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Saturday, 9 July 2016


European countries with Colonies have experienced the problems connected with the equality of white and non-white people.  The policing of disturbances of a racial nature, as in the USA to-day, therefore, provokes the following questions of a fundamental nature !

1)   On a "total" basis, of white and non-white citizens, in any area, is the white and non-white structure of the local police force similar ?
2)   Is this also reflected at the different levels of Police responsibility ? 
3)   Is there a basic principle that, for example, non-white officers are in the front line in non-white "areas" when there are disturbances ?  
4)   Are these basic principles always publicised and always applied ?

It is quite clear that there are uneducated "hooligans" that cause disturbances, but they can be white as well as non-white !   This is another, quite separate problem, generally connected with educational possibilities.   

Likewise, is the punishment of offenders the same for  whites and non-whites ?

The stories and pictures one sees continually in the press at present, reflects badly on the USA !