE (or of Angela Merkel and Germany) which has an overriding say in EU discussions and decisions.

This is true, because 17 of the 28 EU countries are in the EUROZONE.   Brexiteers argue that this causes a huge Financial Cost for Britain which, in fact, could be true.  

However, what is even more important is that Merkel's close Henchman is the President of the EU Commission (Jean-Claude Juncker) and he decides what should be debated in the EU Parliament ! 

Should this "President" not be rotated every year by someone else from the 28 EU member countries, to stem this German Monopoly !   In this way the real problems of ALL EU countries could be scheduled and debated in the EU Parliament.  Treaties could then be "updated" !

The reason that Brexiteers have so much to criticize is perhaps due to David Cameron because he seems to have pitched the "Brexit or not" Vote much too early after the "Agreement" he extracted in Brussels for Britain to stay !  

The EU MUST and should first update its Treaties, because the World around it has changed and is ever changing !   Then perhaps, there would no longer be any reason to have a Brexit Vote !