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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Tony Blair was the Prime Minister of Britain in 1992 when, as the Chilcot Report reveals, like a lap-dog, he promised to blindly follow the decision of US President George W. Bush whether to invade Iraq or not. 

Blair did not even ensure that British troops were ready, or capable, or fully equipped enough, to undertake the task expected of them !

Blair "now" regrets what happened, perhaps because the Chilcot Report is comprehensive and does not distort the facts or whitewash him or any other politician ! 

At that time Blair was probably very sure that no one in his family would be on the Front Lines of the Invasion and risking their lives !  

Blair should now take a long, hard look at the 179 pictures of the soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq which are published in "The Times of London" this morning.  Some of the soldiers were 18 years old !   He should also take the time to think about their grieving families ! 

He cannot be too proud of his "Leadership" !

He can be sure that any future judgement of his 10 year  term in office as Prime Minister, will always contain a summary of the criticisms in the Chilcot Report.  This will be his Epitaph !